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Further, this question will be in thousands of people out there that how ram will affect their gaming experience on pcs. Meanwhile, the answer to this line of question is not that simple.


How Does RAM Affect Gaming?


How does ram affect gaming


Amount Of RAM For Gaming:

We have to discuss and compared several scenarios to describe what requirements are there to play a game with a better performance of CPU.

Because ram could affect gaming by both means i.e. negatively as well as positively. In addition, it may have no significant effect on gaming in particular cases.

Before buying better question your requirements. Most people compared themselves and believe that for a better gaming experience they require a lot of rams for temporary memory of the game. However, that is not the case for a game.

Further, this means that their computer would become a monster in terms of graphics and gaming. However, all this information has no grounds. Further, memory has a different impact on a game.

For example, if you have one bucket to store and utilize water, you can store water in a certain amount in this scenario.

After your bucket is full, more water won’t increase your storage! Generally, such a scenario exists in the memory case of a game that more ram affects fps.

Let’s start with the basic idea of ram and game.


What Is RAM?

Ram is the common abbreviation of “ Random Access Memory“. Meanwhile, it is one of the important components of the computer that is related to its memory. We can also say RAM means memory either for a game or any other program.

Further, the simple answer is that ram works and provides storage for computer data that is temporary in gaming and other aspects.

Accessing all the features of a game require but also other essentials such as a graphics card. As a graphics card provide output images and play a major role in a game.

In addition, we will solve how much does ram affects a gaming pc in-game performance. Further, we will also discuss what amount of ram is required for gaming with a minimum amount of ram and suitable fps.

RAM vs Hard drive

Don’t confuse these two terms as they are totally different. Hard driver refers to long-term storage of data. Even you shut down a computer data stays in the hard drive.

However, Ram stores temporary files. Further, these temporary files are accessed by the computer or laptop in no time. So, they require no lags problem in writing and reading.

Otherwise, if every time computer or laptop has to retrieve data from the second factor of the hard drive while gaming. Then all the processes would be much slower.

On the contrary, ram provides short-term storage as opposed to hard drives. Further, they are better than HDD and Add. In addition, it is not that pricy to increase the amount of ram.

Types Of RAM

While talking about the types we have two types.

Single Channel RAM

In this type of ram, only one RAM slot is present. Further, it contains only one stick.

Dual-Channel RAM

Meanwhile, in this system, two sticks or two slots are present for storage. Thus, it would have an increase in capacity. Further, it is tested that two sticks perform faster and better than a single slot.

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Which Type Is Better?

The answer is ”Dual  channel ram”. From the above-mentioned two types, you must be wondering which one to test for your system. Single and dual-channel RAMs will have significant importance on your game quality.

In other words, it’s better to replace a single channel ram with a dual channel to improve in terms of memory and speed. A dual-channel ram would perform faster and will increase gaming performance as well as linking display of a particular configuration.

A dual ram will provide access to more fps and you could notice extra fps with your naked eye in every task.

In a dual system, when you are gaming only one slot is in use. If you start using another ram-hungry software along. Then the other free slot will be utilized and won’t slow or limit your game. Further, affect the fps of gaming pc. Each slot will carry out its functions individually.

On contrary, in the above case, a single ram would make the system slower. But a dual channel ram with two slots would improve the working experience faster and instantly.

Now, we will discuss some common terms.

Faster RAM Speed:

This depicts that the ram would have a higher frequency or bandwidth. Further, higher frequency implies that the reading speed of the temporary files will increase. However, it does not affect the fps of your favorite games with higher frequencies.

Further, ram speed matters but only to an extent. Running after the only ram speed i.e. faster ram won’t provide you desired results.

More RAM:

This would help you to run your games and applications smoothly without making them slower. As more space is present to save files, unlike faster ram. As more space would allow more temporary files to be stored.

Thus, generally, more RAM and slow ram is far better than faster ram speed which is merely a high-frequency ram. It is advised to consider more ram.

Frequency is also known as speed which is measured in MHz. Mhz tells us how many commands are processed by ram in every sec. However, it doesn’t April us about the timings it would take.

Above all, overclocker tries to made timings slower in BIOS to enhance the performance of the same ram.


Why more ram is important?

In the past, computers were single core. But nowadays they have to perform more than one core with a variety of tools. So, you can have an idea how much memory or more amount of ram is required.

Moreover, up to 28 cores in the background of the screen are performed by the CPU or processor at a time. In such cases, more amount of RAM is required to save temporary data and links on a game or other apps, in rams while running.

Now once you are clear with every basic terminology. So, here we will explain further how much ram affects fps.

How does ram affect gaming

How Much RAM Affect Fps?

Positive Response:

When your system has less ram such as 4 GB of ram. But your game requirements say 8 Gb. Then in such a case increasing your ram to 8 Gb would obviously increase your fps and will produce a performance difference in the game performance. In addition, it would be a smaller impact with this much ram but it would be noticeable.

Negative Response:

When your requirements of ram are not met. Then in such a course, your fps will drop and latency would be experienced in writing and reading because of less memory of rams.

Your game will lag as well as won’t run smoothly as this much does ram effect playing the demanding games table on your pc. Further, making them the slowest and a display vary in form of textures is slightly visible.

No Response:

When you have your required amount of certain ram. In such a scenario more ram won’t vary the effect and fluctuate performance. Instead, the excess ram will remain unused and doesn’t make game performance faster while playing.

Thus, now you must be clear, what factors affect the frame rate for pc owners. In addition, how to choose ram amount wisely to increase fps according to your difference in requirements to run.


Gaming Setup Requirements:

If you are an avid gamer in life who wants to run games with high fps and adding other applications along such as streaming software or recording software for your games. Or on the other side, you are a graphic designer who wants to open and run much software and increase fps at the same time. Then 16 GB ram size would fit the job without any difference and affecting fps. Along with this, you need a good graphic card with VRAM.

Ram affects gaming experience, 12 GB RAM is also sufficient for a gaming computer. But with this, you won’t get a good fps for every game. In addition, you cant stream on 4K as well.


Minimum Requirements

Some people also have 8GB RAM or more ram. Further, this amount goes as minimum requirements for gaming performance only. However, you shouldn’t consider the 4GB RAM point nowadays at all. Because ultimately we are moving further towards more quality and performance in many games. 4 GB is a low ram and won’t work fine for your games these days and your game will lag a lot. Along with that, fewer frame times are experienced in computers.



If you want to future-proof yourself in terms of RAM. Then upgrade for 32 GB ram would be a good idea if you don’t have a budget constraint on your head. For instance, some people believe that upgrade to 32 Gb is overkill in the sense that most ram will be unused.

However, in such scenarios, with this upgrading, you would be able to have a good framerate (fps) along with that you have future-proof systems.

In addition, you could stream at 4k along with that open all other programs are loaded smoothly with improved performance and support due to more memory. That’s an advantage but wait we have still some important topics to discuss yet.

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RAM Clock Speed:

Merely increasing ram isn’t a good idea. As you have to keep into considerations and link other factors as well to store more data and run apps. Ram clock speeds refer to overclocking functions that are supported each second by computers. Higher clock speeds mean a maximum number of functions per second.

However, the other two factors i.e. CPUs and motherboards components are the most important factors of the hardware line that play a decent amount of role to run applications in the background.


CPU Settings:

So even if you have a higher ram clock speed but your CPU is not compatible then this would lead you to a bottleneck. Most games won’t run smoothly because of the lack of a faster CPU/processor and motherboards that were among benchmarks.

Similarly, if your motherboard which is an integral part of the computer settings along with other components would lead to a bottleneck while playing. Further, the full capacity of the ram won’t be in use for the system’s performance.



Meanwhile, generally speaking, the particular game requires a different ram work for the better difference in performance with their operating system. However, 16 GB is a bit of a sweet spot for all gamers according to our article.

Further, two other important factors dictate and that must be considered are CPU and motherboard compatibility with RAM. In addition, when it comes to playing games the GPU to load graphics data with help of a graphics card has a more serious effect in increasing fps than how much ram affects fps.

In general, at this moment a better GPU must be a priority of a gamer or programmer and app developers who wants to cover more apps. Instead of more ram of high price. As with 8 Gb of ram along with better GPU you can increase the computer’s performance of the existing system and is a viable alternative.

How does ram affect gaming

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GPU and Graphics card Settings To Play:

In short, more ram affects the fps of gaming to some extent. But GPU and VRAM improvement of CPU is a major element that the majority of people skip and waste their money. In addition, the graphics card does matter a lot.

VRAM, or video RAM, is a type of memory in GPUs. This fast kind of flash memory stores all sorts of graphical data. Further, these ram capacity settings intended and leads the GPU to access it almost immediately, allowing the GPU to be more productive.

With high-resolution displays, GPU and VRAM memory is especially essential to remember for the CPU. In today’s market, 6 or 8 GB of VRAM memory is considered to be the optimal quantity for a GPU and on youtube as well. If you’re on a budget search and can’t afford a high price setup program. Then, games in 1080p, you may get by upgrading to 4 GB of VRAM in your budget.

However, ram is not that expensive to increase details of games slightly. But to measure a visible increase in frames of games. Further, another component of hardware i.e. GPU and adding its VRAM memory is a major point to consider. Further, they have set benchmarks examples for workstation tech products on another website as well.


A smaller difference in VRAM memory provides noticeable results and improvement in lags and delay.

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