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Nursing School Laptop Requirements – Best of 2021

in this article you will find laptop requirements for nursing school. Are you a new nursing school student? It would help if you had a computer with good processing power, proper operating systems, good battery life, and a ram for such programs. It would help if you made PowerPoint presentations or run lectures or any app as a learning curve. Moreover, a school of nursing tells with minimum laptop requirement and storage capacity for a student. Nursing students should follow these instructions while buying any desktop computer for the school of nursing. Let’s see each point in this article.

Do You Need A Computer For Nursing School?

Most Nursing schools suggest the purchase of a Windows or Mac laptop. Every student must have a laptop that runs a full version of Windows or Mac OSX.

You will have a PowerPoint presentation in your classes which you can easily store on your laptops. Moreover, you can take notes directly on your laptops instead of using ink and paper.

As nursing school deals with hospital services, you need to have an excellent laptop to store files easily. Make sure to buy a laptop that provides excellent storage.

Hence. for a nursing student, research is a must. You can search on various websites related to your topics and access new research work and articles on the internet. For all these things, you should have a laptop with an internet connection.

Minimum & Recommended Laptop Requirements

Minimum & Recommended Laptop Requirements

Nursing students should buy a laptop with Intel® i5 or AMD Ryzen 3/5 or Intel® Core™ i7/i9 or AMD Ryzen 7/9 as a processor. Similarly, it is ideal to have an i5 processor or an Intel Core i7 processor in a nursing laptop.

Moreover, It should have a Hard drive of 256 GB or 512 GB SSD. Windows 10 is suitable for all students with a memory of 4 GB Ram or 8 GB Ram. Hence, students should prefer a laptop with a warranty.

Laptop Battery

Long Battery life


All students should have a laptop with at least a battery life of 4 hours. It will be ideal to have a long battery life of 9 hours.

Is A Laptop Computer or IPad Better For Nursing School?

Ipad is suitable for use by a nursing student. In addition to the desktop computer and laptop, Ipad is also a good option as you can use it easily anywhere on the campus. However, it is not a better option than a desktop computer or laptop.

But if you are considering Ipads, then Apple’s Ipad Pro is ideal for making great study notes.

Ipads are improving day by day, but for multitasking, laptops are best. It is better to use a MacBook along with an iPad. This will increase Mac’s performance, and you can use all Apple devices at a time.

Laptop & Connectivity Requirement for Nursing School

Laptop & Connectivity Requirement for Nursing School

Many nursing schools don’t suggest Chromebooks, Ipadsand tablets ( Windows RT tablets) because they do not meet such programs’ minimum requirements.

Moreover, the majority of them recommend a laptop with a full version of Windows or Mac OSX. Besides, the latest version of Microsoft Office for Windows or Mac is also good.

Students should have reliable and robust Internet connectivity to work on the internet in the hospital or on the campus or library. Just check the price range of all available laptop models before purchase and then make the final decision.

How To Buy A Laptop For Nursing School

The market is full of computers or laptops for nursing students. Just keep in mind the following points while buying a laptop for various study programs.

A nursing student should have a laptop with a solid-state drive and Microsoft office’s latest version.

Windows 10 is best for nursing students, along with various software like adobe reader is necessary to read pdf files and get information. Moreover, for a great computing experience, you should have a wireless network for research purposes.

Wireless Connectivity at UMB

Wireless Connectivity at UMB

The University of Maryland Baltimore is a School of Nursing founded in 1889, and it is among the top nursing schools. If you are a student of it, you are the lucky one as it facilitates its students in many ways.

As it provides a network through a new system of eduroam, which gives you worldwide access for research and allows its faculty and students to have Internet connectivity on the campus.

Wireless Connectivity at Shady Grove

If you a student of the Universities at Shady Grove, you have a wireless network free of charge ( for students and faculty. You use these resources with the proper instructions given by the university.

This university provides wireless connectivity through various systems like SKYNET, EDUROAM, and GROVE.

Requirements: Hardware and Operating System

before making a purchase, a student should see its hardware and other functions correctly. To use a laptop for nursing courses, it should have a powerful battery so that you can use it for a long time in the class. Microsoft® Windows 10® and Apple Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave™) are ideal for nursing students

A nursing laptop comes with a web browser like Internet Explorer or another browser to send an email or other purposes.

Requirements: Software Compatibility

Following software, requirements are for a nursing student computer.

Windows (PC), Mac, MS Office (Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). Also, it should have Adobe Acrobat Reader (PDF Reader) to run various documents for work.


A student should purchase a laptop with a webcam to see online lectures, and along with it, he/she should purchase a headset with a reasonable price range.

Hence, for an online course or class, you need a good camera to see videos. You can consider Microsoft models for this purpose.

What supplies do you need for nursing school?

Best laptops for nursing students

Surface Pro 7


Surface Pro 7 is one of the best laptops for nursing schools with excellent performance. Because you can do your work and make notes on it very quickly, moreover, it is best to run any files and documents for work.

Surface Pro 7 provides you with an Intel Core i7 processor for fast working, and this feature helps prevent the laptop screen from freezing. Also, it has a battery life of 6 hours. You can call it a digital notebook. It comes with 4 GB Ram and 8GB ram (depends on upon requirements). It also comes with a touchscreen with a stylus.

Moreover, you can use Surface Pro 7 as a tablet, and it has SSD Drive. All these pros and specs make it ideal for nursing students to work with ease on it. One of the cons of this model is that it is a little expensive for some people.

 Asus ZenBook Asus ZenBook

Asus ZenBook is another Windows Laptop For Nursing programs. It comes with Windows 10, 10th Gen Intel® Core i7 processor, 8GB to 16 Gb of memory, Up to 1 TB PCIe SSD storage, Up to 4K UHD OLED NanoEdge display, and a Touchscreen.

 Moreover, it comes with various models, and each model has its pros and cons; you can select among them by making a comparison.

Acer Aspire 5

 Acer aspire i5

This is another famous laptop for nurses, students (or gaming purposes also). It comes with Windows 10, Core i3-8130U up to 3.4GHz, 6GB RAM DDR4, and Intel HD ( 15″ TN full HD 1080p).

Moreover, it gives you AMD Ryzen 3 3200U Dual-Core Processor (Up to 3.5GHz)and 4GB DDR4 Memory with an HD display. You can have 1 USB 3.1 Gen 1 port, 2 USB 2.0 ports & 1 HDMI port with HDCP support. Its windows 10 makes it ideal for nursing classes.

Which MacBook air is best for nursing students ( with a lot of benefits)

In the market, Apple’s Macbooks are now top trending for nursing schools according to nursing students’ needs. Among various models of apple, Macbook Air is the best option in my view. Let see its features.

This Apple model has many strong points for the nursing programs. The MacBook Air comes with a 13-inch Retina display and a dual-core processor with 12-hour battery life. Hence, it has excellent features like macOS Mojave, Intel Core i5,13″ HD display, the memory of 8GB ram, 250 GB hard drive (solid-state drive), and three years. These advantages make Macbook Air the best option for nursing students.

MacBook Air, Macbook Pro is also a great Apple model as it gives students a lot of benefits like Retina Display,1Apple M1 chip, i5 or i7 processor, excellent memory, and storage.

Hence, it gives you a Backlit Magic Keyboard and Trackpad.

How To Buy A Laptop For Nursing School

While buying any laptop, keep the following points in mind.

In the Nursing Program,

you should ask your department about the kind of laptop they recommend.

Laptop Requirement and Other Devices

Minimum requirements, as told earlier, are mostly mentioned by the university. So check them.

Operating System

The operating system means Windows or Mac. You can face compatibility issues if the applications they use run only one type of operating system. But this will not create an issue in MacBooks’ case as they come with both Windows and OSX.

However, if you buy the wrong laptop for the exam, you can use the school’s computers to attempt your exam. Be careful about selecting an operating system as the wrong operating system can cause problems during study. Most of the university courses run on Windows 10. so go it. Remember to avoid tablets, iPads, mobile devices, and Chromebooks as they fit nursing schools.

Software Requirements for a nursing laptop are mentioned above. Just read from the start.

Classes and taking notes

Powerpoint presentations mostly feature classes, and you can make digital notes with a perfect laptop. A touchscreen laptop with a stylus can help you in taking notes speedily. Moreover, you can save PowerPoint presentations along with your notes on the laptop.


It will help if you prefer a lightweight laptop to carry it easily around the campus and during lectures.

Battery Life

It would help if you preferred such a model with long battery life to use it for more periods without charging problems in the hospital or campus.


A nursing laptop with a good display with proper resolution and size will help you to study conveniently.


Any laptop with a 1080p resolution is ideal to use as a nursing laptop.


11″ (size) laptops are ideal for nursing programs as they can also transfer from one place to another quickly.

Sanitizing a Laptop

Apple and Microsoft have their instructions and recommendations for sanitizing their laptops (in case of any mess). You can consider them also.


4GB is fine for study purposes. No laptop now comes with 2GB RAM. If you can afford then 8 GB ram or 16 GB ram is more desirable.

Graphics Card

Any graphics card can work for nursing students as regular Videos doest not require advanced graphic cards.


Q1. Is it worth buying a use Macbook Air or Macbook pro?

Ans. Yes, if it is in good working condition, then go for it for a lower price.

Q2. which one to prefer? Hard Disk Drives (HDD) or Solid State Drives (SSD).

Ans. Solid-state drives (SSD) are better as it provides you with better performance while laptops with HHD are usually slow.

Q3. which Ipad is suitable for the nursing program?

Ans. The Apple iPad Pro is an ideal option for nursing programs.

Q4. Can a nursing student survive without a laptop?

Ans. No, you must have a good laptop for keeping your files, taking notes and lectures, and making PowerPoint presentations for study.You can search about price, quality, durability, technology, compatibility issues, operating system, nursing software, etc., about all models. In this way, you can make a deal according to your budget.


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