How To Measure Laptop Screen

The Best Way How to Measure Laptop Screen in 2021

In this article, we share How to Measure Laptop screens. If you want to buy a laptop bag. But didn’t want to carry your laptop along for measuring the laptop screen. Then we have got your back. As here we are to help you in purchasing the perfect fit for your laptop. So, we are here to help you measure the laptop screens. 

For buying a laptop bag, we need to measure it’s only the screen size. Further, this will help you to buy the perfect fit for your laptop. Meanwhile, if you made a mistake in this diagonal measurement which is measured in inches normally. Then your bag won’t fit your laptop and you have to make a replacement and ending with wasting that price with such laptops. 

How to Measure Laptop Screen


How to Measure Laptop Screen

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Screen Size:

To measure the screen size of any external monitor, computer screen, or laptop screen, we have the same method for every screen. Start from the top corner of the one side of the monitor, not from the top right corner instead of the other one. Laptop size is measured diagonally from the top left corner pull to the bottom right corner.

Turn the backside of your laptop screen and search for a sticker that contains the laptop model and some major laptop screen specifications

While talking about the starting point, let us clear that we mean the end of the screen. Or in other words, the point where the screen starts. However, here we will particularly explain how to measure the laptop screen size of any model of ours customer data table.

Note: Screen size and screen resolution display are two different pages of search engines. Commonly, some people made bit mistakes while understanding these similar terms. Further, you have made the correct search to find the size of your bigger or smaller unit.

In this section search of our article, we are here to assist you to find and fill your size. Instead of adding a bezel and create a mistake. We will provide proper size not bigger nor smaller. Instead the perfect fit size.

Laptop Screen Size:

To determine the dimensions of laptop screen size, you need the following important things.

  • A Good Measuring tape /Ruler
  • Paper
  • Pen
  • Screen to measure

Measuring Tape:

Let us start with the measuring tape, start from the top left corner which is your starting point. Further, bring the standard tape measure down to the bottom right corner diagonally. Further, the following steps require minutes to find the perfect match.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure that you are measuring the laptop screen display. The actual screen means and refers to only the laptop screen display that shows you specifications. Whatever laptops you have for example MacBook pro, windows 10, or any other model number of windows specifications.

Now once, you have measured the dimensions of the choice of your display screens using a tape measure step. Take time and write it with hand or enter it on your device on paper so that it would be helpful for you to find. If you keep it in mind remember there are easy chances of mixing the information of sizes which you want to find.

Converting Our Measurement:

If you’re using inches, convert your measurement to tenths of inches. However, tape measures are marked in 16-inch intervals rather than the tenths of an inch used by most stores. 

Please refer and connect only to a typical laptop screen sizes system if you wish to know the retail number within which your laptop screen would be labeled and vary at the retail stock store of business.

Inches To Centimeters:

If you need a measurement for your laptop screen for reason in centimeters, But you have measured with measuring tape in inches. Then we have got a hack for you. If you have measured in inches, you can simply do multiplication the digit 2.54 to convert. Further, your measurement will be converted into centimeters.

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For Measuring The Height Of Laptop Manual:

The height of the laptop model is measured with the laptop screen closed.

Starting at the bottom of one of the sides, place your measuring tape.

 In case your laptop slopes when closed, measure the thickest portion of your laptop body of brands. Up to the top of the closed laptop screen, measure the height of your laptop.

 As a general, laptops are no taller than 2 inches.

Conversion Of Standard Measurement Unit:

If for some reason you choose to find your laptop’s measurement in inches can be converted to centimeters. In turn, multiply the inch measurement numbers by 2.54 to get the centimeter measurement.

For Measuring Width Of Laptop Models:

Start use measuring tape from the corner of the front left or right. It is simplest to measure the front, thanks to the absence of protruding cases or fields. Measure from one front corner of the laptop to the other. Be sure to measure all edges. 


Read the following information that will be easiest and assist you to convert inches to centimeters if you require an updated number. For example, if you only have an inch number and need centimeters, multiply the inches by 2.54 to get value in centimeters.

Further, for measuring the depth in comparison, From the side of the laptop to the front corner, measure straight along the side of the device. Take measurements till the end of the rounded edges of the laptop.

Tips To Measure A laptop Screen Dell XPS 13:

Measure A laptop Screen Dell XPS

To get the diagonal measurement option and the screen size. For instance, a Dell XPS 13 has a screen width of 11.57 inches and a height of 6.51 inches. Multiply the width field by itself to get 133.8. 

Then multiply the 6.51 itself to get 42.38. Addition of the two numbers together (133.8+42.38 =176.18). Find the  square root of the sum (√176.18 = 13.27). 13.3 inches is the advertised size of the body on the website.


In short, we have discussed in this article of our web, the basic method of measuring a laptop screen size in detail. In addition, these specifications can be used for measuring another screen size. Further, we have guided you in detail. 

I hope now you can easily measure the screen sizes of various products. Further, the tip of the day is 14” or 15” are the most common sizes. Further, you can watch a video service before you purchase from manufacturers of different brands. So, you will save money and won’t waste money on the wrong gadgets or devices products.

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