When it comes to buying a perfect laptop bag, the first thing that comes to your mind is the size of the screen.

How will you determine the size of a laptop if you don’t have the slightest idea of measurements? In short, all you need to know is the size of the laptop screen.

If you buy it without having a clear idea of the measurements, you will get an incorrect laptop bag size.

Hence, knowing it in advance will save your time and get the perfect size for your laptop.

Nothing is more aggravating than waiting and then having to pay for something you didn’t mean to get in the first place. 

The only thing you’d want to know is how to determine the laptop size for the bag. The bright side is that it is easy to measure your laptop; it’s not at all an arduous task.

You don’t have to be an expert to figure out how big your computer is.

This article will give you an insight that will assist you in getting the perfect bag for your laptop or MacBook pro.

How to Measure Laptop Size?

You may begin measuring your laptop screen sizes by following some simple instructions. Laptop bags and sleeves come up in many sizes and styles.

Therefore, it’s vital to get exact measurements of your laptop to get to the perfect fitting laptop screen size bag. Some of them can hold any size of a laptop.

Do you know how to read laptop screen size bag dimensions?

It is common to find the measurements printed in three different units on a manufacturer’s website.

It would help if you always considered the interior dimensions. Internal dimensions play a dominant role in getting the correct size.

A 15-inch laptop will not fit inside a 15-inch laptop case because of the different internal dimensions.

For instance, a laptop sleeve with dimensions of 16.3 x 11.4 x 1.2 inches can be available. Furthermore, you can also get accurate size reading laptop models from the computer.

To get this specific measurement, you need to consult this:

· This item’s dimensions are 16.3 inches in length.

· The breadth is 11.4 inches.

· The height is 1.2 inches.

First of all, you need to determine the laptop length. The starting point is the far left-rear corner of the room.

You should include the rounded edges of the corners in your measurement; therefore, extend the tape to the right corner. Convert the measurements to centimeters if necessary.

Gauge the Laptop’s Width

Laptop's Width

Secondly, you need to measure the width of your laptop. Place the measuring tape in the screen’s upper-right corner and measure from there.

Be watchful while measuring from the front since there are no ports to interfere with the measurements.

If necessary, convert the inches to centimeters and measure laptop screen size from one corner to the other.

In other words, a laptop with a 14-inch unit’s screen would be 35.56 centimeters wide.

Taking the Laptop’s Height into Consideration

It would help to consider the height of a laptop in the last stage. Close the gadget and grab a standard tape measure for this step. At its thickest point, find out the closed laptop height.

The widest area of specific computers has a slope. Thus this measurement is necessary.

The top of the laptop may not fit in the sleeve if you measure the slant. You must include the screen in the measuring process to provide accurate results.

Moreover, you can read laptop size charts from the internet. Depth measurement of a laptop size is also essential when you go out to get a laptop bag.

The Thickness of the laptop body

Knowing the height of your laptop body (also known as laptop body thickness) is useful when you see the size of your screen.

If you’re shopping for a laptop case or a bag, it’s helpful to know the Thickness of the case or bag’s body.

If you’ve got suitable standard laptop sizes, you may discover that your laptop is too big for the laptop bag.

You can use a standard measuring tape to measure the Thickness of the laptop’s body.

Hence, all you need to do is close your laptop and place the measuring tape on the laptop body from the bottom to the top corner of the screen ends.

However, be vigilant to measure the screen sizes as well. You won’t get the right Thickness if you merely measure the bottom right display corner of your laptop size.

Laptops are typically less than two inches in height. You may also convert the inches to cm by doing the same.

Suppose the height of the laptop is 1.5 inches, for example. The result is 3.81 centimeters in height when multiplied by 2.54.

Because shops may provide a product’s specifications in centimeters rather than inches, you don’t have to convert the dimensions every time.

Why Is It Necessary to Take a Laptop Measurement?

Some of you may be wondering why it’s so crucial to measure your laptop’s size, even if we’ve previously provided detailed instruction on how to do so because the size of your computer may have a significant impact on its mobility.

It’s essential to know the dimensions of your laptop before purchasing laptop bags, sleeve covers, and other items that rely heavily on the size.

Several factors go into choosing a bag for your laptop. It is a must-have accessory.

Ideally, it would help if you had a bag with a lot of room, but the laptop should be housed in a separate compartment to not bounce about and be damaged.

A bag for your laptop must have static dimensions to protect the laptop. Because of this, you need to know the dimensions of your laptop to locate the right laptop bag.

Despite what some people assume, this is not always the case. Adjustable compartments and Velcro straps are two options for keeping your laptop safe.

There must be adequate depth in the laptop compartment to ensure that the laptop does not stick out.

You can get a sense of how portable your laptop is by taking measurements of its dimensions and size. 

Can You Measure Laptop Diagonally? 

Put another way, the claimed “size” of a laptop computer is based exclusively on laptop screen sizes.

A standard tape measure would reveal that your laptop’s actual size is far more significant than what was promised to be the case when you bought it.

You may believe you got a fantastic deal on laptops since the vendor mislabeled them. However, this is not the case.

This is because if you’ve successfully measured your laptop’s “size” by its width, you’ve got it all wrong. Diagonal measurements determine the size of your laptop, much as televisions.

Your laptop screen will not measure up to its promised size if you look at the screen’s dimensions.

To locate this measurement on your laptop screen, you must look at the diagonal measurement.

When taking a diagonal measurement of your laptop, be sure to include the screen. In computing, the term “size” refers only to the actual screen size, not the bezel.

The bezel protects the laptop’s screen, which acts as a frame around it. Be aware that the quoted laptop sizes only consider the laptop’s screen. Everything else is a waste of time.

When Should You Take Measurements?

So, when is it necessary to take an accurate measurement of a laptop screen? You’re still unsure about the proper size even after you’ve gathered all three measures.

According to the model number, the manufacturers provide information on their websites on the laptop’s screen size.

This also aids in the hunt for the ideal carrying case for the gadget.

Inches are the most common unit of measurement. Both of these manufacturers refer to the laptop’s screen size when they speak about its size.

As a result, you may see the laptop’s specifications on the manufacturer’s website.

On the other hand, a measuring tape is required if you wish to take your laptop screen measurements on your own. People usually take measures using inches. 

Convert Centimeters Unit

You can convert or alter them later if you want to. A desktop computer screen display or even a tablet computer may be measured using the same method.

For the benefit of those who wonder whether laptops are measured diagonally: the answer is yes.

They are! You can measure a laptop screen from the left corner to the right bottom corner or the other way around.

You can also measure the laptop screen from the inside. Start measuring from the screen’s beginning.

Finally, you may consider taking measurements of the display screen, even the screen size width, and height, but it won’t get you very far.

Extend the measuring tape diagonally across the laptop to the other side. Do not include the enclosure when calculating the width and height of the actual screen starts. 

Write Down Measurements in Paper

Write down your measurement in tenths of an inch on a piece of paper. Sizing is specified in tenths of an inch if you’re making an online purchase.

It’s in the 16th of inch units on your measuring tape. With the help of this table, it is possible to change the units of measurement—an easy-to-learn game of numbers. 

Here is a tenth of an inch

10 16/32 11.6 11 10/16 11.6 13 5/32 13.3 14 2/16 14.1 15 6/16 15.4 17 5/16 17.3

You may convert centimeters by multiplying an inch measurement by 2.54 instead of inches.

Size Chart for Laptops 

Size Chart for Laptops 

Even though numerous other laptops are on the market, they fall within a specific size range.

If you want to give the bags a present, you may not acquire an accurate measurement.

In any event, the world will not come to an end right now, thanks to this essay.

In multiple scenarios, big companies like Lenovo and Asus tend to use the same standard size in the computer industry, which makes sense.

Apple’s mac, or even Alien ware, may be out of your league. The producers of laptop bags stick to standard sizes, so it’s simple to select the ideal one for your laptop.

Using this size chart, you may either convert your laptop’s dimensions on your own, or you can use this chart as a guide.

Go for Exact Measurements

To avoid getting a bag that doesn’t fit your laptop, it is essential that you measure a laptop before purchasing a sleeve bag.

Laptop sleeve bags and other sleeve bags are manufactured to measure, ensuring you obtain the right bag.

A laptop bag may not fit your laptop correctly if you buy it based only on the assumption that it would. The laptop will not work if it is too tiny.

This might cause the laptop to fall out of the sleeve or wobble around while holding the sleeve. Securing your laptop in an appropriate sleeve is critical.


Shock absorption is essential for protecting your laptop when choosing a laptop sleeve. Some laptop sleeves include a waterproof liner that protects the laptop inside.

It would help if you had new laptop cases when you upgrade your laptop or purchase a new one, in my opinion.

It’s a must-have item that will keep your phone safe while you’re on the go.

As mentioned earlier, to avoid having to worry about your laptop the whole time, invest in a shock-absorbing sleeve.

First, it would help determine the laptop’s height, width, and diagonal length. To get the ideal laptop bag, multiply your dimensions by the sleeve or bag size.

Please let us know if you have any further concerns or questions regarding the results thus far.

The question is: Have you ever had to return an order because you didn’t know how to correctly measure the size of a laptop and then wait another week for the correct one? 

Your finest and worst memories are welcome in the comments section below!

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