How to Screenshot on a HP Laptop

Best Way How to Screenshot on a HP Laptop in 2021

This article is based on how to screenshot on a HP laptop? The screenshot is one of the essential features that is simple. Yet plays a very important role in our lives. Meanwhile, working out this process on our android phone or hp tablet is easy that is simply pressing the power button and volume down button simultaneously. Further, even children are nowadays up to date and aware of such simple steps of tech program.

But when we choose to work with screenshot features on an hp laptop screen. Even younger people search out there for their computers.

In order to know how to take a screenshot on an hp computer. Although it is not difficult yet requires some time to learn such methods.

Screenshot On Hp Laptop:

Further, here in this article, we are about to guide you on how to screenshot on hp laptop screen. Hp laptop or desktop screen usually run their program on Windows operating system or Chrome operating system. Meanwhile, talking about Windows, it provides many excellent built-in feature for screenshots.

We live in an era where digital technology is ruling the world. Meanwhile, we not only have to share our work.

But we also have to grab some family moments on a video call if we live apart. In order to meet such requirements, we need to know to take a screenshot.

Moreover, the screenshot is also a bit of means to archive our data and store data.

We have several ways to take a screenshot on hp laptop or desktop screen. So let’s start with our topic of the day in detail.

While taking a screenshot you must have certain requirements either you want to capture the entire screen background or want a captured image of a partial screen. We will mention such different ways to screenshot on your hp or desktop computer.

Want to capture the entire screen, wanna know how? let dive into the default way of capturing screenshots of the entire screen.

Print Screen Key:

Windows logo key + Print screen

When talking about where the print screen key is located. It is in the top row of the keyboard towards the top right corner located right after the function keys.

It is abbreviated as Prt Sc on the keyboard of the hp laptop. Thus, to capture the entire screen of hp laptop, you can follow the below-mentioned steps.


  1. Press the prtsc key from the keyboard and full-screen snip captures.
  2. By doing so, your screenshot on hp laptop or desktop would be saved in your clipboard.

To Use Screenshot:

Once you have captured your screenshot, now how to use or save it. Right? continue reading further.

  1. Open Microsoft paint from the start menu or open an image editing or photos app such as photoshop software.
  2. Meanwhile, you can also paste in a word file.
  3. Paste your screenshot by pressing Ctrl V to paste.
  4. After pasting you can do further, editing if you require any.
  5. Thus, at last, you can save the screenshot in your desired folder.

So that you can access it later from the folder that you used to save your jpg or png file.

However, If you don’t want to take a screenshot on hp laptop of the whole screen. Further, this might be because of privacy concerns or whatever the reason might be.

Then we have an alternative default way to take a screenshot or a window snip on hp desktop.

Alternatively, to only select the active window we proceed further.

Capturing Active Window:

Tocosy Window Laptop 

In order to snap screenshots of the active window on the hp device. Meanwhile, users have to follow below mentioned method.


  1. Locate alt keys on your keyboard. You can usually navigate them on the left and right sides of the spacebar.
  2. Further, you have to hold the PrtScn key and alt keys together.
  3. A screenshot of the single window will be captured.
  4. In addition, the image would also capture and copied to your clipboard.

Paintshop Pro:

What if you want to use the above capture screenshot. You can simply save the screenshot on hp desktop or hp laptop by following the steps.

  1. Tap Ctrl +V to paste the screenshot image from your clipboard in any validated app. Or open an image editing program.
  2. After that, you can simply edit the image file according to your requirements.
  3. Meanwhile, you can also use the Microsoft windows paint application to add annotations to the image. But one of the major limitations while using the Windows paint application is that it makes your screenshot blurry.
  4. Select the camera icon to save your file in the screenshots folder.

If you are still not able to find a way to capture your screenshot picture file. Then you can scroll down the document.

Selective Screenshotting Of Screen:

If you want to capture only a selected area or portion of your window. Then use the following steps in Windows. Meanwhile, it is one of the default way for partial screen shot in a single window.


  1. It is a unique operation of Windows that requires three keys to be pressed at the same time.
  2. Locate and press the Windows key, shift key, and S key from the keyboard of the desktop computers.
  3. Further, shift and alt are typically located towards the left side.
  4. Press and hold them simultaneously, your screen becomes translucent and dim along with a white overlay with a different cursor on the screen.
  5. Thus, you can drag across with crosshair cursor with the mouse button to sketch a rectangular outline for screenshot means on Microsoft windows Pc. Further, the selected region by the crosshair cursor of the computer screen of desktop computers will become crystal clear.
  6. Leaving the mouse button after selecting with the cursor, the screenshot will be automatically saved in your clipboard. The thumbnail will hit the screen.
  7. The rectangle thumbnail snippet on the right side will disappear from the notification with a tap.

Save The Screenshot:

  1. Press the Windows key or Windows logo key to open a search bar. Meanwhile, you can also click on the start menu on the screen.
  2. Search Microsoft paint to use tool to edit, crop, or resize screenshot images.
  3. Further, you can also use other handy apps such as photoshop software or GIMP image editing program to paste your image and edit with a tool.
  4. Press Ctrl +v or select the paste option from the toolbar of the paint screen.
  5. Meanwhile, you can change, use tools, annotate text, tips, and comment on screenshots after pasting with Ctrl +V.
  6. After completing your editing, you can assign name tags of your choice and save them as jpg files.

Using Snipping Tool:

Screenshot With the Snipping tool

Want to enjoy both capturing options for a laptop screen through one app? So here we are to provide details about the snipping tool. Windows or Chrome operating systems come with an in-built feature of a snipping tool started from the windows vista version. Moreover, you can grab the sketch of the active screen as well as the selected portion. Let’s dive into the process.


  1. Press the Windows button or double click on the start menu and search in the search box “type snipping tool”
  2. After you have type the snipping tool, you have to click on the new option and then select and use mode after your search snipping tool.
  3. Further, you can opt for the screenshots type from the drop-down menu. In addition, you can switch modes from Mode in the snipping tool. For example, free form snip rectangular snip modes or draw any sketch or shape. Meanwhile, free-form snip allows to drag the mouse and draw a shape that vary for different users.
  4. Then press enter from the keyboard to save the option you select for the snipping tool.

Selecting The Area:

  1. Meanwhile, you can select the area for the type you have selected. Further, you want to capture to take a screenshot such as a rectangular snip of the screen.
  2. Then click the save icon from the toolbar to save in the easily accessible folder or you can click copy to save such pictures file on your clipboard.

Full-Screen Snip In Single Step:

Want to keep things such as sketch things in one step. To create a screenshot in one step i.e. snapping the site page, capturing, and saving in one go. Let start


  1. Press and hold the Windows logo key and print screen button at the same time.
  2. A flash will appear. Further, you can hear a camera shutter sound. The screens of the computer will fade.
  3. Indicating that the screenshot is capture and transfer to the photos folder.
  4. Your screenshot on hp laptop is copied in the screenshot folder in png format.
  5. However, in the pictures folder, the screenshot will appear.
  6. Further, you can edit it later after the screenshot is downloaded.
  7. You can use drivers to grab a printout sketch of your screenshot.

A single-step way to capture and save the file. Meanwhile, this way helps to capture the single active window.


New Snip Without Unnecessary Information:

Using Windows, we can take a screenshot of an active window and have Windows save it to a picture file. In this way, we can prevent capturing any unneeded information from other windows in the future.

  1. Start by Prt Sc while holding the Alt key and the Windows key.
  2. In the Captures folder, Windows will copy the screenshot on an hp screen as a PNG file immediately. Video’s Captures folder is located within Video’s Captures folder and vice versa.
  3. Click on the Windows key and enter “captures” in the search box menu, and then choose Captures Folder.
  4. Screenshot files are automatically named by Windows in an application. You can select and open them whenever you want.
  5. You can change its name with a right-click on the text of the file name. Thus, store them so that you can access them later.


In this article on our website page, we have highlight more than three other ways of capturing screenshot on Windows desktop computers. Further, we have mentioned limited tools as well as shortcut keys combinations to choose from.

Meanwhile, screenshotting on a hp tablet with help of power and volume support. Though for a phone and tablet, it is similar. However, screenshot for computers or laptops is different yet easy to learn.

Thus, with mere knowledge of the settings of an application you have free ability to snip with tools and download on your device. We have explain everything in detail. You can also open and watch videos to support your knowledge further.

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