how to take a screenshot on Asus laptop?

Every day you learn something new. Meanwhile, we try our best to make our guide simple for you. Today our topic of the guide is as unique as always.

You would be well aware of how to take a screenshot on a mobile phone,smartphones, or tablets. But do you know how to take a screenshot on Asus laptop? 

No! right? Don’t worry as here we are providing you some efficient ways of taking a screenshot. We will be directly guiding you and help you to learn how to take a screenshot on Asus laptop. 

However, if you have a Windows laptop in house then all the below ways of Asus laptop will help you to screen capture.

Further, let us just be very clear that all these steps are easy to follow for Asus laptop or any Windows laptop or computer. In addition, you can alternatively use any of the suited working methods for your Asus laptop. As all will provide you a screenshot on Asus laptop in the best way.

Asus screenshot laptop

Meanwhile, you are on your chrome browser and couldn’t download images from the website on your desktops. The solution to download such images would be a saved screenshot for the users. Further, you can do this with tools on your pc in a proper format.

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Meanwhile, there are plenty of tools options to choose from for your Asus laptop or pc. Some are the easiest and short function. While others are taking a little longer time to function on your Asus laptop or pc. There are also extensions available for the browser. The extension will include saved, edit and print features. Extensions are useful features if you have to frequently copy a screenshot

As everyone nowadays wants to save their time.

So to save your time we will add some shortcuts ways in the beginning. However, if you cant understand these functions of the Asus laptop you can continue reading further the entire article.

When you explore the whole article, you will surely find some handy tricks and tips as well as features that we have mention below for users of Asus laptop. 

Let’s dive directly into our topic to provide our users with some important information about your Asus laptop.

One of the simplest method is to take a screenshot in Asus laptop is with help of a print screen shortcut key.

Taking Screenshot With Prt Sc Shortcut

By using this first method of prtscn key in Asus laptop, you can copy a screenshot image of the full window. You can follow the below steps to take a screenshot with a trick on Asus laptop.


  1. To take the screenshot on Asus laptop of the entire screen. Press print screen key button i.e. prtsc key button is in the top row in right corner on the keyboard. The screenshots are saved in the clipboard
  2. Press prtsc button as print screen key is represented as PrtSc key button on the keyboard of laptop as one of the shortcut keys for screenshots.
  3. Further, you need to open photo editing software. Or paint would also do the job for your image file.
  4. You can paste your screenshot from the clipboard on asus laptop. Then press ctrl+v shortcut key to paste from the clipboard. Further, you can also open paint and select paste from clipboard in the toolbar paint options from menu to paste your screenshots image.
  5. With help of an image editing program version, you can also do the editing of the screenshot on asus laptop with the editor if required. To resize, crop or create an arrow with the program.
  6. Now, once the screenshot image process is complete. It is not saved in your hard drive
  7. You can save it by pressing the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut from your keyboard. Further, either you want a png or jpeg file. Mostly png is preferred by user of the desktop these days. 
  8. An active window will pop up with a dialogue of saving the screenshot image.
  9. You can click and assign a name of your choice to your screenshot and save it on your desktop computer.
  10. Further, you could simply drag and upload it or print whatever your requirements are

Using Snipping Tool

Windows Os include a snipping tool that helps in taking screenshots. Further, taking screenshots is simple for Asus computer as well as zenbook. 

However, you need to be aware of the right tools and techniques. While talking about the snipping tool, it is very useful tool. This tool helps to create screenshots in one shot.

At the same time, you can click the snipping tool for a full-screen snip of the browser of pc screen. You can also print it later if you want.

Let’s move towards the step-by-step approach required to take screenshot easily on the laptop.


  1. First of all, you have to search for the snipping tool on the start menu of your laptop. For that, you have to press the Windows logo key. On contrary, you can find the touch button effect and select it by tapping.
  2. By pressing the Windows logo key, there will open a search box or search bar.
  3. Type snipping tool after pressing windows key.
  4. By doing so, you will be able to view the snipping tool on your Windows operating system.
  5. After opening the snipping tool. A dialogue will pop up with several options.
  6. You can opt for a variety of screenshots by clicking on the new camera icon by the mouse button.

Types Of Screenshots On Asus Laptop With Snipping Tool

While talking about the types, you have four types to opt from.

Free Form Snip Type:

In this type, you can simply draw any required shape for yourself. Thereby, it is known as free form.

Rectangular Snip Tool:

This snipping tool involves taking screenshot of the rectangle part of the screen. Further, this rectangular portion could be of any size.

Active Window Snip:

Active window refers to snapping of the current window that you are using. Further, if you have multiple windows open. 

Then you have to select the one that you are interested in. After clicking the window you can capture the entire page which is pretty easy.

Full Screen:

This option allows us to take screenshot on asus of the entire screen.

Meanwhile, once you have made your choice of what screenshot you want. Then click on the option of your choice.

Further, select the window that you want to capture. Moreover, a dialogue box will launch that will assist you in saving the new screenshot with the save snip icon.

With this format, you can simply click a screenshot on Asus laptop as well as zenbook. In other words, we can also call it a snapshot. Meanwhile, another easiest way we have covered.

Direct Sharing The Screenshot On Asus Laptop

While using a keyboard shortcut, we can perform various functions in one step. 

Starting from capturing to saving and then sharing all the screenshots in one go. Some people may find the snipping tool process a little longer. 

So no worries as here we are with another option of whole screen capture.

With this process, you cannot only capture the entire screen. In addition, you can share it with sharing options. let’s describe what we are talking about.

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  1. Start by opening the windows that you want to screenshot on an Asus laptop as well as zenbook.
  2. Then you have to press “Windows Key+ H” at the same time.
  3. Doing so, a window will appear on the certain area right side with several options for sharing. You can simply click with whom you want to share.
  4. Above all this is not a time-consuming screenshot process.

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