Meanwhile, if you have a powerful computer or laptop but if you lack proper peripherals. Then you won’t be able to do your job.

Yes, peripherals do play an essential role in getting the job done. Meanwhile, here we are talking about the best mouse for Solidworks.

Also, robust modeling takes a lot of time. So, working for long hours on your computer or laptop with an uncomfortable mouse is not right at all.

Instead, it will lead you to different health issues like repetitive strain injuries, wrist strain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. So, for long hours a comfortable and the best mouse for Solidworks is a must-have to function correctly.

As whatever you will invest in will pay you off later in terms of good health and quality work.

So, the point is, are there any mice in the market specifically designed for Solidworks? Yes, there is a line of products for this task that works great with every system.

Best Mouse For Solidworks

Before we configure the list, first, we will discuss all the other features that must be present in an efficient mouse for your CAD and Solidworks system software.

Also, many professionals of Solidworks have enlisted these features of the mouse so that new users can easily find navigating devices for themselves. Above all, with proper knowledge, you can find a reliable option to stay stable and manage your workflow.

Although, it is a bit tricky to find an accurate mouse with proper extra buttons and suitable sensitivity settings. But don’t worry, we are here. We will make it a bit easy to go through models by actually listing the major factors that we want.

Meanwhile, all the mouse models of Solidworks are exceptional in their own way, either for scrolling or to switch their dpi settings.

You will have a lot of Mouses for AutoCAD and SolidWorks. But you need to filter functions and most used features for yourself.

CAD Mouse Required Features

  • A mouse of large size to provide proper space to fit in your hand of sourced users.
  • Several customization or programmable buttons will increase your efficiency of work on the software of your computer. As customizable buttons for zooming and pan make it more convenient for you in Solidworks.
  • A scroll wheel of rubber grip texture will provide a more solid grip, just like the user’s preferences so, that you can have the freedom to view your work in Solidworks easily.
  • Further, having rubber grips under the thumb buttons and both sides provide a good grip for hours of working.
  • A gesture button helps more in commonly used commands.
  • A wired mouse with a USB cable is better if you have a stable desktop for Solidworks or you are not bothered by a wire present 24/7 around you.
  • On the other side, a wireless mouse may create a good option in terms of portability. However, you have to change the batteries.
  • Dpi factors also play an important role. So, most professionals prefer to search for a mouse with a customize dpi value.

For CAD software:

  • A proper CAD mouse will reduce arm movement due to several programmable buttons. However, many CAD users don’t want many programmable buttons for CAD software.
  • Looking for only a cheap mouse for Solidworks is not a good option for a comfortable mouse. You should invest in a proper amount of money to save yourself from repetitive strain injuries or CTS.

Now, let’s move toward the listing of the best mouse for Solidworks.

We will also mention the features of the mouse for Solidworks on our site and help you find the right set for yourself.

 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator

Meanwhile, The 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator is essential for everyone who works with SolidWorks regularly. This mouse was designed specifically for 3D modeling, and it gives you six different ways to operate it.

Further, using a SpaceNavigator over a mouse and keyboard makes it possible to produce complex camera-view and model alterations without constantly pausing on your computer to change zoom, direction, or rotation. 

Each of these tasks can be accomplished simultaneously with a SpaceNavigator’s mouse to access commands and tools.

It significantly enhances your 3D application’s user interface. Users choose to use 3D mice every day because of the productivity boosts they’ve seen. Space Navigator is utilized in a balanced and cooperative manner with a traditional mouse. 

To position the model or navigate the environment, you’ll use SpaceNavigator with one hand while using the regular mouse with the other. 

It’s a two-handed working approach where you click much less and do much more.

The SpaceNavigator 3D mouse’s compact size and shape help you save on desk space while doing Solidworks with your mouse. 

Even if you’re also using a traditional mouse, your workspace is still tidy.

  • Pros:
  • This mouse has two buttons. There are basically programmable buttons of the device.
  • The ergonomic design will restrict hand movement to perform actions in a smooth manner on your computer.
  • Hotkeys can be set easily for Solidworks.
  • Also, it has led lighting in it.
  • Meanwhile, it has up to six degrees of freedom optical sensors embedded in it.
  • It supports mac, windows, and other systems as well.
  • Cons:
  • This mouse does not support Linux user’s performance in some cases.
  • It is the best cad mouse but not a replacement for a regular mouse. In short, you have to use it in conjunction with other stuff.

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Logitech MX Master

Meanwhile, the cursor of the Logitech MX master can be moved with minimal to no arm movement. Because only your thumb needs to move, this is ideal for anyone with wrist or joint problems. 

Further, it also means that you may use the mouse on virtually any surface. This wireless mouse has eight programmable buttons and is compatible with the system. 

According to Logitech, it allows you to smoothly transition between two separate devices while connected to up to two other devices at once.

 Although the Mx ergo master mouse is heavy. But it is covered in soft rubber, making it convenient to hold onto while scrolling with the wheel in Solidworks.

Meanwhile, the ball moves with precision as well as very accurate measurements to adjust according to the access of the fingers.

The rechargeable batteries in this wireless mouse have a battery life of roughly four months for your pc.

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Dedicated Middle Mouse Button

This wireless mouse can be connected to more than three devices or up to three computers with the help of razer software. Also, You move your mouse cursor between them and also copy files from one computer.

Further, copy-paste these copy files on another computer. So, no need for an external drive to share your Solidworks samples.

 Meanwhile, it supports cross-computer control with its ergonomic shape. It also has a dedicated middle button. Meanwhile, this is present just before the scroll wheel. Also, it has a sleep mode to save battery.

The magnetic hinge provides the ability to be tilted. Meanwhile, users can also control their smart tv with these ergonomic MX master mice.

Also, you can take your layout from one computer and use it with other devices. However, this mouse from Logitech is not built to adjust for left-handers.

Meanwhile, MX Master models stay powered for up to 70 days. Further, it provides three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge with USB type c.

Also, it is a laser mouse that works on the glass as well. But on glass, it might show some inaccuracies.

  • Pros:
  • Meanwhile, its sculpted shape feels light on small hands while scrolling with high precision on capable computer hardware.
  • Also, it has a quick charge feature along with the other features.
  • You can scroll vertically as well as horizontally with the trackball of these mice.
  • Fine adjustments are possible with its precise settings.
  • An included aa battery for switching.
  • It works well with windows, mac, other PC hardware, and multiple devices as well.
  • This mouse has a thumb button to improve efficiency in already existing systems.
  • Cons:
  • This Logitech wireless performance mouse ergonomic hardware doesn’t support use with Linux.
  • Not available for left-handed people or a left-hander.
  • Also, it’s not that cheap, so that every user can easily afford it.

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Corsair Scimitar Pro

Many power users like to have as many programmable buttons in their models. Since it allows them to designate frequently used normal commands, macros, sensitivity settings, and devices.

Thus, increasing their productivity with customizability improves for CAD and Solidworks.

As a matter of fact, the Corsair Scimitar Pro is a gaming mouse designed specifically for video games by Corsair.

 However, considering the fact that gaming desktop computers mice for PCs are robust, well-made, exact, and also loaded with extra functions.

Meanwhile, with these features, they can perform admirably as the best mouse for Solidworks 3D modeling software on the computer.

For added precision, the 16000 DPI on the cad mouse is an amazing feature. This can be changed, and also, values are probably not that high.

In addition, it’s a wired mouse that you have to plug in; it has quick response times on screen, making it ideal for files at workplaces.

 The ergonomic mouse design, which provides better grip and support, makes this even better.

This computer mouse is fantastic because of its great accuracy and tracking capabilities.

  • Pros:
  • It has ten programmable buttons.
  • Meanwhile, it is a great ergonomic mouse.
  • It offers better grip and support, and it is also a wired mouse that you can plug with your mac, windows, or other systems.
  • Cons:
  • If you don’t like a lot of programmable buttons, then this best mouse is not for you.

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Razer Deathadder Chroma Mouse

Razer DeathAdder, on the other hand, is a tiny gaming mouse. In addition, because of its suitable compact size, comfort, and light weight.

This best mouse is an excellent option for cad software or the best mouse for Solidworks with organic fluidity. It also consists of a rubber side enhanced grip.

As a result, this best mouse for Solidworks has performance that can’t be matched. Further, it has a dark silver body. The seven programmable buttons on Synapse are customized by the user. 

Further, It’s designed for most people with tiny hands. Furthermore, because of its ergonomic design, it’s comfortable even for people with large hands.

Also, Razer DeathAdder chroma offers a 16000 dpi optical sensor. Although it’s famous as a gaming mouse, this ergonomic mouse is a preferred choice for many AutoCAD work employees. In addition, it shows a great performance for all the files.

  • Pros:
  • It is a comfortable, ergonomic design mouse with various advanced features.
  • It’s a high-performance best mouse for Solidworks program that is highly responsive.
  • Rubber side grips to ensure a comfortable grip of the mouse for CAD.
  • Also, it offers precise control, and it will involve high-precision tasks.
  • Further, it enables the modeling process smoother in Solidworks than you have ever imagined.
  • Cons:
  • It’s either right or maybe left click button get unresponsive over a short span.
  • Also, the scroll wheel is not of good quality.

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Logitech MX Ergo Ergonomic Mouse

You may use this Logitech wireless trackball mouse and enjoy the feel of an ergonomic wireless trackball mouse on the mouse pad. But in such a way, with the added convenience of trackball concept and precision like trackball mice at the same time with Logitech mouse.

Further, the trackball mouse is a great wireless alternative to the standard mouse for CAD work. Trackball-like functionality it provides. A wireless trackball design with a long palm rest area makes the user’s hand comfortable all day.

The use of the fingertip as a control surface makes the cursor movement of the trackball mice quick and precise with the ball movements. Also, it has a unifying receiver.

Logitech MX ERGO is ergonomically designed to fit the curve of your hand. In addition, this wireless mouse provides accuracy along with Bluetooth connectivity. 

Hand and wrist posture may be adjusted to either a 0° or a 20° tilt angle, making work easier for professionals. You can improve your performance by reducing the amount of movement you make with this trackball mouse instead of a conventional mouse. 

Logitech MX ERGO design delivers full palm support, while the soft rubber provides secure grips for the AutoCAD program and Solidworks professionals. In addition, with MX ergo, you can track smoothly on any surface.

  • Pros:
  • This trackball Logitech best mouse for Solidworks professionals will help you with rsi problems, unlike a basic mouse.
  • Also, unlike the traditional mouse, this trackball Logitech ergonomic ambidextrous design will work efficiently and does not result in a painful hand due to extra strain.
  • You don’t have to make more movements. So, you don’t need more space for this.
  • There is less chance of repetitive strain injury as muscle movement is reduced by 20% with its features.
  • It offers a Logitech’s unifying connector, USB nano receiver as well as works as a Bluetooth mouse.
  • A single charge of the mouse lasts for 120 days. Further, the 1-minute charge can support 24 hours of use which is amazing.
  • Cons:
  • It is a great choice, but its price is higher than the other.
  • Meanwhile, it has a micro USB connection to connect, whereas nowadays USB type C connector is prefer in terms of features.

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Razer Naga Mouse

In order to get the most out of your time in SolidWorks and the AutoCAD program, we recommend the Razer Naga gaming mice. This mouse has buttons that may be customized to perform just as cad professionals would expect. 

The mouse wheel of this CAD mouse can go in any direction like few mice for cad professionals.

The Razer mice features the world’s most advanced 5G optical sensor with genuine 16,000 DPI, making it an ideal and high-performance mouse for players that value precision. 

Further, transform these ergonomic mice to fit your needs using removable side plates that come in 2, 7, and 12-button configurations. 

Each button is marked in this advanced mouse to prevent accidental press, and it provides both tactile and audible feedback.

So, there is no chance of developing errors while tracking your Solidworks program on laptops or PC in comparison with other mouses.

  • Pros:
  • A single click results in sound and tactile response of keys to prevent unnecessary clicks.
  • An enhanced optical sensor in this ergonomics wired mouse with other features.
  • Customizable shortcuts and controls to assign macros and commands in one key for professionals.
  • Meanwhile, it is also tested with different systems on hand for rsi and other related discovered disorders.

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    Logitech MX Vertical Mouse

    A typical non-vertical mouse puts ten times more tension on your muscles than Logitech MX Vertical natural handshake posture does, according to a search. 

    MX Vertical’s unique good mouse minus the wrist pressure while your thumb is comfortably positioned on the thumb rest.

    In addition, the Advanced optical tracking with a separate cursor speed switch results in 4x less hand movement. Logitech MX Vertical shape is in accordance with the human hand and comfortable to the touch.

    Its distinctive ergonomics shape adapts to a wide range of hand sizes and shapes, while the textured rubber surface provides a secure and comfortable hold.

    • Pros:
    • Meanwhile, it reduces muscle fatigue in a natural way, according to a search.
    • Further, it has nice features with great ergonomics.
    • It also restricts hand movement in one natural place.
    • Also, it has a distinctive shape to offer a mouse for all hand sizes along with other features.
    • You can easily streamlined workflow with high accuracy input and reduce work to few hours only.
    • You can easily make a set figure by customizing for the same brand options, i.e., Logitech.
    • It also has a USB dongle for making a wireless connection.
    • Cons:
    • The only negative is that it’s high in price.

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    Spacemouse Pro

    A 3D connection CAD mouse actual product ideally suits for 3D and is the best mouse for Solidworks cad users that routinely travel 3D space.

     You can move about in 3D space with six degrees with this innovative mouse. Meanwhile, it is a secondary mouse that is compatible with your standard favorite mouse to check the radial menu.

    SpaceMouse Pro’s four Function keys are pre-program with standard software functions, but you can change that to suit your preference.

    The SpaceMouse has keyboard hotkeys control like Shift, Ctrl, and Alt that use from the SpaceMouse to reduce hand movement while using your software.

    Fingertip access to 12 views is possible with QuickView Keys. Also, it comes with a mat and a carrying case to carry in the final product for CAD.

    With the soft coat on the hand rest, you can comfortably grab the 3Dconnexion controller cap because it’s positioned in a natural way. 

    The SpaceMouse Wireless Pro experience in CAD programs is not a replacement instead of a normal mouse and keyboard because it provides intuitive, simple, and precise 3D navigation.

    Also, it works as an entire modeling kit for Solidworks and CAD use instead of a single unit.

    When space mouse wireless is used in enhanced work modes like sketching, the rotation toggle key disables the assigned rotation axes control.

    So that you may simultaneously control pan and zoom different things in your workflow.

    Further, to stay updated, make sure to install and connect the latest driver that is available in the market.

    • Pros:
    • Meanwhile, it is the right mouse that has 15 programmable keys, and another feature adds to the value of this wireless device for pc.
    • It provides a smooth on-screen display along with three years of limited warranty.
    • Also, it has a black color which is the favorite color of most people.
    • You can easily rotate the input like an apple to make high-degree rotations on all systems.
    • Cons:
    • It is a good mouse with proper ergonomics factors but high in price.
    • You will take time to adjust to the pressing and settings of this good mouse.

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    • Which mouse is the best mouse for Solidworks?

     Answer: Logitech MX Master is the best mouse for Solidworks

    • Which quality makes the best mouse for Solidworks?

    Answer: An ergonomic design and large mouse surface area.

    • A great mouse for CAD needs programmable buttons?

    Answer: Yes! Custom programmable keys will increase the speed of work in all systems.


    In final words, SolidWorks requires a dedicated mouse that provides a comfortable user experience for long working hours.

    Meanwhile, we are living in fast-paced work environments where using a standard mouse in computer-aided design seems a foolish step. So, the best mouse for Solidworks is a great option indeed.

    Also, cad professionals have to use PC peripherals and computers simultaneously for a long time.

    So, not having a proper thumb rest or programmable keys or a hard scroll wheel isn’t compile the right mouse for you.

    Meanwhile, the only solution is looking out for the specs of a CAD mouse and then selecting one of the best mice in the right way.

    We have also listed wireless mice that we have discovered are the best mice package in our tech article post. We hope you find this article helpful. Check out other popular posts on our website.

    If you are comfortable with the network of many programmable keys, then you should look for customizable buttons on your CAD mouse.

    On the contrary, you can go for less customizable buttons if you are not comfortable with extra programmable buttons.

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