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When we talk about Sony PlayStation in the past, the idea was often thought of as an expensive one. But nowadays Sony team business with its search has made it accessible for a lot more users. Further, the addition and advertising of various features and advertising input packages for users who cant afford to buy the whole PlayStation to play games. But they are dying to play PlayStation games. 

Also in the past, it was only possible for gameplay output on LCD. But many users have to face difficulty in gameplay as many people often have one television at home. In such scenarios, Sony PlayStation is now accessible and able to attach to laptop monitors with two different methods. 

Now if your tv is damaged or some other family member is using it. It won’t affect your gaming experience. You can play games on your desktop by connecting to PS4.

How to Play PS4 on Laptop with HDMI

How to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI

Best Enjoyment

Here we are to provide a detailed guide about how to connect PS4 to a laptop to play and stream a game. Further, we will provide various ways that will help you to make your leisure time memorable with this entertainment box. While talking about notebooks unlike laptops, they don’t possess the particular requirement to run PS4 on their screen.

Now, we will discuss what essentials are required to connect Ps4 to a laptop and stream with HDMI in and HDMI out. As well as the complete technique to properly connect the ports on desktop or laptop. Further, to explain how to play ps4 on a laptop with an HDMI cable. HDMI in and out displace the video graphic array(VGA) and DVI cable.

Why Is It A Difficult Task:

One of the important aspects that make connecting PS4 on a laptop with HDMI cable a difficult task. That HDMI port of PS4 is an outport. In addition, the HDMI port of the laptop is also an output port. So how is it possible to connect the laptop using HDMI with two output ports i.e. connect HDMI port and still get the desired result? No, it’s not that simple to connect and enable the monitor with an HDMI port that direct.

Let us help you to enable connecting a monitor with our content in guiding you to know how to play ps4 on a laptop with HDMII cable along with the internet network.

To Connect Laptop Screen With PS4

To play Ps4 on your laptop screen or pc, we have the two most popular methods to switch between I.e.

  1. With Video Capture Card.
  2. With Remote Play Settings.

Meanwhile, playing PS4 games on a laptop screen instead of an LCD tv or led tv screen is an exciting feature of the internet network. Astonish why? Because you can take it along to your friend’s house as it is portable. In addition, you can play in your room even if it’s late at night. 

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Built-In feature Of Recording:

In addition, it is a greater source to record, easily stream, and download your gameplay with help of software. So, you can watch it later at any speed. Because it contains a built-in recording function. That records audio as well as a video output of the interface of the laptop screen directly. This is one of the main reasons that people want to attach and activate Ps4 on their laptop display.

Let’s discuss in detail, what are the requirements for the above-mentioned two ways for gamers.

Video Capture Card

To play Ps4 On laptop screen with HDMI and video capture card is easy yet pricy outputs to opt for a setup. If you don’t have a budget constraint then opting for this method is a great idea. Now you must be curious what items are required let’s dive into that part.


  1. Video capture card
  2. Video capture card software
  3. Laptop
  4. Ps4
  5. Laptop HDMI cable
  6. Wireless Internet connection either ethernet cables or WIFI
  7. Enable file sharing also

If you met all the above then requirements you could proceed towards the method.


  1. With help of a high-quality (VCC) Video capture card. You have to plug it into your computer. This will plug in the USB port of the computer to receive a video signal. Further, to produce only output for displaying output screening with help of USB ports.
  2. Now it’s time to connect your PS4 with the video capture card with help of s video connection cable. For this, you have to use an S- video connection cable. Further, attaching HDMI input port with a video capture card and HDMI output port with the console appearing on the left corner of the PlayStation.


  1. Now it’s time for application software to play an important aspect.
  2. Run your video capture card software by turning on your console of the PlayStation along with the enable turning on the file-sharing for streaming service.
  3. Here the first method of playing PlayStation on a laptop screen or your preferred computer monitor device is complete. Your windows laptop display will provide you display of Ps4 games with help of a capture card.
  4. Further, video output is received due to video signals.

Next Method:

Meanwhile, connecting with help of a video capture card is simple yet requires some attention. We hope that we have made this process of capturing cards quite easier for you by explaining in such detailed steps. You can hopefully find lots of functions that are described most simply. Now, linking towards the second method that we have in options for you.

Using Remote Play App

Meanwhile, connecting ps4 to the laptop as a monitor with help of a remote play app is not a tricky job. However, some individuals want us to assist and support them in a remote play connection setting. So here we are to help you connect the laptop as a monitor.

For remote play, we also require some default essentials to play along with the audio. Let us discuss the menu right away.

Required Items:

  1. Laptop
  2. Ps4 console
  3. USB cable
  4. Account Of Ps4
  5. A high-speed internet connection/wireless connection


You can connect consoles and laptops using HDMI on the same router

And that all!

Meanwhile, the remote play feature would provide an ultimate and massive gameplay experience. However, the condition of a high-speed internet network must be met. Why? otherwise, you would experience a lag in gameplay. In addition, you are not able to observe a higher resolution on your pc or other devices with low-speed internet connection settings.

This was quite an easy method containing the window capture option and connecting the laptop using HDMI.

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Remote Play Connection Settings 


First of all, we have to simply open and download the remote play app with the latest update to use our laptop as a monitor. The remote play app will be available on sony’s official website to connect PS4 to a laptop or computer monitor in simple steps with speed.

Download it for your different means of laptops or computer monitors such as enabled service for Windows, Mac, or any other best laptop. Once it’s downloaded you have to click on the installer service on the laptop screen to begin the installation process and install the app.


Now moving toward the next step which would be optional in many cases. If you have access to more than one PS4 device in your house. Then is such a case of multiple devices. You have to adjust and make your console the primary console for gaming. Doing so will make it clear which console we are connecting for playing or gaming with.

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How to Make Your Console A Primary One:

Meanwhile, navigate towards settings. There you have to search for PlayStation network settings. Further, you need to search for account management. From there, you can make your console a primary one and save it from account management options.

Moreover, you have to install the latest version Of PS4 software. If you don’t have the 3.50 version then you will have to update it. Meanwhile, from settings, you have to manually opt for a system software update. Doing so, you will be updated to its latest version.

Accessing the Desktop:

Now, It’s time for enabling the remote play option from the settings of PlayStation. In order, to allow you to access your laptop or desktop screen. The remote play connection setting must be enabled. Enter settings and then opt for remote play connection settings. It’s that simple to pair with a laptop screen.


Meanwhile, you can also enable the rest mode of a console. To enter the rest mode of the console follows the below steps.

  1. Start to open settings from the menu of the console.
  2. Then opt for power-saving settings. The power settings are prominent on the digital visual interface.
  3. Now it’s time to Set features that are available in rest mode from power save settings.

Meanwhile, an activated or enabled rest mode interface is also called sleep mode. The main reason is that it would safely control power losses. Further, you can skip activating this on your device.

Frame Rate And Resolution Settings:

Open the Remote Play program that you downloaded to your computer and start playing. You may modify the frame’s rate and resolution. According to your screen’s requirements select the Settings option. As your computer’s power increases, so do your graphic settings.

Using the USB port to the plugin, connect your PS4 controller to your mac computer monitor by pushing position the USB adapter to provide video input. Alternatively, you may connect the controller wirelessly. By pressing the wireless controller PlayStation button. Press both the circular PlayStation buttons and the Share button on your controller at the same time for video input.

Your USB cable should be connected to your computer as soon as the controller LED or light bar starts blinking. Your controller will be connected in 4 to 5 seconds along with a USB cable. Redo after a few minutes to connect PS4 to laptop screen if it takes longer to pair.

Launch Software:

Now, launch your Remote Play software on your PC or Mac and log in with your gaming consoles. The credentials of the console are required to get started! Otherwise, you won’t be able to connect your PS4 to a laptop screen or PC system.

As a result, you should now be able to see a Start option on your Remote Play laptop app. Once you click the start button, you’ll be required to connect to your PlayStation Network account.

There’s a good chance it’ll send you to the PS4’s home screen if it finds the first PS4 on your network. To view in full resolution and full HD quality make sure it’s on full-screen mode for your favorite games. As game lovers of all genres want their game streaming to be of top-notch quality even in the initial stage.

In this case, the console is streaming directly to your laptop, which is acting as a monitor. Intriguingly, you’ll also utilize your laptop’s microphone, speaker, and keyboard for chatting and text typing messages to your friends.

Comparing The Two Solutions:

To play PS4 on a laptop screen with HDMI(high definition multimedia interface) cable, you can use one of the following two approaches.

These are two major ways to play PS4 on a laptop screen with an HDMI cable and adapter. Or the tricky thing of the remote app. They are both quite convenient and straightforward to access.

Streaming your laptop screen to play PS4 games on a laptop is expensive, but you won’t have to worry about latency connections or performance quality when playing games at a higher display on the laptop screen using the first technique.

How to play ps4 on laptop with HDMI

Setting For Stream:

Meanwhile, people who want to start a connection stream. Go to share setting. Also, enable the laptop’s mic for microphone audio while using Ps4 on a laptop. You can save it and share a link. With this link, you and your friends can view it later on your laptop.

Further, different laptops require the same set along with a video card of the laptop.

Therefore, individuals who can afford video capture cards should surely use this approach for their gameplay.

Final Words:

Meanwhile, here I would like to conclude my article. All the above steps are quite detailed and we hope that they help you in the best means.

Further, the sony remote play app of the PlayStation network is als0 a good option to play Ps4 on a laptop in terms of compatibility. However, this requires some in-depth network settings that most people hesitate to do themselves. Further, we have discussed two methods.

Above all, don’t worry as it is very easy to connect PS4 to a laptop with an HDMI cable and remote play feature. Moreover, HDMI cable provides an easy way to play games of Ps4 to the laptop screen whatever operating system it has.

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Key Source:

Above all, in the current pandemic of Covid 19 and its strict social distancing guidelines, PS4 on a laptop is a key source of gaming for a gamer. Further, it helps in transferring uncompressed data with help of an HDMI cable on a laptop. HDMI in and HDMI out needs some focus while connecting the laptop. 

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