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Also, when you know how to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360 or Xbox One. Then you will have 24/7 output availability for playing games and enjoy. Because most people have single LCD TVs displayed in the living room for all the family members to access for gaming as well as other use.

Now let’s dive into the methods for connecting a laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360 or Xbox One. In fact, here we will guide two ways in which you could connect your Xbox console with a windows laptop monitor.


How to Use Laptop as a Monitor for Xbox 360


How to Use Laptop as a Monitor for Xbox 360

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Using HDMI Cable

Meanwhile, this method makes it a lot easier to make a connection with the contents of Xbox360 or Xbox one programs. So, you can easily switch to the laptop instead of tv. However, there are some chances of not having the HDMI port in the table of contents of the laptop. Then in such a case, we offer the other way to connect Xbox and handle this problem.

The first way would be a waste for a participant that in turn lacks an HDMI input port and have an HDMI output port only. However, HDMI ports and cables features are mostly present in many laptops to connect Xbox One or Xbox360. So, let’s start from one end to make a connection with laptops.

Connection Requirements:

Now, first of all, you have will require a laptop with an HDMI input port. Then you require HDMI cables that links your Xbox 360 with your laptop. When you have these essentials you can hook on to make a connection.

HDMI Input Port And HDMI Output Port:

Over the course of several years, all current-generation game consoles have been using HDMI cable as a common connection mechanism to transmit audio and video data. Many HDMI ports or VGA and DVI input can be found on a standard TV allowing you to connect to a variety of high-definition devices for free.

But the point is laptops are designed differently because most laptops happen to have an output port of HDMI from their developer. Instead of making a wrong wired system with HDMI. It’s good to connect Xbox properly laptop HDMI cable with the proper information of HDMI input and HDMI port.

HDMI Input For Laptop:

SO, Xbox360 is the output source in this scenario, and it provides information to the HDMI input source. HDMI input sources via HDMI cables is LCD tv or laptop and computer device. In case a laptop has an HDMI port for output only. Then a connection between two devices is not possible with an HDMI cable. Because HDMI input port is essential for a laptop.

You need to skip to the second option to find a related answer to play games and connect your Xbox One or Xbox 360.

Steps To Follow:

Meanwhile, after identifying the HDMI input designed on your laptop. The next step is to connect the two devices. All you do is plug and press the cable into your laptop’s HDMI port, and then just choose the appropriate video source for your laptop and wait. As your laptop would automatically sense the new input of HDMI. Further, it is connected and will display the video on the monitor of the laptop.

By linking this, then you will be able to use your laptop as the monitor for your gaming with these connections! Further, the results are according to the quality of resolution of your laptop. We hope that it was easy for you to resolve and link your devices with a cable.


Using HDMI Cable

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Without HDMI Cable

If you do not have a laptop screen that supports HDMI-related connections in the menu. Then in such a scenario, you need to choose a wireless connection option that we hope will provide you desired results that are required. Meanwhile, it is also easy to access to stream on a laptop or PC with the app in a few steps to follow ahead.

Essentials In order to make a wireless connection Network:
  • Ethernet connection or wireless wi-fi connection.
  • Xbox account.
  • A laptop Screen or pc For display

So, to start the process, we have to make sure that your laptop has Microsoft Windows 10 installed in it. Along with that, it is connected to a wifi network or ethernet connection.

Log in to Xbox live account:

If you have an Xbox account already then you can simply sign in with the help of an internet connection. However, if you are new to Xbox live then you have to do some work such as entering the date. Further, after you create an account and then after doing all the work log in to play Xbox games.

Connect Your Xbox:

In order to use a laptop as a monitor, turn on your Xbox console to search. Then select connect button at the lower left of the home of the laptop screen to connect the search Xbox. By doing so, you will connect two devices to the same network.

Now, you can do game streaming and play games along with the resolution settings of your choice. In addition, you can broadcast your in-game performance to watch or view later. Moreover, you can record your stream video games in the laptop as well as pc.

Play an Xbox game that you love along with the sound from your laptop.


Connect Your Xbox 360

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Logging in to The Xbox App:

Meanwhile, if you want an external monitor for Xbox display for playing games then system settings are needed for the Xbox app.

In order, to capture devices of external monitors with Xbox 360 or Xbox One app. The good news is you can simply download the Xbox app. This app is available for Xbox 360 or Xbox One.

After this, you need to go through laptop settings. Further, allow other devices to connect to the laptop. Meanwhile, on the home page of the Xbox app select the connection button. Also, select your related console to power your laptop screen with the display of the Xbox app and close the dialogue box to enter.

If you have various consoles in-home network connections then detect and finally click to select your signed-in console. So that it connects automatically with Xbox 360.

Using USB HDMI Adapter:

It’s not like you can’t play Xbox on a laptop screen if it doesn’t have an HDMI input port. You may pair such a laptop with HDMI input by using a USB HDMI adapter in a USB port for a wired home network. Meanwhile, you can search buy from Amazon sales or any good website like amazon. In the end, click to set a video capture card will means some lag issues, and the working will be less than desirable in image quality than connecting laptop and console of Xbox one or Xbox 360 devices wirelessly.



Uses Of Xbox 360

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Other Uses Of Xbox:

While playing your favorite games, you may receive calls or texts. Some calls may need you to take a brief break from your game to check and respond. And you are left with no choice rather than pause and answer between the connected stream.

Fortunately, with Xbox, you won’t have to stop playing your game and go to your laptop or mobile phone to replay or answer Skype calls, as you would with a PC or Mac. Here, you’ll be able to take these calls and even converse with your loved ones without having to unplug the cable from your TV.



Meanwhile, in this article, we have discussed the contents for the easy 3working of connection to play Xbox games. In the same way, we have found various options that will help a lot in this way. Further, open you to play Xbox games on your laptop. In addition, for pcs, we have got you covered you have to follow the same steps.

Meanwhile, if you find any unknown error with the console, you can report on Xbox one or Xbox 360 site.

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