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So here we are about to address one of the major problems that many people are facing with their computers. Meanwhile, this problem starts with the mere blinking of the screen. Further, later the whole screen turns pink.

If you have encounter and bumped with this problem every day and didn’t want to visit a tech person. Then don’t panic as we will begin to teach you from the start. 

In addition, we will also provide their solutions. Above all, after reading this article we can guarantee that you will be able to resolve your issue on your own.

How to Fix Pink Screen on Computer


How to fix pink screen on computer


What Is Pink Screen Of Death?


Meanwhile, it happens as a disbalance issue in coordinating the RGB system of a program that PCs use for displays. RGB is an abbreviation of red, green, and blue. The display of all the colors appears after mixing these three colors. Further, a pink screen is a mere discoloration that affects every computer and laptop irrelative to the brand. 

When talking about the disbalance of the RGB system program, a pink screen of pc appears because blue is at its maximum. In addition, red is also at its maximum level. However, green lying in the middle of red and blue, so that you can view a pink display.

Types Of Computer Pink Screen :

There are mainly three types of the pink screen on laptop or computer, that any people witness. Meanwhile, pink screens fall into three categories i.e.

  1. Full pc screen turn pink
  2. In the form of pink patches on the computer screen.
  3. Vertical pink lines running across the monitor, that disturb the monitor screen display.

You can also watch a video to save its type in your mind to check which type you are facing.

Now, once we have discussed its types. It’s time to talk about the possible issues with the computer or laptop. For analyzing the problem you have to check each possible problem one by one. Further, this will lead you to turn to your destination. Let’s deal together with the issue right away along with some tips on our website.

Before analyzing your system. Two of the foremost things to try to resolve the pink screen is to factory reset and restart your computer.


Factory Reset Option

To Factory reset a computer, you can locate the menu button which is usually beside the power button.

Further, you can navigate its options for a reset with help of arrow keys to fix the pink screen. This method mostly solves the pink screen death problem.

Restart/Reboot Computer Or Your Laptop

Sometimes you are so much burdened in your office that you are not able to notice that you are using your laptop or computer without a break. This higher load than recommended values leads to the frustrating technical phenomenon of the pink screens.

Give your laptop or computer a restart/reboot which is normally known as shut down. If your problem with the pink screen is occurring due to high load. Then obviously your pink screen won’t bother you after you wake it up. But what if it is still the same? You can continue reading further for that.

Analyzing The System

To find the root cause of the pink screen. We have to filter the problem from the two categories i.e. hardware or software problems. Either the problem is with your hardware or with your software. Now how to detect which problem you are facing right? follow the steps below to find the reason that affects the whole display of only your monitor screen.

Hardware Problem:

For this, you have to attach your pc with an external monitor. If your screen does not appear pink. Then the external monitor shows that the issue persists with the hardware. 

Common Hardware Problem:

While talking about the hardware problem, that result in the pink hue death error. They are listed below.

  1. Faulty connections.
  2. Screen frame wiring issue.
  3. Damage screen of your computer or laptop screen.
  4. Loose connector cable
  5. High GPU temperature.
  6. Replacing video card adapter of pc.

On the contrary, what if your screen still appears pink after connecting an external monitor. So, for that, we proceed towards the software.

Software Problem:

If your pink screen issue persists even after connecting with an external monitor. In such a case you have to search automatically for the problem in the software.

In the case of a laptop screen, you can connect your laptop screen with an HDMI cable to an external monitor.

Meanwhile, the above steps help us to analyze and give us an indication of which side we should investigate further.

Common Software Problem:

  1. Auto-created temporary files.
  2. Installing the operating system
  3. You are using older graphics card drivers which may be outdated or a previous version.
  4. Virus in programs
  5. Downloading corrupt files.

Now as you are well aware of the possible issues. Now it’s time to discuss in detail what these issues are. Further, how to fix a pink screen yourself.

Faulty Connections

It means that the connection between your screen and pc is not proper. Being said that, the connection might be loose. Or on the other hand, maybe a cable or your cord is damaged. In such a computer case, your monitor is not able to provide your proper display with the RGB color scheme.


Meanwhile, you can unplug the cables and have a look if the wiring is damaged from anywhere. Wait, if it’s not damaged then look out for the connector pins. If it’s losing you can plug in and tighten its linking as it’s fixed.

On contrary, the video cable is too old and unable to perform well, you should replace it to completely change the cable. Further, purchase a new connector cable. In this way, you can fix a pink screen.

Screen Frame

Supposed if the connecting cable is ok. Then there might be some issue within the screen frame of your laptop or computer. Meanwhile, there might be some issues while installing the default wires. 

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SO, you could locate a fault in the wires by opening the screen frame. In addition, also check for the light on the back of the laptop. If lights are not working anymore. Then fix the wires of these lights also.

However, if you have a warranty then take it to the official repair center. Because opening the frame yourself may void the warranty according to website owners. So, you won’t receive a free replacement.

Damage Screen

If you handle your computer and laptop carelessly. You damage its hardware i.e. screen of the monitor. 


Meanwhile, this can be resolved in few ways such as either by buying a new one. Or going to get it repair.

Loose Connecting Cables

This issue occurs if you reconnect your connection more often. Doing so, the pins of the connecting cables often wear out fast and don’t provide a solid hold.


You can overcome this trouble by purchasing the connector cables from the manufacturer. Further, avoid connecting often in the future.

High GPU Temperature

This occurs when you are using overclock settings. These settings refer to using a higher speed than the computer’s manufacturer-assigned value.

  • To Analyze GPU Temperature

You can install software to look after your computer’s high temperature of GPU. If the GPU temperature is higher than the normal value assigned by the computer manufacturers. Then you can blame the overheat of GPU as responsible for the pink screen.

On the other side, sometimes the dust and dirt on the fans causing the mess and results in overheating. Because fans are stuck in the middle and couldn’t keep the CPU at normal temperature. In such a scenario, you have to use pressurized air to clean the dust.


To fix the pink screen on your laptop, open the settings menu. Consider removing the overclock settings features. This will decrease the temperature. Further, results in better cooling of CPU.

Faulty Adapter:

A faulty video card adaptor is solved by replacing its motherboard.


Sometimes, peripherals are often a fixed source of the pink screen of your laptop or monitor. In this process disconnect and disabling all the fixed peripherals. Further, restarting your pc and making sure that only the keyboard, mouse, and monitor are connected.

Until here, we have discussed all the hardware issues. Now moving towards the second part.

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Auto Created Files:

Meanwhile, sometimes temporary unwanted files and their registry entries downloads are often a means of the pink screen. Further, they affect the laptop display as well as computers’. In addition, these broken files usually interfere and are a trouble tool for the pink screen on your laptop. They are also called leftover files that must be scan and delete.

Further, they are remaining even after uninstalling the software. for example, A software called a true color. The true color happens to be famous for the pink screen on a laptop. Don’t worry, uninstall true color along with scan to determine automatically wrong data to reduce spam.

Solutions To Fix Pink Screen:

Clients simply require software to uninstall and remove all these unnecessary or broken files. Such as CCleaner helps to keep a check on such files which you can manually download. Further, you can also get rid of such apps and files. You can test its features for your model and hit a like if its works.

Old Graphics Card Driver Update

Meanwhile, the outdated driver is a software problem. The old graphics card driver needs to be updated from time to time. To solve the graphic driver, follow the below steps with the graphic card driver of Intel, AMD, or NVIDIA to pull your driver update from sites and save it.

Device Manager:

  1. Press Windows and X key. A list will open on the left side.
  2. Select and tap on to open” Device Manager” from the given list.
  3. Further, by selecting device manager you can find your graphic card By clicking on “ Display Adapters“.
  4. Now, right-click on display adapters to navigate and select update driver.
  5. Further, double click to expand the dialog box of display adapters to find the option to choose an updated driver for the graphic driver from the graphic panel.

If there is no available update for the graphics card driver. You can download drivers for graphics cards from the computer manufacturer’s website. For that, you have to visit the dedicated section for the latest drivers for your pc or laptop. If it has an intel card or AMD card then you can go and check drivers on the respective website pages.

Further, all your drivers are also available there in the latest version. With just a single click you can download drivers for the graphic card and fix the pink screen or monitors. The most current driver requires you to restart your pc.

How to fix pink screen on computer

Updated driver Software:

  1. Doing so, you further need to choose “ Search automatically for updated driver software“.

After the installation and download of graphics software, you have to restart your computer or laptop. 

Display driver:

In other cases search the previous version of the display driver and install it.

Similarly, roll to search to check and re-install the previous version of the AMD or any other video driver from the latest driver to solve this problem of display settings of laptops.

However, sometimes a new driver of AMD or intel that is installed may also prevent your laptop or pc default display from working correctly. Moving to check the next fix for the laptop or monitor display to fix and solve the pink screen error.

Virus In Programs

Above all, when you install third-party applications. They often pose threats and malware threats to your computer screen. Further, some lead to another website on your browser and install viruses on your pc. Which in turn affects your pc screen. Even after you uninstall such a program, they have already installed viruses on your pc.


In such a case, clients can run antivirus software to check and uninstall the viruses in the device to solve this issue. When you run antivirus, it will check and uninstall all the viruses and remove them. Further, it will also protect you in future

Downloading Corrupt Files:

Meanwhile, this is also a common source of pink screen error programs. Many recently installed programs files and software are not downloaded properly. So, if you have an issue while you open specific problematic games. Or running any specific software and screen turns pink. You open any game and the pink screen occurred immediately. So, you have to immediately check and uninstall the game app in your laptop model of any company.

Then it is advised to remove all the changes that you have installed and later reinstall the program.


Uninstalling the software program to remove and fix the spam files from the device. Later reinstall and solved the issue of your pc.

Further, if you are a Windows 10 user and cannot log in due to a pink screen on your pc. You can use safe mode. A safe mode will help to log in to Windows 10. Further, you can fix drivers to win the sign-in feature for your pc with help of safe mode with networking.

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Meanwhile, rolling towards the conclusion. In the article on our website page, we have discussed various methods for fixing the pink screen error programs on a laptop or LCD. You must have scroll down through various supposed problems as well as methods to solve the pink screen problem.

Meanwhile, in the table of contents, we have mentioned every possible cause of display error of pink screen death in gadgets.

Above all, the instructions are clear to fix the pink screen on a laptop display, as we have mentioned every screen-related step in detail to fix pc. Further, we hope that the pink screen problem of your laptops is now solved with help of our article on our website. 

Looking forward to the comment response of our users! Connect and contact us and update us with your comment.


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