Laptop Vs Desktop

Laptop VS Desktop: Advantages and Disadvantages 2021

What are the pros and cons of laptop vs desktop computers? Which is the best to suit your needsWhich one should you buy? If you are looking for the answers, you have come to the right place. You can get the required information about laptop computers and desktop computers. Moreover, you will be able to understand which computer will suit you.

Laptop Vs Desktops

Laptop Vs Desktop

Are you confused between laptop and desktop? Both perform the same functions. If you want computers for your office or your personal computer, what should you choose; Laptops or desktops? Before buying laptops or desktops, it is crucial to see the pros and cons of both. This article will help you to choose between laptop computers and desktop computers. So, let’s first see the pros and cons of Laptops and desktop pcs.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Laptops and Desktops:

Advantages of Laptops:

Portability of laptops: Laptops are portable. Unlike desktop pc, the CPU, speakers, microphone, touchpad, camera, monitor, etc., are built-in. So, you can carry it in a bag too. Whether you are an office worker or a student, laptops are the best choice. You can take it from home to university. Put it in your car and travel. You get everything in your hand. So, you have complete control over it. Laptops are the right choice for students.

Laptop Battery: 

Laptop battery: 

You do not need a switch every time you use a laptop. Laptop stores battery in it. It gives you the ability to work continuously. You can still use it without plugging in the charger. It is the most significant advantage of laptops over desktops. When you have the battery in it, you can use it at any time of the day. Moreover, your data will stay in it while facing power fluctuations or disconnection from the power source.

Electricity Usage in Laptops: Laptop

Computers consume less electricity. As I have discussed in the above point that laptops stores battery. You always have a battery stored in it. The main reason behind it is that laptops have no outer parts except a charger. Therefore, your unsaved work will stay on your laptop even when the power is off. So, it is easy to use.

Screen Sizes of Laptops

Laptops are portable, therefore smaller display size is necessary. The screen size of laptop computers ranges from 10 to 17 inches. This site is not too small. These ranges are suitable for office workers and students also.

Disadvantages of Laptops:

As we have discussed the pros of a laptop. Now let’s have a look at its cons:

The Keyboard of Laptops: 

You may dislike the small keyboard of laptops. Though high-end laptops have all keys in the keyboard with slight changes in their actual place. But, many people like to use full-size keyboards.

Cost of Laptops: 

You may like to own a laptop with quality graphics, storage space, and high speed. These high-end laptops are expensive. Moreover, it depends on the brand of laptops too. A good laptop has a price of $1500. Therefore, if you are a gamer and need a gaming laptop. It will cost you high.

Up-Gradation of Laptops: 

Another disadvantage is to upgrade laptops. Only memory and the hard drive can be upgraded. The reason is that all of the parts are built-in. It is pretty expensive to remove the inner parts and replace them with new ones. Even for replacing hard drive price is much higher.


Laptops are not located at a place all the time. For example, if you drop your laptop, there is a chance of getting the screen broken. Therefore, using laptops is risky. The Repair of laptops is costly too. The desktop seems to be an old version of the computers. You may believe that today computer manufacturers have introduced laptops. But it is not valid. A desktop can perform well too. It is located at a place. For workstations, a desktop computer is preferable. Now let’s move towards the pros and cons of a desktop.

Advantages of Desktop:

Price of Desktops:

The starting price of desktop computers is relatively low. It is the best desktop pros. Desktops are less expensive. So, you need to spend only a few hundred dollars. The desktop system is robust.

The Screen Size of Desktops:

The sizing screen of the monitor is 19 inches and can be even more significant. Desktops are best for users who have insufficient experience working on small screens. So, if you are a player and want a theatre experience, you can connect your PC to a TV or projector. Mostly, for gamers, desktops are the best option. Repair and Up-gradation

of desktops: As desktops have a wide variety of components that are not in-built. These items are easily replaceable. So, it is easy to upgrade your PC. It is one of the desktop pros. Like a laptop, you do not need to purchase a new PC. Moreover, the desktop machine is placed at a specific location. But, if somehow you have faced a loss, you can easily purchase the hardware components from any local computer retail store.

Desktops Security:

Desktops Security

When it comes to security, desktops are the winners. Desktops are bulky computers. It has significant components. Each component is necessary for its properfunctioning. Moreover, there is almost no chance of theft because of oversized items. Therefore, there are fewer chances of theft for a PC.

Disadvantages of Desktops:

Space for desktops

 Desktops are set up at one desk. A large area is required to set it. You need a proper desk for desktop computers. It is not only a big monitor. Also, there are other giant desktop components too. The keyboard requires its own space. The speakers require their place. Similarly, the CPU demands its location.

It is not that desktop computer is terrible for its wide variety of components. The components work well. The only difficulty you face is ample space to place them. Hence, for a desktop computer, you need ample space to install it.

Desktops are Stationary:

One of the limitations of PCs is that these computers are stationary. There are no desktop cases. Moreover, the significant components are not in-built. You cannot take them out of your house. You have to stick to your computer chair till you finish your work.

The Battery of Desktop:

One of the significant limitations of PCs is the battery. There is no such option for the desktop computer. The charger should be plugged in. Otherwise, the issue you face is the loss of your data. There can be a power loss due to power outages. Therefore, if there is an unpredictable electricity issue in your area. You will lose your unsaved data.

Laptop Vs Desktop: Which One is Best to Use:

As you have understood the pros and cons of laptops and desktop computers. Now you may be thinking about which one you should buy. So, let’s discuss in more detail what you should buy: a laptop or a desktop.

Laptop vs Desktop Computer: Performance

Laptop Vs Desktop: Which One is Best to Use:

when we talk about performance. As compared to laptops, desktop computers can cool sufficiently. Hence, desktop pcs can perform heavy tasks. The tasks that require a lot of power usage are CAD, 3D modelling and video editing, etc. Laptops are of different forms. Some of them can perform well.

These high-end laptops have the high processing power. It depends on the company too. Some laptop manufacturers manufacture laptops that perform heavy tasks by using less power. Moreover, you can use a graphics card to get a better result. These high-end laptops are relatively expensive.

Therefore, it is better to get a desktop at a lower price with the best performance. It also depends upon your comfort level. If you value portability and less power consumption, then go for a laptop. Price is much higher for this advantage.

Laptop Vs Desktop Computer: Gaming:

When we talk about gaming computers, desktops are the best computers. In terms of display, it provides large screens. It feels good to play a game with a widescreen. It allows using high powered video cards. Moreover, nowadays, gaming over the internet or online gaming requires higher power consumption.

A desktop computer can perform this type of gaming. The power requirement is not much for it. You experience a theatre view. In this contemporary world, new laptops have been designed for games. These high-end laptops are named gaming laptops. These laptops have the best graphics capabilities.

You can play video games anywhere you want. But again high price is the thing that hinders to buy it. So, if you can compromise over a vast range of prices, then go for a laptop. The con is that you will not have a big screen to enjoy your game. While on a desktop, you can also connect it to a TV for enjoyment.

Moreover, gaming heats the computer. If you have a laptop for gaming. You will face overheating issues. Because gaming and cad application consumes high watt power. It causes heating. The small chassis prevents cooling. So, laptops do not have proper cooling systems. Furthermore, laptops do not allow you to use video cards.

Video cards need high wattage to run. On desktop pc, heat dissipates while laptops do not have better cooling systems. Therefore, you will find no hanging while playing a game.

Laptop vs Desktop Computer: Cost

In this modern world, everyone wants to be modern. Everybody wills to get modern technology. Desktop pc is no less than laptops. It may seem an old version. It’s better not to judge a book by its cover. Though desktops cost less than laptops but offer better performance. So, you get more bang for your money.

If you can get a computer that performs well enough, then why go for wasting money? The price to performance ratio of a desktop is reasonable. However, purchase it if you can compromise on portability.

Laptop vs Desktop: Upgradability and Repair

Desktops allow you to change or customize CPU, GPU, motherboard as well as storage. It is one of the pros of a desktop computer. Therefore, you can buy new components when you need to change the parts that are not in-built. You can change speakers, CPU, GPU, and keyboard, etc.

If you compare the repairing with laptops. You will find that Laptops do not give you this option for a wide range. You can upgrade RAM and storage only. Sometimes the loss is not recoverable. You may have to buy a new laptop.

Laptop vs Desktop Computers: Portability

In some areas, such as mobility, laptops are the winners. It is one of the best pros of a laptop. In-built laptop components help you to move around quickly. Touchpad, keyboard CPU all are built-in. Therefore, you can put your laptop in your bag and take it to the university or office. This is the biggest advantage laptops offer you.

A laptop is the best choice to work efficiently. Laptops also cover less space on a desk or table. Moreover, some high-end laptops have integrated batteries and have high processing power. Above all, portability is one of the requirements of the modern world. You do not experience the comfort of portability with desktops.

You cannot move around with your desktop. A desktop is set up at a desk. Many components of the desktop are giant and are not inbuilt. Therefore, you cannot put them in a bag. The hardware like Keyboard, CPU, Speakers, printers, Monitor, etc., contributes to making a desktop computer. So, they are meant to be placed at a place. While laptops have all of the components in-built. You keep it in a laptop case and take it out when needed.

Laptop vs Desktop: Power Usage

Though desktop costs less but consumes electricity as long as you are using it. Power usage of desktop costs you more. While Laptops store battery. Laptops have extended battery life. You do not need to keep a laptop on a charger. Therefore, once you have it fully charged.

You are allowed to use it for hours. Moreover, they have flexible computing systems. It is the central point of a laptop that beats a desktop. If you are using a laptop for gaming, high wattage is required. Moreover, laptops keep your unsaved data saved even if the battery is dead. While desktop loses your unsaved data as they do not have any battery life. When you switch it on again, your data is all lost.

Tips for Using Laptop and Desktop:

How to Make Laptop Battery Stay Longer:

Saving the battery life of your laptop requires proper maintenance. When battery storage is badly affected, you need a power outlet near you. There are different solutions for it.

Method 1: Close Applications

When you have finished using applications, close them. The running apps consume battery. You should close apps after using them rather than minimizing them. Moreover, avoid overcharging your battery. According to some reports, 85 per cent of the battery is healthy for daily usage. You do not always need to charge your laptop entirely. The solution is discussed below:

Method 2: Overcharging and Delay in Charging the Laptop

Another way is to avoid keeping the laptop on charging all the time. It reduces the battery life. If your laptop battery is 20 per cent, put it on charging immediately. If you delay charging while the battery shows 20 per cent. There is a chance of damage to the battery life.

Method 3: Power Saving Mode of Laptop

Put your laptop on power-saving mode. It helps a lot to save your battery. All laptops have this option in settings and systems.

Method 4: Brightness Level

The brightness level consumes energy a lot. When your laptop is on full brightness, it consumes more energy. Try to set the brightness level to medium.

How to Recover Deleted Data or Files on Laptop And Desktop:

Sometimes it happens that you delete your documents by mistake. They are not deleted from hard disk or SD card permanently. But there are always some ways to recover your lost data.

Step 1:

Windows provide recycle bin. The deleted files are always stored there. Open recycle bin—Right-click on the deleted file. Click restore file.

Step 2:

You can also use the backup option to recover your files.

What Should You Know While Increasing RAM to Your Laptop or Desktop:

You first need to check the system specifications. The system specifications let you find maximum RAM capacity for your laptop or desktop. Moreover, check if you are already using the total capacity of RAM. Make sure that the two modules for RAM you are using should be of the same size.


Let’s see the solutions to your problems:

Is It Better To Replace My Laptop with A Desktop?

Always buy a product based on your needs. Many people spend their money on luxury things. In terms of ease, laptops are preferable. If portability is not your priority, you can buy a desktop. Moreover, laptops are not that durable. You should first see what your preferences are. The laptop’s importance is that it provides you with information at your fingertips even when you are not at home.

Is The Life Span of a Desktop Greater Than a Laptop Computer?

A laptop can be damaged easily. For example, if you spill your coffee on the keyboard, your laptop will get damage. While this incident on a desktop will only damage the keyboard. Still, you should consider your needs before buying it. In terms of specification and design, the life span also varies. For further information, companies offer detailed articles on their websites.

Why in Offices/Workstation/Coffee Shops, Are There only Desktops?

Desktops are used in office/workstation because these computers are located at one location. As a laptop, a desktop is not portable. Moreover, at the workplace, you have your desktop that you do not need to take home. You should consider your needs before buying desktops. There can be laptops too. There is no definite answer to this question. Of course, you can buy laptops for your workstation. In terms of ease here, desktops play a better role. But it depends on your requirements and lifestyle.

Do I Need To Upgrade My Laptop?

You can buy components off the shelf from any retail store. I will recommend not upgrading your laptop. It will be expensive. You should buy a new laptop. You can, of course, visit the website of any trusted laptop brand for the best product. Though shopping is fun, yet it demands a little time from your side. Also, IT companies provide good customer service in purchasing and configuration of your device. IT companies offer on-site services. You can visit sites for updates. Contact a Computer manufacturer for a replacement part. Moreover, before buying, check the specification of devices. This answer will help you to buy the best devices.

How To Upgrade My PC?

To upgrade the desktop, you should first find what component you want to upgrade. Do not upgrade the whole system at a time. It will be expensive. Most of the hardware parts like mouse and keyboards are not in-built. So, they can be upgraded easily. Moreover, you can use sources or links to purchase replacement parts.

Should I Buy a Mac or Windows Laptop/PC?

Mac OS has its features. If you are buying an Apple device, then you will have a Mac OS. Moreover, Apple devices are expensive. Microsoft Windows is less expensive. If you want the best device with cheap rates, choose windows. Also, these brands have their articles about the software on their website. You can read those articles to get more information.

What are The Significant Differences Between A Mobile and a Laptop?

Smartphones have the same system but do not have all features. Many manufacturers design luxury androids in a way that attracts your attention. It may have excellent graphics. In some areas, androids are limited. Therefore, android systems offer less flexibility. These systems are not suitable for multitasking and graphic design. You can say your mobile is not an all in one device.

Also, Androids cannot perform different tasks at a time. In terms of display, specification, storage, and heavy operations, laptops are better. In the case of graphics, androids are a bit better as compared to graphics of tabs and laptops. For simple web surfing, and if you only need emails and internet access. You can find anything related to education through a wi-fi connection. But there is a difference in the systems they offer.

The software of the android device is of a different design. The functionality also differs. Similarly, there is a difference in the software of laptops regarding functionality.

What Are The Typical Limitations of Laptops?

Many laptops lack things that matter the most, like big screens that your friends will love too. So, if the battery is affected, you always need a power outlet. Desktop monitors are large. It provides a theatre environment. But in the laptop sector, you cannot have a cheap laptop for high specifications. The laptop has a small processor.

The heat dissipation is high. The number of ports is less on laptops. Another the disadvantage is the Risk of theft.

What are The Typical Advantages of Laptops?

Laptops have flexible computing systems. They have fast processors. One of the features is mobility. The advantage is that weight is less, and you can carry it in your backpack. Instead of taking your data on a USB, you can take your laptop with you. Moreover, the processor works efficiently. Its battery prevents power outage. The memory of the laptop differs in. You can increase memory too. Therefore, you get everything in your hand. It It offers you connectivity while travelling. So, it provides greater flexibility. Due to advanced technology, new laptops provide more flexibility. The hardware like the mouse is not needed. The mouse is on the touchpad. So, the laptop covers no room.

What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Desktops?

The peripherals, like a hard drive, are not easy to remove. Desktops have peripherals like a hard drive in the CPU. It plays an ideal part in entertainment. It has a larger processor. The desktop provides a more significant number of ports. So, these things offer flexibility. In the case of heat reduction, desktops play well. Moreover, they have fast processors.Both laptops and desktops offer almost the same functions. The benefit of laptops is portability. The disadvantage of a desktop is non-portability. Moreover, hardware components are not in-built.

How should I buy a device?

For suitable types of devices, users have to make the right decisions. So, this article will help you to make wise decisions. Users decide a better way when they have gone through a proper article. The wide variety provides various options. Users should keep it in mind while deciding for what type of work they need these devices. There are other options, too, like a chrome book. It is a device that has good graphics capabilities. But always check the price. Because with variety prices changes.

Should I Buy A Laptop?

In comparison with desktops, portability winners are laptops. It provides a good user experience in case of portability. Secondly, they cover less desk area. Moreover, if the power supply has cut, laptops still work. Good Internet access with a laptop is a perfect combination. It’s your choice what to purchase. Due to advanced technology, new laptops are in the market. You can work on this all in one device anywhere you like because they cover no room. On the other hand, consider factors like video editing, size, operating systems, processing power, portability, etc.


The bottom line is that you should first check what your requirements are. Each device has its features. Moreover, do not purchase anything while getting inspired by the box. In case of any confusion, visit tech sites

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