What Laptop is Best For A Nursing Student 2021

if you are looking a laptop for nursing students you are on the write place.A nursing school demands its students to have laptops for use, like doing assignments, PowerPoint presentations, typing lecture notes, or other school work.

When you go to a nursing school, it will be a memorable experience of your life. You go through various fun activities and new adventures. Your knowledge and information that you gain there will give benefits for your lifetime. When you complete your degree, you will have a ton of valuable information to store as documents on any laptop. Apart from records, you also have to attempt your computer exam during and at the end of your session. All this is impossible without a proper laptop.

In addition to that, a nursing laptop should have enough processing power and memory to support all versions of Microsoft Office. So every student required a computer for course work or classwork. So, after admission to nursing programs, the next step is to purchase a suitable laptop for your study session.

But you have to keep in mind your available budget when you go to any market to purchase a laptop. Just keep reading this article as it will provide you with all the relevant information.

Do Nursing Students Need Laptops?

Nursing students need laptops or computers for multiple purses like taking notes, doing research, making PowerPoint presentations. Most nursing schools also tell you about minimum requirements or specs for a desktop computer or nursing laptop like minimum storage space, long battery life, wi-fi network, etc.

so, you will need a laptop or computer in your field for the following purposes:

  • Taking online classes
  • taking digital notes
  • making presentation
  • Researching the new topic
  • Making videos on various topics
  • Communicating with other fellows
  • Taking exams

Is Macbook Air Suitable For Nursing Students?

MacBook Air a famous model for nursing students because of its features and reasonable price range. This computer has so many pros for a nursing school, like powerful processors, lightweight bodies, and easily sync with all Apple apps.

With Mac OSX, Apple MacBook Air is compatible with its hardware, and it has good battery life. Moreover, it has a gen intel core i5 Processor with solid-state drive storage (high storage capacity) so that you can perform any task on it. It has 8GB RAM and comes with windows 10.

Other than MacBook Air, Macbook Pro is another ( more advanced) Apple model for nursing students.

MacBook Pro comes with 8GB of RAM, 1TB SSD, and 512GB SSD. It has long battery life and an Intel Core processor: With core Intel Core i5, you can perform multiple tasks ( like video editing) on it.

Minimum & Recommended Laptop Requirements

Every nursing school provides its requirements like information about operating systems, battery life, windows, etc. So, minimum and recommended laptop requirements for nursing programs are following.

PC laptops

PC laptops for Nursing Student

  • It should have an operating system of Windows 10
  • The processor of at least Intel Core i3 or equivalent intel Core i5
  • The memory of at least 4 GB8 GB or more
  • It should have a Wireless Network Adapter of 11b/g or Integrated 802.11a/b/g.
  • It should have Removable Storage like an Optical Drive, USB Flash drive, or Hard Drive.
  • Hard Drive is at least 120 GB hard drive space or more significant.

Apple laptops

Apple laptops for Nursing Student

  • The operating system of Mac OS 10.13 or higher Mac OS 10.15
  • The processor of at least Intel Core i5Intel Core i5 or higher
  • A memory of at least 4 GB8 GB or higher is recommended.
  • It should have a Wireless Network Adapter like 802.11b/g, Integrated 802.11a/b/g.
  • it should have a Removable Storage like Optical Drive, USB Flash Drive or Hard Drive
  • Its Hard Drive is at; least 80 GB hard drive space or 120 GB hard drive space or higher.

Software requirements

When searching for the best laptops for nursing school, you would see the following software requirements.

You should have the latest Microsoft Office version ( Ms. Word, Powerpoint, Excel). for any Windows or Mac system. You can also search on the internet for a free copy of this software.

Other than Ms office, students should have proper antivirus software in their laptops or computers to keep their stored files safe and virus-free. For Windows in Mac systems, there is multiple antivirus software available on the internet for free download. You can easily use any well-known antivirus software for your laptop.

NOTE: most of the Chromebooks and multiple models of tablets do not meet the minimum requirements of any nursing school. So, it would help if you tried to avoid them when buying any device for university use. It would help if you avoided the following:

  • iPads
  • Android tablets
  • Windows RT tablets
  • Chromebooks

A student should buy any model of a laptop which supports the complete version of Windows or Mac.

Here are the Recommended Laptops for Nursing Students

If you are looking for the best laptop for your studies, you are at the right place. Here is the list of top laptops for nursing students with all their specifications. You can purchase any tech gadget anywhere on the internet sites like amazon.com or any other applications program.

The Best Laptops For Nursing Students 2021

The Best Laptops For Nursing Students 2021

Here is the list of best laptops for nursing students.

ASUS VivoBook

This best laptop for nursing school is famous for its full HD and wide-view display. It offers you Windows 10, which is best for all nursing schools due to its productivity and high-quality standard (for gaming also)

Moreover, Asus VivoBook comes with a 10th Generation Intel Core i5-1035G1 CPU and 8GB RAM DDR4, and 512GB PCIe NVMe M.2 SSD.

ASUS ZenBook 13

Other than Asus VivoBook, ASUS Zenbook 13 is another laptop that is best for college students or nursing school students, or professors even as it has a strong battery backup and provides value in terms of portability, memory, connectivity, and graphics.

Samsung Chromebook 4

This laptop for nursing students has a CPU of Intel Celeron N4000 / 1.1 GHz and a MEMORY of 4GB. Its ram comes with configuration features. Moreover, it has LCD Backlight Technology for display with 1366 x 728 (HD) resolution. It has a hard drive space(SSD Form Factor ) and gives you Graphics Processor. With a proper keyboard and stereo speakers, you can take lectures on it. Other than it, other famous Chromebooks include Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook and Acer Chromebook 314.

Acer Aspire 5

This laptop for nursing students gives you an excellent working experience with its technology, and you can perform your tasks on it during the study.

Surface Pro 7

Surface Pro 7 provides you with the gen Intel Core i7 processor. It is also among the top laptops for nursing school. This laptop’s unique features include a touchscreen, Windows 10, long battery life, one built-in HD webcam, and laptop-class Intel® Core™ processor.

Moreover, Microsoft Surface Pro offers you solid-state drive (SSD) options, 10.5 hours of typical device usage, Intel® UHD Graphics (i3), and Intel® Iris™ Plus Graphics (i5, i7). It has various memory options like 4GB, 8GB, or 16GB LPDDR4x RAM.

These laptops make it the best laptop for any student for homework assignments for nursing programs.

Can I Use a Tablet for Nursing School?

If you are a nursing student, you have to attend classes and other clinical. Tablets are great to use for your course or university. Moreover, it adds much weight to your college bag because of its reasonable size, and you can also carry it quickly. (even in a hospital or campus).

The market is full of various versions of laptops with multiple features, graphics, sizes,

After evaluating all devices, here is the best laptop for a student to make assignments. (even for fun).

Apple Ipad Pro

It is the best Ipad (tablet) for a nursing school program as it has a retina screen that helps you study interestingly. This Apple model is a powerful device that gives you access to any Apple app. You can also take notes by hand in class on it by pairing Apple Stylus with it.

Moreover, you can easily take them everywhere, and their touch screens make it easy to post or design anything on them. With great data storage, you can save your things in it. Hence, all these specifications make it an ideal option for people to multitask.

Which One Mac or PC for Nursing Students?

A nursing student use Mac and PC both for note-taking,

As not just Mac but personal computers also fulfill the technical nursing school requirements. You can use computers for multiple fields. With this fact, you should consider the below points while buying somewhere in the market, computers for school.

Criteria for PC:

  • Reasonable price ranges for nursing students
  • Minimum Intel 4th Generation Core i5 processor
  • At least 128 GB solid-state drive and 4 GB of RAM ( as storage space)
  • 11 inches screen size
  • Screen size at least 11 inches (those small screens are complex on my 26-year-old eyes)
  • Webcam and battery life of 4 hours at least.
  • Up to date operating system

Does an Expensive Laptop Mean it’s Fast?

An expensive laptop or computer does not necessarily mean it is fast or up to date. You have to check the worth of any computer before making a purchase, And how can you check the price of any computer? Simple, check its pros and cons and all specifications and features. Now compare each part with the other cheaper laptop. Moreover, it would help if you also considered the reliability of the computer and its brand.

Most laptop companies don’t like to highlight their cons. So, make sure to check reviews of any model while searching for the best product on the internet.

After comparing various models (expensive ones and cheap ones), now think about their value. Is it worthy or not?

For example, an expensive laptop works well in frigid temperatures, while a cheaper one cannot. So, if you live in an icy area, then a cheaper one is not an option. Moreover, an expensive one will not be called an expensive one in such a scenario.

So, you have to consider multiple factors while making comparisons among various laptops. Hence, your final decision is mainly dependent upon your budget.

Frequent Asking Questions

Q1 Is a webcam necessary for a nursing program?

Ans. Yes, in the case of online classes, a webcam is a must for a nursing student.

Q2. is a touch screen suitable for a nursing school?

Ans. Any laptop for nursing students does not need to have a touch screen as it is not compulsory for its user.

Q3. What is the minimum operating system requirement is the best laptop for nursing school?

Ans. A lot of laptops come with the latest OS. Try to choose the latest operating system while looking for the best laptop for nursing school.


every laptop has its pros and cons, and prices vary from model to model. For a top-quality machine, you need to make comparisons among various products. Search for best laptops for nursing school on amazon sites. These websites work as an that provides you information about everything and picks the best model for you according to your budget. You can get answers to your various questions there.

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