When it comes to capturing your laptop screen, it could be a lot easier if you do it the right way. So here we welcome you to our guide created on you on how to screenshot on Asus laptop by our editor. In addition, some shortcuts as well as detailed methods to know how to take screenshots on the Asus laptop with Windows OS.

A screenshot isn’t hard if you know how to proceed with the important information format. To capture your screen of chrome browser directly of Asus laptop we have various ways and suggestions. 

We will guide you in clear steps by saving your time about how to screenshot on the Asus laptop. Further, we will also have plenty of options to make it easy for you to follow.

How to Screenshot on Asus laptop of windows may be required for different purposes such as saving your memories of video calls in from of screenshot easily. Or on the other side, sharing your work with your employees. 

In addition, you want to share the score of a gaming series with your friends. As many times it is not possible to simply download things directly.

How to Screenshot on Asus Laptop in 2022

How to screenshot on Asus laptop

Screenshot Is Easier On Both:

However, things are limited to two buttons in the case of mobile phone or tablets technology. Simply, press the volume and the power button. But it is not the case while taking a screenshot on the laptop.

So, here screenshot or screen capture plays an essential role. Moreover, you can take a screenshot and save it for later use. This later uses maybe years after, it doesn’t matter. Thus, screenshots are a lifesaver image file that is easy to take.

Further, we also have many apps in the market to download that provide additional features along with a screenshot. 

Thus, we will start with the simplest method of how to screenshot on an Asus laptop or computer. Further, we will make progress towards the more complex and lengthy processes of taking a screenshot.

Let’s start.

The first way that we are about to discuss this is with the help of hotkeys. Hotkeys are a key or combination of keys that help in performing a task when pressed together. Further, these are not time-consuming at all.

Using Print Screen Hot Key:

By using this first method of screen capture is with a hotkey i.e. prtscn key in Asus laptop, you can copy a screenshot image of the full window on an Asus laptop. Prtsc is located at the end of the function key row.

You can follow the below steps to take a screenshot with a trick on the Asus laptop.

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Print Screen On Asus Laptops:

  1. To take a new screenshot on Asus’s laptop of the entire screen. Press the print screen key button i.e. prtsc key button is in the top row in the right corner of the keyboard.
  2. Press prtsc button as print screen key is represented as PrtSc key button as a keyboard shortcut of laptop as one of the shortcut keys for screenshots. This will be saved in your clipboard.
  3. Further, you need to open any editor and use photo editing software means. Or choose paint as it will also help you slightly with the image file. 
  4. You can paste and add your screenshot from the clipboard on an Asus laptop or Zenbook. Then press the ctrl+v shortcut key from the keyboard to paste from the clipboard.
  5. Further, you can also open paint to edit and select paste from the clipboard in the toolbar paint options from the menu to paste your screenshots image.

Editing Of Screenshot:

  1. With help of an image editing program version, you can also do some touchups of the screenshot on an Asus laptop with several simple options if required. To resize, crop, or create an arrow with an image editing tool.
  2. Now, once the screenshot image process is complete. It is not saved in your hard drive.
  3. You can save it and further find it later. Simple, find and press the Ctrl+S keyboard shortcut from your keyboard area. 
  4. Further, either you want a png or jpeg file. Mostly png is preferred by users of the desktop these days. 
  5. An active window will pop up with a dialogue of saving the screenshot image.
  6. You can click and enter the name of your choice in the area of your screenshot on the Asus laptop or on your desktop computer.
  7. Further, you could simply drag and upload it or print it from your computer whatever your requirements are.

Moving towards another easy way i.e. sharing screenshots right after taking on Asus laptop.

Sharing A Screenshot Along With Capturing:

So no worries as here we are with another handy option of whole screen capture on Asus laptop or zenbook.

With this process, you cannot only capture the entire screen. In addition, you can share it with sharing options. let’s describe what we are talking about.


  1. Start by opening the windows that you want to screenshot on an Asus laptop as well as zenbook laptops.
  2. Then you have to press “Windows Key+ H” from the keyboard at the same time.
  3. Doing so, a window will appear on the certain area right side with several options for sharing. You can simply click with whom you want to share.
  4. Above all this is not a time-consuming screenshot process.

Screenshot Of Active Windows:

Wanna know how? let’s dive into this method of Windows.

Open the work that you want to capture and make a screenshot in windows. The work you want to capture will be known as the “Active Window”.

  1. Opening the active window to take a screenshot of a video or website.
  2. Press alt+Print screen (prtScr) keys from the keyboard simultaneously to capture or copy of screenshot of the website or video on the laptop.
  3. Further, the screenshot would be copied to your clipboard.
  4. To save this screenshot for later use. You have to save the contents of the screenshot in a folder.
  5. Open Microsoft Paint app or any other image editor application of computer like photoshop to edit. This choice depends on your choice. Either you want to edit, enter or view any annotations with your copied screenshot. Meanwhile, these features or Microsoft paint app running helps to annotate screenshots completely free and easily at the right place.
  6. Press Ctrl+V to paste and insert the edit screenshot file in the app then release the control. Meanwhile, you can also do cropping of the document as well. After using any other photo editing software to crop your screenshot.
  7. Press the Ctrl+S button to save the screenshot of the website. Or click on the Save button from the table to save the content that the user copy.

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Easiest Way To Capture An Active Window:

In order to capture your entire screen on an Asus laptop. If the above method fails, we have added another similar way that will surely work.

This way will also be helpful to take screenshots of the entire screen.


  1. Start by using the shortcuts key buttons of the device i.e Ctrl+ PrintScreen( PrtScr).
  2. Meanwhile, this will capture the screenshot, now you have to save it.
  3. You can open any editor app that you want to do minor editing of the screenshot on an Asus laptop.
  4. Paste the screenshot on the Asus laptop device by using the short keys of Ctrl+V.
  5. Further, you can save it with Ctrl+S after editing it according to your needs.

Apart from these two, we have another two shortcut key buttons at the end of the function I.e. Fn+ PrintScreen(prtscr). You can follow the above-mentioned text to take a screenshot on Asus’s laptop.

Auto Saving Of Screenshot

Easiest Way To Capture An Active Window

If you wish to take a screenshot and have an automatically saved screenshot after taking it without using any picture editing software tools or features. 

On Windows, this is the quickest and fastest way to take a screenshot.


  1. To take a screenshot, press Windows key+ Prt Sc (Print Screen)simultaneously on your keyboard. It will then immediately store the image in the Screenshot<Picture’s folder of the system. 
  2. This screenshot can only be viewed by using the file explorer and clicking on the default pictures section or folders because it is saved there. 
  3. In the pictures folder of the system, you’ll see a screenshot folder. After clicking on it, you’ll be able to see your snapshot in this folder.
  4. Meanwhile, this is another easy method to take screenshots on an Asus or zen book.

Alternatively, we need to learn to take a screenshot with the help of a tool.

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Opting For Snipping Tool:

You need to learn and use the right additional tools and techniques for Asus laptops. While talking about the snipping tool, it is a very useful tool. This efficient tool helps to create screenshots in one shot.

The snipping tool is available from windows vista till the latest windows. 

If you are running a windows laptop in your house then you can use the snipping tool easily.

At the same time, you can click the snipping tool, which is suited for a full-screen snip of the browser of pc screen easily. You can also print it later if you want.


  1. First of all, you have to search for the snipping tool on the start menu of your laptop to take a screenshot.
  2. In order to take a screenshot, you have to press the Windows logo key. On contrary, you can find the touch button effect and select it by tapping.
  3. By pressing the Windows logo key, there will open a search box or search bar.
  4. Click and type the snipping tool after pressing the Windows key.
  5. By doing so, you will be able to view the snipping tool on whatever Windows operating system(Windows OS) is running on your laptop.
  6. After opening the snipping tool. A dialogue will pop up with several options.
  7. You can opt for a variety of screenshots by clicking on the new camera icon by the mouse button.

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Types Of Screenshots On Asus Laptop With Snipping Tool

While talking about the types, you have four types to capture screenshots from.

Free Form Snip Type:

In this mode of snipping program, you can simply draw any required shape for yourself. Thereby, it is known as free form.

Rectangular Snip Tool:

This snipping tool program also involves taking screenshots of the rectangle part of the images of the screen without any price. Further, this rectangular portion could be of any size.

Active Window Snip:

Active window refers to snapping of the current window that you are using. Further, if you have multiple windows open. 

Then you have to select the one that you are interested in. After clicking the window you can screen captured the entire page which is pretty easy and without any price. Further, saved it after minor with tools on your pc or Asus laptop.

Full Screen:

This option allows us to take screenshots on the Asus laptop of the entire screen.

Meanwhile, once you have made your choice of what screenshot you want. Then click and select the option of your choice. Further, click on the save snip icon after taking screenshots on the Asus computer.

Visible Mouse Cursor Screenshot:

Visible Mouse Cursor Screenshot

This approach is for you if you wish to snap a screenshot with the cursor visible limited technology. In all Windows versions, you may use one of the best apps feature i.e recorder. 

Further, take a snapshot of the screen on the Asus laptop or pc with the mouse pointer showing using this tool. To understand How to Screenshot on an Asus Laptop with a visible mouse pointer.

Simply follow the below instructions as an Asus laptop user.

  1. Start by using the Windows button as you have read in other methods how to screenshot on Asus laptop.
  2. There will appear a search sign after pressing windows. There you have to mention and search the steps recorder application tools to record the screen of Asus.
  3. By clicking the recorder application in the windows, a small dialogue box will appear for the screenshot features on Asus desktops.
  4. Further, you have to tap on “Start Record”. After this click on the screen from where to want to take the screenshot.
  5. After you have taken the screenshot you have to click the “Stop Record” option.
  6. Doing so will appear all the screenshots with the visible mouse cursor arrows. In order to save all these screenshots from the library in windows, you have to save them in the screenshots folder of Asus’s laptop.

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In this article, we have arranged content that will help you to learn various methods of taking a screenshot on an Asus laptop. Further, we have also discussed how to take screenshots that are saved automatically.

Taking a screenshot on a smartphone and tablet is easy but apart from android smartphones. Taking a screenshot on your Asus pc follows a simple format of solution that you can follow along with tips.

There are also extensions and add ons that you can use in the best way. Further, these extensions are also available for the browser for our users. The extension will include advantages like save, edit, and print features.

Extensions are useful functions to install if you have to frequently copy a screenshot. Linking our chrome or any other browser to extensions saves a lot of time for users while working.

To stay in touch with us as a user and become a participant, contact us on our email account from any region such as India, Pakistan, or any other. Further, add a comment and leave a positive response or queries from your browser which is price-free. That we will address after reading. We hope that you enjoy the articles that we launch on our sites. Explore and comment on other tricks for our users on our website. In addition, provide reviews of the article.

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