Best Laptop For Ethical Hacking

How To Choose The Best Laptop For Ethical Hacking in 2021

if you look for a laptop for ethical hacking: if you are curious about white hacking. Today is the world of modern science. As you know, nowadays, little kids have devices like tablets, laptops, and mobile phones. Hence, the computer is the basic need of the time. Many people are concerned with a computer for hacking. However, such a person is called a hacker.

How To Choose A Laptop For Ethical Hacking

As you know that science has both pros and cons. The computers are used for illegal hacking, and such hacking causes the loss of much important information that is stolen every year. It is said that even tweets of the Presidents are hacked before posting it. Well, we are not going to discuss this type of hacking. But we are going to discuss ethical hacking. The legal hacker is called a white hat. The white hat is a hacker who focuses on the security of a system related to any company or state.

By the way, the white hat or ethical computer hacker may be called a computer security expert. It can assume that he has a license for hacking the unauthorized computer for security purposes only when the computer’s security has some threat from that particular device. Therefore, an ethical computer hacker saves protection from unauthorized entry.


KALI LINUX for Ethical Hacking

KALI LINUX ( a tool used for better security auditing and penetration testing) is used for all advanced penetration testers. Many other devices like brute force password cracking tools and data crunching stuff on other web places (sit allows laptop systems to do hacking efficiently. All of the above, the hacker needs some basis for hacking. The ability of hackers depends on experience and the best laptop for hacking.

Hacking activities have different hardware requirements. Hence, for this purpose, a separate notebook is required. Hacking is now trending, and no one in us who doesn’t wish to be a hacker ( but not a black hat), so every one of us wants to get the best laptop for hacking. Here I am going to elaborate on some of the things which are needed for hacking.


You will need an excellent hacking laptop to run virtual machines and access programming environments, including all languages. You can also take information about this menu from other resources like surfing other web pages or a good site.


The size of a laptop matter to you in which size do you feel comfortable. In the market, laptops are available from 11 inches, 15.6 inches, to 17.3 inches. But here I would prefer a larger screen that is good for the health of your eyes. And for most hackers, it would be considered satisfied.

Operating System:

Chrome Os, Mac, and windows ( windows 7, 8,9, and 10) are the best platforms. Other specs: You should choose a laptop with features that fulfill your requirements and have specs like storage, memory, processor, battery timing, graphics, CPU, GPU, and storage derives according to your wishes.

Also, a small body ratio can be used in taking a laptop out with you during travel. You can take assistance from the Internet (google) in this part.

A processor like Intel core i7:

A processor like Intel core i7:

The processor should be multi-core, i.e., quad-core processor, or more core like eight cores for different purposes. Intel series provides the best processors anywhere, including Intel core i7 7700hq, Intel core i7 8550u, Intel core i5 processor( intel core i5 are not standard in the latest types of computers).

So, give attention to this specification during buying hacking laptops. There are many Intel Generations like two years old 8th generation intel core, new 9th and 10th generations intel core.


The best laptop for hacking the RAM must be an 8GB RAM (minimum) flash memory solid state. 16GB ram and 32GB of ram storage are best for hacking machines. The 16GB or 32GB RAM is essential for the best hacking laptop.

SSD memory:

Choose a laptop with an SSD of 500GB, 1TB HDD, or 2TB HDD. By the way, many laptops have 256GB SSD, 250GB, and 512GB SSD. Well, 256GB SSD 1TB is not common in many machines.

Today, SSD is much faster than a hard drive. Nowadays, the hard drive is not standard in engines because it takes much time to process.

Graphics cards:

For graphics, the Nvidia Geforce GTX series is a good choice GPU, for example, GeForce gfx 1050ti, Nvidia GeForce GTX 960m, and GTX 1070. There is no doubt that graphics are an essential side of software needed for graphics processing use.

Best Laptops For Ethical Hacking

The following laptop list doesn’t need to help you, but as the buying guide shows before, keep that aspect in mind while buying a laptop for hacking. The computer should able to run virtual machines.

The following is a list of laptops from which you can choose the best laptop for hackers. You can also select the top hacking laptop by taking assistance from other google posts and other articles on google. If you want to seek a perfect hacking notebook, then the answer to this question is below. Hurry to read it.


Dell Inspiron 15 5000

Dell Inspiron ( good laptop brand) series are top laptops for doing all kinds of work, including a good notebook for hackers. Also, the laptops are budget laptops.


Dell Inspiron powers 10 Generation Intel core i7 1065G7 CPU (CPU is paired with Nvidia MX230) with 8GB RAM, 512GB SSD ( better than a hard drive), and 1TB HDD. The processing speed is also good. However, it has 15 inches full HD display IPS screen size that is good for hacking laptops. If we talk about GPU, then Iris plus vega 3 Graphics are great. It is not the technology machine for gaming because Dell Inspiron only supports light gaming. Hence, these are cons of it. The port condition is promising a lot.

An SD card slot for an SD card reader use, a USB 3.1 type c port has no Thunderbolt 3, USB 3.0, and Ethernet HDMI 2.0. With good turbo boost technology, all these specifications are suitable for hackers but not good gaming laptops. By the way, it has good durability from damage and a good keyboard. Dell also provides a backlit keyboard for a better typing experience. It has a good battery life with the adorable build quality.




Acer Predator Helios 300 is a gaming laptop, and a good performance hacking laptop may be in your budget.


Its features are perfect both for gaming as well as hacking. Acer helios features many things that are important for both gaming and hacking. Here I am discussing some of the features that are helpful for the performance of tasks like hacking. Acer comes with a display speed of 24 / 3 ms that would impress you about. Moreover, Helios 300 is equipped with a 10th generation intel core I7 processor with good processing power to gear your laptop for coding high video cards and passwords.

NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 3050 is the graphics card that would provide you an excellent graphics of games and videos, and Acer comes with up to 32GB, 2933MHz DDR4 memory, and plenty of storage capacity. Windows 10 is the operating system ( one of the exemplary operating systems) of this laptop, while it has a 2TB SSD ( better than a hard drive). This top laptop has Bluetooth and wifi specs.

The clock speed is 5Hz, and up to 6 cores and 12 threads, it comes to every challenge. And whenever it gets hot predator cooling boost system will cool it. This thing is good about this laptop. The battery life is also good. Overall it is the best laptop device with good screen size, full HD with a 1920 x 1080, for ethical hacking. It is one of the best laptops for hacking networks, and its performance is also good.



Razer Blade is one of the best laptops for ethical hacking. So, here I am describing some of the specs of this machine in this article. It comes with the intel core i7 7400U processor with two hearts and four threads ( multithreading capabilities). Its processor speed is 2.7 GHz turbo boost and features a 16GB installed RAM. Razer offers dual-channel onboard memory LPDDR3- MHz (fixed).

The size of the hard drive it features is 512GB PCle M.2 SSD. It does not offer any optical drive ( many laptops do not have an optical drive). And the graphics memory is Intel HD 620 (graphic card). And with a full HD 14-inch screen display of 178° viewing angles and a multi-touch screen, it offers an excellent display screen that you would love. The backlit keyboard and anti-ghost technology are no impressive.

Moreover, wifi and Bluetooth are available and all the proper ports like HDMI ports and USB ports. Bottom line, this laptop is an expensive laptop with good specifications for creative activities like gaming and other program options also. Well, it is the best company laptop computer. These are the pros of it.



Lenovo IdeaPad is one of the best hacking laptops for ethical hacking, and Lenovo Thinkpad is also good. It comes with a 14-inch screen display that is very useful for hackers. Moreover, Its antiglare screen and Full HD display are enchanting. Lenovo Ideapad has an AMD Ryzen 5 3500U processor with computing power ( LENOVO Thinkpad has intel core i5 8250 that are reasons to buy) that is good and 8GB RAM perfect for hacking ( 8GB RAM is a minimum choice).

Also, 256GB SSD ( better than a hard drive) is enough that no extra storage is needed. But if later on, you want to add more, then it is possible.

Moreover, no GPU is required as AMD Raedon vega eight graphics is good for pictures of videos and photos. Its weight is 3.3 pounds means it is light in weight. That is something significant and has a battery timing of about 7 hours life. That’s a piece of good news for hackers.

As battery life matters a lot for hackers and it’s good in Lenovo. This top laptop has Bluetooth and wifi specs. From the point of its storage memory, software, Graphics card, CPU, and for hacking applications( hacking demands like password cracking and data crushing) and potability, it proves to be good. So, it is a good idea to buy this good performance laptop.



HP Pavilion 15 can be the laptop for hacking. Hence, your experience can be good with the use of one of these hacking laptop models. It has an Intel Core i7 processor with a 15.6-inch FHD IPS touch screen ( 1920 x 1080) and a 5mm bezel around the sides. HP comes with 12GB DDR4 RAM storage.

The graphics card is Intel HD Graphics 620. This hacking laptop is integrated with Windows 10 that will maybe prove good for ethical hackers. It has 512GB of fast SSD storage( better than a hard drive). The ports include:

An HDMI port.

USB type C port ( Not has USB 3.0 port).

  • USB Type-A port.
  • A status LED for SSD drive.

So, it is a good design for a lot of quality work. Also, it has a 720p HD webcam. All of the above, HP Pavilion 15 takes time in encoding the Nvidia RTX video card and data transfer. Hence, it can not use it for multitasking with less performance. This top laptop has Bluetooth and wifi specs that are something important.

It has an excellent cooling system. Also, the battery life is good that is needed for a typical hacking operation. It has no optical drive. Overall it is an excellent hacking machine for many hacking operations with a good battery.



Alienware m15 R4 

New Alienware M15 is a lean and thin laptop. The weight is 3.3 lbs, 20.5mm narrow, and 350 mm wide, and the magnesium alloy material helps it save weight. Moreover, the hardware used here is really of good quality, and another factor Alienware offers is improved surface coating engineered to reduce fingerprint smearing and other stains. Moreover, up to the 10th generation, Intel core I9 k processor enables up to 8 cores and 16 threads.

And to reduce the heat, it comes with a delicate vapor chamber between CPU and heat pipes. Alienware is designed for thermal flow and maximizes performance. Moreover, the port selection, such as HDMI port, USB port, and others, is outstanding. All of these features are available at a high price of at least 1000$ plus.

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