This article is based on how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop? Taking a screenshot is a piece of cake for many when we talk about cellphones, smartphones to tablets. However, taking things on the other side when are asked to take a screen on a laptop. For instance, pressing the power button and volume on phone. However, most people look here and there in sheer bewilderment. Thus, here we are to rescue such kinds of individuals. 

As in this article, we are gonna talk about how to take a screenshot on a Toshiba laptop. In order, to know how to screenshot on Toshiba laptop is as easy to follow as on a phone. However, you have to be aware of the basic steps. Thus here we are for your assistance in how to take a screenshot.

Let’s start by discussing the ways you can screen capture on a Toshiba laptop. Meanwhile, we have the following methods.

How to screenshot on Toshiba laptop


Four Methods How to Screenshot on Toshiba Laptop


1. Using Keyboard Combinations

    • Windows logo key+Print screen (abbreviated as PrtScr key or end key)
    • Fn key+Windows logo+ Print screen key(PrtScr key)

2. Using Microsoft Paint Or any other image editor

3. With the Snipping tool

4. Using Snagit


Meanwhile starting with our first and foremost important method of screen capture with buttons. 


The keyboard shortcuts buttons option is always preferred to hold for a snip shot. Because these are easy to use for the active window image file. In addition, they require seconds of time to take screenshots. 

Let’s continue with the required steps.

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1. Screenshot Using Keyboard Combinations

Windows logo key + Print screen


Windows Key And Print Screen Key Combination:

  1. Start with the screen that you want to capture.
  2. After that, press the print screen which is in the top right location.
  3. Further, along with that to enter the windows key at the same time to create screenshots on your computer.
  4. To navigate Windows from the keyboard, it is at the lower-left corner of the keyboard 


  1. By doing so, your selected screen would be automatically saved as an image file in the Pictures folder. That you can use in your life later.

Alternatively, Ctrl and alt button will also click the screenshot service for various sites.


Another Helpful Alternative to Try On Toshiba Laptop:

While using shortcut keys we have other similar alternative keys combination button to use. You can opt for this method as well.

  1. Open the screen or window that you are interested to take a screenshot of.
  2. Press these function together fn +windows key+PrtSc key. This won’t dim your screen of any brand
  3. After you have pressed the function, the entire screen is capture. In addition, it is automatically saved in the desired screenshot folder.

What if you don’t want to capture the entire screen? Don’t worry as here we are to provide full content that you want to work on further. Meanwhile, here we are talking about the scenario where you want to take screenshot of a portion.

Screenshot Of A Selected Area:

You can easily take screenshot of a selected portion with the below method.

  1. Press fn+PrtSc keys at the same moment.
  2. Further, you have to drag your mouse pointer to select and choose the area or location where you want to take a screenshot.
  3. In the end, saving the screenshot by giving the name of your choice in the desired place.


2. Screenshot Using Microsoft Paint Or any other image editor


Screenshot Using Microsoft Paint


Using Microsoft Paint:

To take and save the snip of the laptop screen is also easy with Microsoft paint. Further, it is pre-installed on Windows laptops. However, one of its major cons is that your screenshot might be a little blurry after resizing. So If you want to be satisfied with clarity then opt for other options.


  1. Search for Microsoft paint in the search box, by pressing the Windows logo key from the keyboard.
  2. Open paint to paste your screenshot image later that you choose.
  3. Then open and use the laptop screen on Toshiba laptop to click a full-screen snip. Further, press the prtsc to take a screenshot click, and save its copy in your desired located community.
  4. The screenshot is copied in the computer’s clipboard.

Pasting The screenshot:

  1. Press Ctrl+V to paste. Ctrl +V is a shortcut button for pasting posts.
  2. Open the screenshot that you capture in turn. 
  3. Thus you can do some editing with your click. Afterward, you can save the picture on your desktop.


3. Screenshot With the Snipping tool


Screenshot With the Snipping tool


Using Snipping Tool:

Want to enjoy both capturing options through one app? So here we are to provide details. Windows operating system comes with an in-built feature of snipping tool. Moreover, you can capture the active screen as well as the selected portion. Let’s dive into the process.


  1. Press the Windows button and search in the search box “type snipping tool”
  2. After you have typed the snipping tool, you have to click on the new option and then select and use mode after your search snipping tool.
  3. Further, you can opt for the screenshots type from the drop-down menu of Mode in the snipping tool.
  4. Then press enter from the keyboard to save the option you select.

Selecting The Area:

  1. Meanwhile, you can select the area you want to capture to take a screenshot.
  2. Then click save to save in the desired folder or you can click copy to save such pictures file on your clipboard.

Let’s discuss something that will provide you unlimited editing ways. Meanwhile, we are talking about the Snagit app.

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4. Screenshot Using Snagit


Screenshot Using Snagit


Snagit App:

It is a screenshot app that provides great built-in features as well. Meanwhile, you can choose to file it if you want to edit slightly your screenshots click after being captured. Edit on your laptops apart from paint. As paint does not provide clarity on laptops.


  1. Search Snagit word and Install the app on your Toshiba laptop desktop.
  2. Further, enter your username and saving your credentials, and sign in with your account with Snagit.
  3. Finally, open the laptop screen image that you want to capture on your computer device.
  4. Meanwhile, clicking on the red button of capture.

Dragging Across:

  1. Drag across the area with the mouse that you want to capture on Toshiba.
  2. Further, click on the camera button and your screenshot will appear on this software page.
  3. You can improve your screenshot and save it.



At the end of the article on our page, We have mentioned every means of information we have share. It is an up-to-date article post that we release. Thus, you are now eligible to take a screenshot of your Toshiba laptop. At the same time, you can easily take a screenshot on a Toshiba. 

You can also watch a video from the youtube community of any person.

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