This article is based on How to Measure a Laptop for Bag. If you are in search of a laptop bag. But you don’t have any idea about your laptop size. Then calm down as here we are for your assistance.

Nowadays due to this ongoing pandemic, everything is diverted towards online services. Whether, it’s shopping or grocery every individual prefers staying at home.

However, in some cases, it is not easy for us to avail of these online services. Such as while buying shoes many people are confused about their size in a particular brand.

As every brand has its standard sizes. Similarly, there is also a chance of fraud.

How to Measure a Laptop for Bag

How to Measure a Laptop for Bag


Measuring the Right Size:

To stay safe from fraud, you can go for authentic websites that also include reviews. But what about sizes? So let’s just dive right into the question that you want to be answered.

Measuring a laptop size for a laptop bag won’t be an issue. To measure the right size, it can be measured in basic two to three steps but with proper technique.

Further, You can also visit the official site of your laptop brand, and if you know the model number. Meanwhile, you can easily find your laptop screen size on the official website of your laptop brand. 

Laptop Bag:

Laptop size matters a lot because if you don’t measure laptop size accurately. Then there are chances that your laptop might not get proper fit and it’s not safe. So, if you want to carry your laptop then measure a laptop size properly.

In this article, we will teach you How to Measure a Laptop for Bag to enable you to always get a bag that will fit your laptop nicely and snugly when you buy online.

Further, measure your laptop and laptop body accurately. Because the screen sizes of laptop manufacturers are different in measurement.

Importance Of Proper Size Of Laptop Bag:

Measuring proper laptop size is an essential step for purchasing laptop bags. Let us clear why is it essential. If you want to carry it along your shoulder towards your office.

Then a properly fitted laptop bag will provide support to your laptop. Further, it will also keep it in a specified place. So, there is no chance of any damage.

In addition, laptop cases not only protect many laptops from damage. But they also protect them from the dust and dirt of routine life.

Further, this dirt can enter inside a laptop and wear out its internal component fast. Originally screens were measured diagonally to increase the scale. 

Further, it takes just a few minutes to measure your laptop.

Protective laptop bags help to keep your laptop safe and secure from the harm of any kind. 

These laptop bags are designed to protect your pricey and valuable laptop computers. 

Further, The laptop bags not only act as constant protection from any physical damage that can be easily caused but also give your laptop a classy look.

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Features Of A Perfect Laptop Sleeve:

Apart from measuring the proper size of a laptop. Two more important properties should be included in a laptop sleeve. These are not mentioned earlier. Here we will mention them.

Specs Of A Laptop Bag:

  • The bag for your laptop must have an additional cover. This cover will work to protect your laptop and its screen in a better way.

This protection would be from scratch that may also occur due to the wrong side of the bag.

  • The laptop compartment of the bag should also contain additional padding. This padding will serve as a shock absorber.

Further, this will also act as a cushion for the laptop and will protect the laptop if your bag falls somehow.

Essentials To Measure Laptop Screen Size:

  1. A Good Measuring tape (a standard tape measure)
  2. Paper
  3. Pen

and the Screen to measure for the laptop bag.

Measuring Tape:

Let us start with the measuring tape for measuring your laptop, start from the top corner on the left corner which is your starting point.

Further, bring the standard tape measure down from starting point to the bottom right corner diagonally to measure a laptop size. Meanwhile, the following steps require minutes to find the perfect match and measure your laptop.

Meanwhile, you need to make sure that you are measuring the laptop screen display for screen size with measuring tape.

The actual screen means and refers to only the laptop screen display that shows you specifications. Whatever laptops you have for example MacBook pro, windows 10, or any other model number of windows specifications.

Write Dimension On Paper For Laptop Bag:

Now once, you have measured the dimensions of the choice of your display screens using a tape measure step.

Take time and write it with hand or enter it on your device on paper so that it would be helpful for you to find. If you keep it in mind remember there are easy chances of mixing the information of sizes which you want to find.

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Why Writing Down Is Important?

Writing all the measurements on paper is essential because there are chances that you might mix up readings after taking them all.

So, it’s better to stay on the safe side and write them down no matter how good a memory you have.

The standard measurement unit that we use is in inches. However, some people like to measure it in centimeters. It doesn’t matter which one do you choose

If you need a measurement for your laptop screen for reason in centimeters, But you have measured with measuring tape in inches.

Then we have got a hack for you. If you have measured in inches, you can simply do multiplication the digit 2.54 to convert. Further, your measurement will be converted into centimeters.

Measurements Conversion Of Laptop Bag:

If you’re using inches, convert your measurement to tenths of inches. However, tape measures are marked in 16-inch intervals rather than the tenths of an inch used by most stores.  

Further, this is a very important step in measuring your laptop measurements correctly so pay attention to each and everything involved in this matter.

Please refer and connect only to a typical laptop screen sizes system if you wish to know the retail number within which your laptop screen would be labeled and vary at the retail stock store of business.

Measuring Height Of Your Laptop :

The height dimension of the laptop model is measured with a close laptop screen.

To measure the laptop’s height, make sure it’s closed.

Starting measuring the height at the bottom of one of the sides, place your measuring tape till the ending point.

 In case your laptop slopes when closed, measure the thickest portion of your laptop body of brands. Up to the top of the closed laptop screen, measure the height of your laptop.

Measuring the height upwards vertically to record the depth of your laptop. You need to write down every single calculation to get the desired results of the screen and measuring the depth of your laptop is as important as other steps in this regard. 

Calculations For Depth Of Laptop:

 As a general, laptops are no taller than 2 inches.

If for some reason you choose to find your laptop’s measurement in inches can be converted to centimeters. In turn, multiply the inch measurement numbers by 2.54 to get the centimeter measurement.

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Different Sizes:

Laptops are of different sizes and shapes at the same time. So laptops will vary in bag sizes and would have different depth measurements.

Measuring Your Laptop Width Measurement:

Start measuring the width of the laptop with tape from the top corner of the front left corner or right of the laptop. It is simplest to measure the width of the laptop, starting from the front drag to the opposite corner of the laptop and the size of a laptop.

Further, thanks to the absence of protruding cases or fields which make it easy to measure the width. Measuring the width of laptops from one front right corner of the laptop to the other. 

Be sure to measure all edges to measure the width of the laptop fully. Take the width measurement as the horizontal dimension.

So take the width measurement as the horizontal dimension and the depth measurement as the height dimension of the laptop messenger bag.

Choosing the wrong size of a laptop bag can harm your laptop because your laptop may not able to fit properly inside the bag.

A Few Things To Consider Before Buying Laptop Sleeve/Laptop Bag

Read the following information that will be easiest and assist you to convert inches to centimeters if you require an updated number. 

For example, if you are measuring and only have an inch number and need centimeters, multiply the inches by 2.54 to get value in centimeters.

Further, for measuring the depth in comparison, From the side of the laptop to the front corner, measure straight along the side of the device. Take measurements till the end of the rounded edges of the laptop.

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Measuring Dell XPS 13:


The standard measurement unit is used to measure laptops is often in inches.

To get the diagonal measurement option and the screen size.

For instance, a Dell XPS 13 has a screen width of 11.57 inches and a height of 6.51 inches. Multiply the width field by itself to get 133.8.

Then multiply the 6.51 itself to get 42.38. Addition of the two numbers together (133.8+42.38 =176.18). Find the square root of the sum (√176.18 = 13.27). 13.3 inches is the advertised size of the body on the website.

Further, if you own a MacBook Pro, that would help you find specific laptop bags and cases for your laptop.

However, you will also need to know the approximate year of your laptop’s made and you will need to know the screen size too. Further, you can choose the laptop bag of your choice in terms of color and design.

Finding Laptop Bag For Not So Popular Laptops:

Your laptop bag could be tougher to locate if it’s not extremely popular or isn’t produced by a major manufacturer.

The good news is you may still buy laptop covers and backpacks that suit your laptop.

Only a small amount of extra effort is required to discover laptop covers and bags that fit your screen size.

Pay attention to the body’s thickness at the same time. Remember that certain laptop cases intended for specific laptop models may not work on other computers as well.

High-quality producers would usually include more information about the size.

For Measuring A Computer Screen:

If you need to measure your computer screen. Then you have to follow a similar step and measure the actual diagonal length. Further, the starting point must start from the point where the screen starts. Meanwhile, this will aid you in getting an accurate measurement.

In addition, the actual size will be along the diagonal length. The way laptops measured diagonally, similarly start measuring diagonally a computer screen with measurement tape.

Further, write measurements on paper to not confuse them later.

Laptop Bag

In Conclusion:

In short, now you must be well aware of How to Measure a Laptop for Bag with a measuring tape. Further, laptop size means laptop screen size.

So, whenever you have to measure laptop size either, for buying laptop bags or any other reason. You will measure laptop screen size to measure laptop size.

Laptop sleeves come on a large variety, But instead of merely focusing on laptop sleeves outer design. You need to know how to measure a laptop size properly and find the right size.

Further, we have discussed this article in detail and every step of measuring a laptop’s screen size is crystal clear for our readers.

Paying Concentration:

Pay attention and measure a laptop screen the way your tailor pays attention while measuring your clothes. Further, doing so will let you measure and find the right bag for your laptop.

In addition, leaving too much space that is hollow within won’t provide protection and stability to your laptop. Further, that measuring would be considered as wrong.

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