Meanwhile, when we talk about computer accessories. There are a lot of items that tend to impact our use of computers. But when we give a glance, the most useable peripheral is the “mouse” that we use by our hand. Naturally, it is involved in every single process related to computers. Such as a gaming mouse, or surfing the internet browser with the ergonomic mouse.

Moreover, many people who are into data entry jobs in banks and other places may have to use mice with their hand for the whole day either they have small or large hands. But are you aware if you don’t own an ergonomics mouse of the proper size for your hand then it is harmful to you in the long run? Yes if you have to use your mouse for several hours a day. Then you have to buy a mouse that keeps your hand and wrists relaxed.

Different Sizes

In addition, many people haven’t noticed that there are different sizes for a hand are available in ergonomics mice. Meanwhile, most women have smaller hands. For instance, we have a wide variety of people around the world. Some have small hands and others may have medium or large.

The key is that companies try their best part to make products for every user either they have large hands or a small hand. In order to increase their money revenue and popularity. But in this way, we get facilitated.

Today we are here to help you find the best mouse for you. So, you don’t waste your money. Basically, we are gonna create a list of the best mouse for your hand type. Further, you have to choose one from our article according to your requirements for your hand.

Meanwhile, you can opt for one mouse which meets your needs.

How to Measure Your Hand Size

You can use a tape measure to measure your hand size properly. If you don’t know whether your hands are small hands or not. Then you can simply use a tape measure. Further, measure your hand size up to the wrist. Meanwhile, if they are below 6.75 inches then they are in the range of small hands.

Now once you have known that you have small hands. You have completed your first step towards choosing a mouse for yourself. Half of the people are not aware that there are literally sizes in mice just like clothes.

Best Mouse For Small Hands

So, they just assume and buy from a brand blindly. In order to make a wise purchase, you should be aware of the specs, quality proper size factor. As well as a lookout for any warranty. On the one side models with a warranty is a great option. But when it comes to price they are a bit more expensive. So, more people have a tight budget which doesn’t make it a right fit for them.

In-depth Detail

However, don’t worry as here we are to provide you a wide variety of mouse for small hands. Further, they have their own sites as well. But here we will provide in-depth detail of their functionality. That will make it easier for you to decide. Also, with a proper mouse, you can easily perform your regular productivity tasks with ease.

Now, it’s time to move towards the major part of the article. Here we will list products and their specs. These are compatible with every device such as Linux, mac, android, and windows.

Jelly Comb Mouse

While talking about the jelly comb mouse, it’s a wireless mouse. So, you can connect it with Bluetooth. Connecting through Bluetooth isn’t hard. Only you have to make your mouse visible in the Bluetooth option with buttons.

Further, talking about its weight. This small mouse weighs around 3.2 lbs. Meanwhile, people with small hands obviously have small fingers. So, in order to make a mouse easier for their use.

Closed placed different buttons are prefer in the best gaming mouse as well as a small mouse. The back and forth button are present on the top of the mouse as you can see in the images.

Also, in this compact design, the button placement mouse features are accurate for the small hands used to play their favorite games. In addition, have a great gaming experience with this mouse.


Moreover, mentioning the dimensions of this vertical mouse. It’s 4.1 inches long and 2.7 tall in dimensions. These dimensions make it the right fit as well as a small mouse for little hands productivity.

After dimensions, we will have a look at this vertical design and shape ergonomic mouse. Its ergonomic vertical mouse design of a jelly comb is an amazing feature that makes it one of the best ergonomic mouse for computer or laptop.


A vertical style can reduce the pressure on the median nerve and gives rest. Thus, it reduces the wrist pain, that often occurs because of long hours of work.

Above all, wrist pain shouldn’t be neglected in any case. As this would lead to carpal tunnel syndrome. If you are not aware of CTS.

Then let me inform you that CTS took months to recover and its symptoms include tingling, numbness, and pain. Further, this would affect your work.

Adjustable Sensitivities

Now, we have a variety of settings in the menu for sensitivity for precise scrolling with the mouse pointer on the computer screen.

We can choose from three values i.e 800,1200 and 1600 dpi settings. Dpi stands for dots per inch. These dpi settings help to decrease muscle fatigue and decrease the chances of carpal tunnel syndrome with this amazing mouse dpi feature.

Perfect For left Handed

Meanwhile, its ergonomic design is also available for left-handed users. So, they can click buttons easily and these programmable buttons are worth it. Many people find it a difficult task to find a mouse with proper buttons for left-handed users.

So, it’s good to have a mouse for small hands, so that wrist is smooth with a jelly comb mouse for an adult male’s hand.

Now while we will mention a gaming mouse for small hands.

Gaming Mice

Pro Gaming Fps Mouse From Logitech

Smaller hands should opt for Logitech Pro gaming FPS mouse as computer mice. Further, this brand model Logitech has an advanced gaming sensor and a lot more mouse features which give perfect competition to another gaming mouse for small hands. In addition, fingers set perfectly on this mouse.

Moreover, their buttons are placed in the right position. This mouse for small hands is perfect in terms of performance for fast-paced games with small hands vs medium-sized gaming mouse.

Optical Sensor

 An advanced optical sensor from logitech is the most important feature when compare to the other features gaming mouse and their league. 

Also, this gaming mouse weight adjustment and dimensions are perfect as the best gaming mouse for small hands. 

Moreover, this Logitech small mouse weight is only 1.9 pounds perfect for playing games. Further, its length is also accurate for small hands. As a matter of fact, one thing is that it’s lightweight.


RGB lighting colors are included in professional-style logitech mice with preset profiles as well as you can customize.

In addition, you can make customized profiles in Logitech gaming software for mice. It is wireless so you can connect with the help of a USB dongle.

Meanwhile, a rechargeable battery and USB port or USB receiver are included that’s why Logitech g pro makes the top pick list in the small hands list.

You can use this logitech gaming mouse for small hands for several hours a day to play a game or work, without any pain or discomfort for your wrist.

Onboard Memory

You can save your preferences and commands in the onboard memory features of the best ergonomic mouse. Above all, it is suitable as gaming mouse for small hands because it has a great deal of grip on its table of contents especially buttons.

Logitech G Pro Best Wireless Mouse

Logitech g PRO Wireless is one of the famous gaming mouse. Further, it provides gaming that has unique features from most gaming mice.

You can play a game and your fingers won’t get tired. The technology is used here for cursor speed and wireless smaller mouse is phenomenal. 

Many gaming mice perform commands of the keyboard. But this best mouse performs very specific functions for the gamer with average length. Further, it has features of programmable buttons.

    • Cons:
    • Meanwhile, the only issue is that it is wireless, it comes along with a wireless charging pad. This would make it pricy. Also, it is not the smallest mouse.

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    Viper Mini For Small Hands Best Gaming Mouse

    In order to step up your gaming gear with viper mini. It is useful as a small to medium-sized gaming mouse. Which means it is also effective for big hands.

    But its size does not affect its performance. Its multiple slight variant models are launched. But when it comes to its grip, it provides a strong grip with its unique ergonomic ambidextrous design and buttons.


    Small hands reviews reveal that more gamers will have complete control over their gaming experience with this ambidextrous design and grip. So, it is one of the best gaming mice that is also durable. As a gaming mouse for small hands, its length is short to provide a better hold.

    For a price that won’t break the bank, you may enjoy all of the luxury features of this mouse. As a result of its outstanding comfort, the mouse can be held comfortably in a little hand. The DPI setting can be changed.

    Both for gaming and for professional needs, this is a must-have.


    Meanwhile, Razer Synapse allows you to customize the mouse to your choice. It features all the buttons accurately, one on the left side and one next to the scroll wheel. Once you’ve saved your profile in Razer Synapse 3.

    Now you’ll be able to access your adjustable DPI settings, making it one of the best gaming mouse for small hands. Meanwhile, adjusting dpi isn’t difficult. You simply have to choose for given dpi options.

    Further, it allows for smooth mouse movement across any surface with an ambidextrous design for smaller hands. Your movements will track by the sensor, resulting in perfect accuracy and responsiveness. That’s what gamers stress on now.

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    Razer Diamondback For Small Hands

    Razer brand diamondback ambidextrous mouse is the best gaming mouse. Further, it is also suitable for small-handed users either for gaming or any other purpose.

    It has 16,000 DPI sensitivity and a single DPI setting. In addition, this is a precise gaming mouse with dpi property in a small size.

    This ambidextrous mouse design of razer diamondback is for both right and left-handed users. The reason why is it so, it has side grips of the pinky finger on both sides.

    So, it doesn’t matter who uses this mouse as its makes sense for right-handed users and left-handed users.

    Types Of Grips

    When we talk about its grip it provides an excellent palm grip with the help of textured grips. Further, these mice offer three styles of grip i.e.

    • palm grip
    • Finger grip
    • Claw grip

    Meanwhile, these grips provide better control with their ergonomic design and dpi range.

    Further, its programmable buttons have the ability to perform customizable functions. Further, it also includes Razer software. You can choose from various colors to brighten your Razer scroll wheel, logo to enhance your experience.


    An illuminated logo makes the look of the mouse more attractive.

    The position of lightning may undergo individual customization. In order to create a favorite lighting effect. Further, you can save and use this on other Chroma devices or different computers which is pretty cool.

    In this way, you will save your settings and enjoy as you play with your mac or windows device. 

    In addition, for phenomenal precision, the Razer ergonomic mouse has a 16,000 DPI gaming mouse sensor. 

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    Evoluent Vertical Mouse For Small Hands

    It’s important to keep your wrist in a  stable position when using the best ergonomic mouse model to avoid getting Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or wrist pain. The Evoluent Vertical Mouse shape excels at this. 

    Because of the size and shape of this vertical design mouse, the little vertical mouse model is ideal for persons who suffer from CTS or wrist pain.

    Vertical Design

     Evoluent just like an ordinary mouse that has been turned 90 degrees. Also, its weight is not that heavy that it will affect the precision.

    As a vertical mouse, this is a very aggressive design, but for a good purpose. Also, the thumb rests well in this mouse size and design.

    Further, it nearly eliminates wrist-twisting. So, that there is no chance to irritate the medium nerve and worsen pain in that area. Dedicated grooves are also included.

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    Razer Deathadder Gaming Mouse

    A small gaming mouse in the market whose mouse size is that is only 2.9 inches. Isn’t that amazing on the account of small-handed users right? The Razer DeathAdder model is one of the star and best seller in this tech article.

    Although it appears to be small, it isn’t and can easily be held in your hands. Gamer’s that have tried it say it has become their main mouse now, and that’s a good thing.

     If you use it for something other than gaming, your experience may be quite different. With this mouse, no matter what the goal of your use is, there will be no discomfort.


    Further, this mouse is lightweight along with a compact size that is suitable and portable for its user. Along with that this smaller mouse of the right size provides amazing performance when compared to another gaming mouse.

    Meanwhile, a large number of colors as you can see in images, are available for users who love the lightning effect function. As it is a compatible razer technology that offers a large number of colors.

    Razer Chroma lighting technology, which offers up to 16.8 million configurable colors, RazerTM mechanical mouse switches, which provide great reaction. Further,Razer Synapse 3 Beta version software, which allows users to personalize the 7 programmable buttons’ profiles.

    In addition, it has a 16000 DPI optical sensor and a 5G optical sensor.

    Software Feature

    Razer Synapse allows users to personalize the programmable buttons in a small profile with the software. In addition, save these customized profiles in the software.

    The manufacturers of this Razer company, RGB lighting mouse are famous around the world and one of the top-selling gaming accessories. 

    Meanwhile, Color-changing RGB lighting, surface tuning, and additional balancing setups highlight the overall styling and enhance the product. Further, these features demonstrate the company’s commitment to meeting the demands of users who have small hands. 

    Great Grip

    The grip is quite pleasant. Further, it’s meant for a gamer with small hands. Also, it is light in weight and fluently moves on the surface.

    For instance, the performance is excellent for a game or any other purpose. A great grip and size fits for most people with little hands at an amazing price.

    Above all, for decades mouse device were used for the clicking function only. But nowadays a larger number of functions are done with a mouse.

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    Kensington Trackball Mouse

    This Kensington Orbit Trackball Mouse model is our top selection as a trackball mouse on the market right now. Moreover, it is very attractive.

    The trackball’s size and responsiveness make it ideal for those with small hands, as it is both compact which does not leave an ample area on the surface or in the hand, and responsive. In order, t maximize productivity and functionality.

    Further, it has a glass finish to its trackball as you can see in the images. Meanwhile, it doesn’t have a matte finish at all.

    When users wish to scroll up and down a webpage, they rotate the scrolling ring with absolutely un match smoothness. No need for a rechargeable battery alternative because it has a wired connection.


    Wired connectivity requires a cord for power to plug in your pc instead of a battery. Batteries are a good option but they need to be replaced.

    Further, don’t plug it in the wrong port of the pc or laptop and expect it to work. If you have any doubt make sure to search and then adjust finally.

    Meanwhile, the old mice of different brands provide an unnecessary burden on the user’s palm and wrist while they control the cursor of their pc. Further, over time it can put undue strain on the wrist. 

    Hang on as Kensington mouse reduces wrist movement and overall stress by decreasing wrist movement. 


    For those who work long hours, there is also a detachable wrist rest.

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    Razer Naga Chroma Ergonomic Gaming Mouse

    To find the best gaming mice for you, we have made a large list in this article on our website. So the next product that the list follow on our website is the razer naga chroma model.

    The small hand profiles of Users can be customized with a large number of colors that you can search later.

    Further, old Razer gaming mouse models evolved, and ended in a large number of color combinations. 

    Its small size will be pleasant for people with small hands. Further, there are 19 programmable buttons for small hands. Further, it has an advanced optical sensor of 16000 adjustable DPI range settings.

    Wheel For Scrolling

    In addition, it has a tilt Scroll wheel when compared to normal office pc mice which have a slow key.

    Meanwhile, the scroll wheel can move left and right, as well as up and down with the help of a middle finger in this ergonomic small gaming mouse. Further, this ergonomic mouse has a lot of features.

    Customizable Buttons

    Meanwhile, there are 12 mechanical programmable buttons of one size in the average thumb grid. Along with that, the button at the thumb area to perform specific functions is in form of a thumb grid.

    Further, customizable RGB lighting to adjust, sync and makes it a bit more attractive for small hands users in advertising. Also, its weight is 0.30 lbs.

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    BENQ ZOWIE EC2-A Optical Mouse

    Are you searching for a perfect fit mouse with plenty of space, precise motions, and sensitivity for your desk? This is the right mouse model linking you with a sleek design and a thumb rest.

     Moreover, this is a wired mouse that comes with a  flexible cord to plug in your pc. So you don’t have to worry about its durability. No need for batteries. As batteries have to change.

    Budget Friendly

    Moreover, this product doesn’t have any extra lights in this product. That would increase their cost. As many people want a decent match mouse for their use without any lightning.

    It has a scroll wheel that works with the index finger smoothly to browse large documents without causing any trouble.


    Further, this is a durable mouse option that never fails in letting you have a smooth feel from this. It is an amazing performance while tracking while surfacing.

    There is no need for utility software or for installing drivers. In addition, it is also optimized for fps games.

    Meanwhile, it provides results in high optical sensitivity. We will suggest you this mouse for you if you value wrist mobility space as a comfort factor.

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    Finally in conclusion, we have discussed and mentioned in detail the best gaming mouse or wireless mouse for small hands that you can buy from an online site.

    In addition, we have also mentioned wired small gaming mice for small hands user. However, nowadays people want ergonomic mouse features along with that the ergonomic mouse must be wireless.

    As wire length often gets stuck and causes a headache while working online. Meanwhile, wireless connectivity is a great feature that most mouse includes nowadays.

    Also, if you have a regular mouse for your small hands. Then you are at a mistake. As smooth tracking and neutral hand position are possible with a compact mouse of proper size and length.

    Above all your ideal model would fits perfectly at the same time minimize minimal lagging that leads to give the best performance while gaming.