This article is based on How to Measure Laptop Size. When you are going to shop your new material or leather-based bag for your pc. So the primary concept to run your thoughts is what length I must be shopping for? Knowing it ahead of a measuring tape. It prevents disappointments that you may have later whilst the bag arrives. A pc now no longer becoming in well will best reason. Although you tug your hair and you can measure the width.

Nothing is extra irritating than being ready and having spent cash on something which you did now no longer need to select inside the first place. The best choice you will have in thoughts could be to recognize. Thus a way to degree pc length for the skin.

The proper information is that It may be very clean to degree your pc; it’s no rocket laptop bags and standard measurement unit.

Steps to Measure a Laptop Size? (Accurately)

How to Measure Laptop Size (Screen of Dell XPS)

You do now no longer want to be a good deal of a seasoned to recognize to measure laptop size. We have positioned a little by the little view to be useful. Thus it will get it proper from starting point. Here are some matters which you want initially laptop bags.

It’s dimension time If you have got this kind of matter, you may get began out with measuring your pc s left corner. So the way of means of following those clean to comply. Different laptop manufacturers with steps laptops measured by accurate measurement.

Although Laptop sleeves and luggage are made actual size with measurement tape. So in keeping with the not unusual place pc sizes. So that you will without problems locate something to your pc body.

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How to study dimensions for pc luggage?

Laptop bag

When you visit a manufacturer’s website, you will see that the size is written in 3 outside and inner units. Always evaluate the inner dimensions. Not every 15 inches in shape a 15-inch pc because of the distinction. So with inside the inner dimensions. For example, the specs for a sure pc sleeve is probably 16.The three x 11.four x 1.2 inches.

Step 1: Measuring the Depth / Length of your Laptop?

The first step you measuring the intensity of your pc. Start measuring from the returned left nook. Extend the tape all of the manners to the proper nook. Thus an encompass the rounded edges for your dimension. If required, convert the measurements into centimetres.

Step 2: Measuring the Width of your Laptop

Measuring the Width of your Laptop

In the second step, degree the width of your pc. You can put the measuring tape at the front proper nook. You can begin from the left nook too. However, make certain your degree the front as there are not any ports to disturb the measurements.

Measure from one nook to any other after which convert the measurements. So it is from inches to centimeters if want be. For example, if the pc is 14 inches in width, it might convert to 35. fifty-six cm.


Step 3: Measuring the Height of your Laptop

The final step is to degree the peak of your pc. In this step, near the tool and take your measuring tape. Measure the peak of the closed pc. Thus it is from the thickest component.

Some laptops have a slope, so the thickest component desires to be measured. If your degree the slant, the pinnacle a part of the pc not in shape with inside the sleeve. Including the display inside the dimension is of maximum significance to get the measurements simply perfect.

Normally, laptops are inches tall or much less than that. Again, you may convert the inches to centimetres.

For example, if the PC’s peak is 1. five inches. When you multiply it via way of means of 2. fifty-four. So you’ll have a peak of three eighty-one centimeters. You do now no longer convert the measurements each time. However, if the stores have cited the product specifications in centimeters. Then you may use it to decide the proper thickness.


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Need to buy a pc bag? There’s not anything extra irritating than shopping. A bag and figuring out that your pc would not be pretty in shape. Accurately measuring your pc in advance of time. So you will prevent quite a few complications and journeys returned to the store.

Measuring the Screen

How to Find Out Your Laptop Screen Size Without Measuring

Get a trendy tape degree. Screens are generally measured in inches. So even though specific areas will select metric over Imperial. If you want to, you may convert your dimension after the fact.

Find your beginning measuring point. Screens are measured diagonally. So your start line could be both the lowest. Thus left or bottom proper nook of the display. The dimension best debts for the real display. Then now no longer the enclosure. So begin your dimension on the very nook in which the seen is a part of the display starts.

Extend your tape degree to the other nook. Remember which you are measuring simply the seen part of the display. So now no longer any of the enclosures.

Screens had been firstly measured diagonally to make the scale sound extra impressive.

Convert your measurements to tenths of an inch. Most stores put it on the market displays in tenths of inches. However maximum tape measures are marked in 16ths of an inch. If you need to recognize the retail range that your display could be labeled. So you will discuss with this chart of not unusual place sizes.

Convert inches to centimetres (if necessary). You want to recognize the scale of the display in centimeters. However, best have the inches dimension, multiply the inches via way of means of 2. fifty-four to locate the dimension in centimeters.

a 13.three inch display is 33.eight centimeters (13.three x 2.fifty four = 33.782).

Measuring the Height

Close the pc display. The PC’s peak is measured with a closed display.

Start your tape degree at the lowest of one of the sides. If your pc slopes whilst closed, degree the thickest component.

Measure as much as the pinnacle of the closed display. Laptops are not commonly taller than inches.

Convert inches to centimeters (if necessary). If you want to recognize the peak in laptops heights centimeters. However, it best has the inches dimension. So we will multiply the inches via way of means of 2. fifty-four to locate the dimension in centimeters.

For example, a 1.five inch tall pc is three.eight centimeters (1.five x 2.fifty four = three.eighty one).

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Measuring the Width

Start the tape degree on the front left or proper nook. Measuring the front is the simplest right bag. Thus due to the fact, there are not any sticking-out ports on a flat surface.

Measure instantly throughout the front of the pc to the opposite the front nook. Make positive to a degree all of the manners to the cease of any rounded edges same time.

Convert inches to centimeters (if necessary). If you want to recognize the width in centimeters. However, best to have the inches dimension same. So you can multiply the inches via way of means of 2. fifty-four to locate the dimension in centimeters on the top left corner.

For example, a 14 inch huge pc is 35.6 centimeters (14 x 2.fifty four = 35.fifty six).

Measuring the Depth

Start the tape degree on the returned left or proper nook and width measurement.

Measure instantly down the fact of the pc to the front nook width of the laptop. Thus make positive to a degree all of the manners to the cease of any rounded edges.

Convert inches to centimeters (if necessary). If you want to recognize the intensity in other units centimeters. However, it best has the inches dimension. So multiply the inches via way of means of 2. fifty-four to locate the pay attention in a dimension in centimeters of laptop’s size mentioned earlier.

For example, a 12 inch deep pc is 30.five centimeters (12 x 2.fifty four = 30.48). top corner.

From shopping for a brand new pc bag to figuring out the genuine decision of depth of your laptop display. Numerous conditions may go away a person asking “what’s my pc display length?”

Whether you want to name a technical provider approximately the right corner of your display. You will be able learn to measure laptop size like height dimension?. Thus it may evaluate your tool with any other like MacBook pro. So it’s proper to recognize what’s your pc display length with the wrong size.

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How Do You Measure Screen Size?

Use your measuring tape from the pinnacle laptop diagonally. so comments on different products add easily and learn people lower moving. The left nook learns to the lowest proper of your display measuring diagonally.

In case you prefer a screen starts with a few things for laptop cases. The ending point for the laptop’s height. A bag for your laptop the pinnacle proper nook to the lowest left of your display a bag for your laptop.

So measuring your laptop Only degree the display; don’t encompass the body of the reveal or the “bezel” a standard tape measure.

The hardware enterprise makes use of inches as the same vain common way and common attention. An old dimension unit for pc displays sizes of horizontal dimension with an opposite corner in diagonal measurement.

So, whilst you do the measuring of your laptop fully display screen sizes of closed laptop. Thus it makes sure to apply this unit in preference to any different.

How Do I Find out the Size of My Laptop Screen Without Measuring It?


If you don’t have a measuring tape on the attain a bit of your hand and laptop body. Then you may seek the Laptop specs on the web. So in which you’ll get now no longer best the precise degree of your display actual screen. However different beneficial statistics approximately reveal and show too much space.

All the statistics you would update to improve possibly want in terms of your pc of laptop models learned different choosing questions in base click a lot of work. So it must be inside the specs web page of your PC’s version feel high pro. you can understand the easiest knowing.

Thus a web page out of your pc emblem a type insides. Keep in thoughts that each pc emblem may change also have specific approaches to expose the specs in their very own products.



Be positive to recognize to measure a laptop started to your Product Number or Model Number share the guide. You can locate it within said everything. The disadvantage of the Laptop, as a connected read a label. So usually near the panel of the laptop compartment in years batteries. With your product range identified order.

Thus visit the Technical Support web page of your Laptop’s screen size emblem. In the Search panel, introduce the range. You will see numerous alternatives to your tool of actual diagonal length, along with finding downloading of manuals, troubleshooting, amongst others rights.

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