Meanwhile, if you are an expert or a beginner in AutoCAD and looking for the best mouse for yourself, you have made the right decision to visit our site for such a guide.

Also, with the increase in technology, the ease of doing tasks is provided to users. Yet there are a few requirements which are supposed to be met.

Such as while using this AutoCAD software, you need a proper setup along with comfortable peripherals that will aid the works you assign.

Meanwhile, this AutoCAD work requires several long sessions, and you have to work for long periods.

So, CAD users mostly suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome or RTS problems.

Because they don’t own a proper mouse for AutoCAD, in addition, we cannot insist enough that how much important an ergonomic design mouse is for cad users.

Further, many people believe that best mouse for AutoCAD is the same as a standard mouse. But this is not the case, as the best mouse for cad has some unique design and features not in the regular computer mouse.

Areas Of Discussion

So, here in this article layout, we are not only going to mention some of the best cad mice. But, moreover, we are also going to list some essential features of the best mice.

So, that if you have any other which is pretty remarkable from your point of view. Further, you will be able to access whether the best features your mouse offers are enough to design projects.

Or you should go for another option in the market.

Moreover, if you are a user who has a heavy-duty job and sits for longer sessions while designing, then your best cad mouse should meet all your requirements.

So, the point of the whole discussion is to help you search the Best Mouse For AutoCAD with precision and accuracy.

Further, you can speed up your work.

Dedicated keys for Pan, Zoom and other functions are an extra advantage. Still, too many dedicated keys often become overkill unless you prefer a programmable mouse with many dedicated keys.

Though not many users chose programmable dedicated keys, a small group wished to have mice with dedicated keys.

Resolution or sensitivity is an additional parameter highlighted by certain users. Still, you may safely neglect this parameter if you do not need precise mouse movement for normal mice. However, if your work requires a precise movement of the mouse, you could consider which resolution.

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Features For Best Mouse For AutoCAD

Now let’s have a look at the salient feature of the cad mouse. So, you can filter out the best mouse for AutoCAD.

  1. Meanwhile, the best mouse is the one that provides proper space to fit for AutoCAD user hand.
  2. Also, programmable buttons on a mouse will provide shortcuts and commands.
  3. These buttons will increase the efficiency of work on a laptop and a computer. It depends on which system you are working on.
  4. Moreover, customizable buttons are present as pan and zoom buttons on laptops which will be a convenient feature for an ergonomic mouse for cad application.
  5. So, these two programmable thumb buttons will provide the best performance for your workspace in cad applications.
  6. Many mouses come without a rubber grip scroll wheel buttons area. However, you should opt for a mouse with scroll wheel buttons of the rubber grip.
  7. It provides more grip to its users on buttons and is also included as a pretty basic feature. Also, most users want the freedom to analyze their cad work.

The Prominent Features

Unsurprisingly, the most desired characteristic is a big, ergonomically-shaped mouse that fits well in the hand and is easy to operate.

Several users have suggested using a rubber grip on the mouse’s thumb and sides to reduce slipping.

In addition to having dedicated keys for operations such as Pan and Zoom, a programmable mouse with lots of specialised keys might be a hindrance unless you truly prefer one with plenty of dedicated buttons.

Although programmable dedicated keys were not favoured by the majority of users, a select subset of CAD users preferred a mouse with dedicated keys.

Another setting that several people brought up was resolution or sensitivity, but if you’re just using a conventional mouse and don’t need a lot of accuracy with your mouse movements, you can ignore this one. Your task may need precise mouse movements, in which case you’ll want to think about resolution.

Another consideration is whether you want wireless or wired Internet. To me, it makes little difference since each has advantages and disadvantages.

For example, a wired mouse does not require batteries to be replaced or recharged, but it will make your desk appear more occupied by adding an extra cable.

Some people (including myself) may find this annoying or at the very least cause an eye sore to occur.

A wired mouse is an option for CAD users who don’t mind having a few additional metres of cable on their desk, since they are often inexpensive and may last for years without needing to be recharged or replaced with new batteries.

Now that you know what CAD users seek for in a mouse, let’s have a look at the top CAD mice and see what makes them stand out from the competition.

UltraFast Scrolling

  1. Moreover, a scroll wheel that allows hyper-fast scrolling on pc with a mouse wheel lets you analyze your design on a software application.
  2. Another significant edge is that the rubber grips for the buttons and on both sides provide grip for a few hours too long hours, just like the cad professionals and advanced users have to work for long hours. In addition, the gesture button will be helpful in shortcuts and commands.

Wired Mouse

  1. Meanwhile, you don’t have to carry your system here and there if you have a desktop setup to cad. In such a case wired mouse is accurate to perform AutoCAD functions with a laptop or desktop. Moreover, you won’t be bothered by the USB cable of a wired mouse.
  2. On the other hand, if you have to carry your system such as a laptop from one place to another. Then a wireless mouse instead of wired, with battery life, is efficient for almost any surface for AutoCAD. But you also have to take care of the batteries as you have to change them. Also, they support Bluetooth connectivity as well.
  3. In a wired device, you don’t have to worry about charging. But in the non-wired device, you have to face such issues.
  4. Don’t forget that you will have a great deal to spend on a professional model. Therefore, you need one with a big warranty. A 2-3 years guarantee is really good. That’s even better if you get an even longer one. However, avoid 6-month guarantee models. These devices are usually not made to last long, and after a few months, they will have to be replaced.


  1. Dpi and other factors may create an important impact on the screen with this specifically designed mouse. So, users have to search for customizable dpi, high dpi, or high resolution for software instead of opting for a lower dpi or low-resolution mice with a stunning design.
  2. A proper CAD mouse will reduce arm movement due to several programmable buttons. However, many users don’t want many programmable buttons for CAD software.
  3. Looking for a cheap mouse for Solidworks is not a good option for a comfortable mouse with programmable keys. You should invest in a proper amount of money to save yourself from repetitive strain injuries or CTS.

Now, let’s move toward the listing of the best mouse for Autocad. Meanwhile, they will be the cad-oriented device commonly known as cad-oriented peripherals.

Logitech MX Master


So, the first cad mouse we have is Logitech MX master for cad software. Meanwhile, this best mouse for cad allows moving the cursor with no to minimal arm movement.

In addition, Logitech MX master offers the least strain on your wrist as well. So, a person with CTS or RTS will need to move his thumb only.

Thus, making it the best mouse for cad user who suffers from the above health issues.

It also means that you may use the mouse on virtually any surface that you prefer.

Further, the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse has eight programmable buttons and is compatible with the windows and mac os systems. 

Moreover, Logitech allows you to smoothly switch between two devices while connected to up to two other devices simultaneously.

It looks gorgeous as well, from the polygonal pattern on the thumb rest. 

Mouse Features Of Logitech

 Although this wireless mode mouse is heavy, it is covered in soft rubber and extremely ergonomic, making it convenient to hold onto while smooth scrolling with the scrolling wheel in AutoCAD.

Meanwhile, the thumbwheel with precision for basic functions from Logitech and very accurate measurements to adjust for the access of the fingers.

In addition, the Logitech MX mouse has a gesture button for various commands.

The rechargeable batteries in this wireless mouse have a great battery life of roughly four months for your pc.

Above all, this advanced mouse was designed specifically as best mouse for AutoCAD from Logitech. Also, it is included in the list of the ten best cad mice as well.

Dedicated Middle Mouse Button Layout

This wireless mouse of Logitech allows three connectivity types that can be connected to more than three devices or computers with the help of software.

Also, You move your mouse cursor between them and copy files for file transfer from one computer. Then, connect to another computer and press paste.

Further, copy-paste these copy files on other computer devices. So, no need for an external drive function to share your work samples or layout in your job.

 Meanwhile, Logitech supports cross-computer control as well as connectivity. In addition, with its ergonomic shape, you don’t have to worry about how long you are working.

Logitech mouse also has a dedicated middle button. This middle mouse button for middle clicks is present just before the scroll wheel. Also, with the middle button, it has a sleep mode to save battery.

Cross Computer Control

The magnetic hinge provides the ability for this ergonomic mouse to be tilted. Meanwhile, users can also flow control their smart tv with these ergonomic MX master mice.

Also, you can take your layout from one computer and use it with other devices. However, this mouse from Logitech is not built to adjust for left-handers, which is a major con.

Meanwhile, the Logitech MX Master model is programmed to stay powered for up to 70 days. Further, it provides three hours of use from a one-minute quick charge with USB.

Moreover, this Logitech mouse has been compatible with you for a few years, not months.

Also, it is a laser mouse technology that works on glass and almost any surface. But on glass, it is not that accurate on such reflective surfaces.

Moreover, it also has a wheel gap.

  • Advantages
  • This ergonomic computer mouse offers wireless connectivity since it is the wireless mouse for cad and thumbs rest. Meanwhile, this Logitech device does not operate with a wired connection. Instead, it’s a wireless one.
  • Meanwhile, the AutoCAD mouse sculpted shape feels light on small hands while scrolling, unlike another cad-oriented device. In addition, it provides high precision on capable computer hardware and operating systems.
  • Also, it has a quick charge feature along with wireless connectivity.
  • This mouse for cad includes a battery for switching.
  • It works well with all os, for example, windows, mac, other PC operating systems, and multiple devices. Also, it has a Bluetooth connection.
  • This ergonomic computer mouse has thumb buttons or additional buttons to improve the efficiency of the mouse features.
  • Also, it offers great battery life for quality editing.
  • Flaws
  • This Logitech wireless performance mouse ergonomic hardware doesn’t support use with Linux.
  • It is not available for a left-hander.
  • This device from Logitech is not inexpensive, and this is not the only complaint.
  •  Also, the wheel gap and noisy work of this device in standard mode is unpleasant from Logitech.

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Elecom Trackball Mouse


Now, the next best mouse for cad we have is the telecom trackball mouse.

This version enables three connectivity. The USB dongle as well as a USB cable. The CAD trackball is 44 mm in size. The great quality of ergonomics is amazing.

The trackball movement of this new model is genuinely gentle because it is one of the most smooth versions on the market.

Moreover, while moving the big ball, it’s rather quiet and also straightforward. In addition, gamers can also use this amazing mouse. Simply plug and use.

Or Bluetooth/USB access is very easy; you can simply switch the mouse between two devices with ease. One of the most important things to consider when you select a new computer mouse is the mouse’s comfort when you use it for extended hours.

So you have the freedom to work either on photoshop editing programs or cad software. More buttons provide ease while using photoshop in designing.

Most people prefer large, ergonomically designed mouses So that their hands can relax properly. The rubber grips close to the thumb rest base and on the sides ensure that the mouse does not slip while scrolling.

In addition, its buttons are customizable, so they are programmed to perform various tasks.

Moreover, there is an ELECOM Mouse Assistant Software that is available for download from its website SO. You can set the preferred function for extra buttons according to your requirement.

Gaming Mouse And DPI

In addition, you can customize its extra buttons for a gaming mouse as well. Meanwhile, for a gaming mouse, this feels like a heaven-sent mouse.

Last but not the least, it also has a dpi switch so that you can switch between 500 to 1500 adjustable DPI resolution values while scrolling or other tasks.

The speed of the cursor can be changed with a DPI switch so you can adjust the way you prefer your computer.

Gamers and engineers will undoubtedly benefit from acquiring a computer peripheral that switches can easily customize.

You may quickly make useful shortcuts. Some devices enable 3D models to alter and enhance goods.

Nevertheless, you may find it difficult to bear in mind when a 3D computer device for CAD has too many switches. Users can address any project more effectively using configurable buttons.

Logitech Wireless Trackball For Cad Users

The third one is from the same brand like Logitech. The model of the best mouse for cad is this wireless trackball mouse for large hands.

You may use this Logitech wireless trackball computer mouse and enjoy the feel of an ergonomic wireless trackball computer mouse on the mouse pad.

But in such a way, with the added convenience of trackball conception, this large mouse and precision like trackball mice simultaneously with Logitech mouse.

The cad trackball features also offer the job of rest to its users even in gaming on windows or any other operating system apart from windows.

Further, the trackball computer mouse is a great wireless alternative to the standard mouse for CAD work. Trackball-like functionality it provides.

A wireless trackball computer mouse design with a long palm rest area makes the user’s hand comfortable all day while working for long hours with this new mouse.

The use of the fingertip as a control surface makes the cursor movement of the trackball mice quick and precise with the ball. Also, this computer mouse has a unifying receiver along with a nano receiver for USB.

Ergonomically Designed

Logitech MX ERGO model is ergonomic and designed to fit the curve of your hand. In addition, this wireless mouse provides accuracy along with Bluetooth connectivity.

 Moreover, this is also a great option as a gaming mouse. Also, it has a Darkfield sensor. Finally, you can secure it in a hard case pouch.

You can improve your performance by reducing the amount of movement you make with this quality trackball mouse instead of a conventional mouse. 

In addition, this model offers two programmable g buttons apart from its efficient scrolling wheel. It also offers onboard memory.

Logitech MX ERGO’s best mice design delivers full palm support, while the soft rubber provides secure grips for the AutoCAD program.

In addition, with MX ergo, you can track smoothly on any surface as a gaming mouse. Moreover, these wireless mice offer splendid battery life.

  • Advantages
  • This trackball Logitech best mouse for cad professionals will help you with rsi problems, unlike a basic mouse.
  • Further, this trackball Logitech ergonomic perfect wireless mouse with ambidextrous design will work efficiently in the software application for cad professionals.
  • You can scroll vertically as well as horizontally with the trackball of these mice.
  • There is less chance of repetitive strain injury as muscle movement is reduced by 20% with its features.
  • It offers a Logitech’s unifying receiver, USB receiver, USB nano receiver and works as a Bluetooth mouse.
  • A single charge of the mouse lasts for 120 days. Further, the 1-minute charge can support 24 hours of use which is amazing.
  • Moreover, don’t worry, as it also offers the mouse’s onboard memory. It is also a great option as a gaming mouse.
  • Flaws:
  • Its price is higher than the other. So, it is not that affordable.
  • Meanwhile, it has a micro USB connection type to connect, whereas nowadays USB connector is preferred in terms of features.

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3D Connexion Space Navigator


The 3D Connexion SpaceNavigator is essential for everyone who works with SolidWorks and AutoCAD. This mouse was designed specifically for 3D modeling, and it gives you six different ways to operate it.

Moreover, it has an LCD to show information about basic functions. Also, it shows a blinking signal for a low battery which proves to be a visual aid.

Further, using a SpaceNavigator over a mouse and keyboard makes it possible to produce complex camera-view and model alterations.

In addition, without constantly pausing on your computer to change or click to click zoom, direction, or rotation. 

Each of these tasks can be accomplished simultaneously with a SpaceNavigator’s mouse to access commands and tools. Moreover, it’s light in weight for the same reason it is recommended.

It significantly enhances your 3D application’s user interface. Users choose to use 3D mice every day because of the productivity boosts they’ve seen.

Space Navigator is utilized in a balanced and cooperative manner with a traditional mouse. 

To position the model or navigate the environment, you’ll use SpaceNavigator with one hand while using the regular mouse with the other. 


Unreliable Scroll Click

Meanwhile, sometimes it works as one of the smoothest models. But in some cases, it causes accidental scrolls.

For example, while ultrafast scrolling, you may end up with unintentional scroll clicks with its top panel.

It’s a two-handed working approach where you click much less and do much more. In addition, it has a feature called smart scroll.

The SpaceNavigator 3D mouse’s compact size and shape help you save on desk space while testing Solidworks with your mouse. 

Even if you’re also using a traditional mouse, your workspace is still tidy.

Moreover, it can also be used as a gaming mouse. However, its zooming cons Omron switches lack quality as well as lacks auto-shift scrolling. Nevertheless, this huge arsenal of switches gives it a significant edge over others.

  • Advantages:
  • This great mouse has two buttons or button set keys. There are programmable buttons with mac os or another device. Also, you can press them with ease in addition to the right button and left side buttons.
  • The great ergonomic design of this full-size device will restrict hand movement to perform actions smoothly on your computer.
  • Hotkeys can be set easily for Solidworks and AutoCAD.
  • Also, it has led lighting in it along with a USB receiver.

  • Meanwhile, it is a great choice for large hands as it has up to six degrees of freedom with the diamond eye optical sensor tool embedded in it.
  • It supports many ora, for example, mac, windows, and other systems as well.
  • Backpacks Cons:
  • These mouse ergonomic features do not support Linux users’ performance in some cases.
  • It is the best cad mouse tool but not a replacement for a regular mouse. In short, you have to use it incompatible without other stuff.

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Cimetech’s Wireless Mouse


The worst element of one body, such as a wireless mouse, is that you must alter the batteries if your device stops working. When a mouse has a rechargeable battery, a specific battery charger can charge it and use it simultaneously.

For the most part, the CAD veterans I spoke with regarding their favourite CAD mouse stated they were OK with a basic 3-button optical model from a company like Logitech or Microsoft.

However, this ergonomic mouse has an energy-saving feature in it. The greatest CAD machine mouse will go into a sleeping environment automatically if it is not working.

For individuals who might sometimes forget to turn it off, it is especially helpful. Moreover, it has a battery indicator whose main advantage is that you can know when to charge.

In addition, you won’t have to miss out on your important work, more or less.

You can use the specific cable management with the computer mouse to charge your gadget. The item can also be charged with other varieties with the proper Android phone cord.

In addition, this device will provide a truly mobile experience along with its extra programmable buttons.


The battery lasted of this wireless great ergonomics design for more than three weeks, which is quite splendid compared to comparable products.

Moreover, the mouse costs inexpensive and syncs quickly on different surfaces even though it is a wireless mouse.

It offers three adjustable DPI resolutions for everyday work or gamers to satisfy your multiple needs. Ultra-durable, or it has a Lifetime of more than 10 million clicks.

Also, it provides thoughtful responses along with ergonomic design and smooth use in cad applications, even in a heavy-duty use experience.

This wireless mouse gives you better comfort and control with special processing and superior materials.

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Razer DeathAdder Chroma


On the other hand, Razer DeathAdder’s entry is with a tiny gaming mouse with a curvy body just like razer naga. In addition, Razer mice are suitable because of their compact size, comfort, and lightweight with a USB receiver.

Razer DeathAdder chroma’s best mouse is an excellent option with RGB lighting for cad software or the best mouse for Solidworks with organic fluidity.

It also consists of rubber elements on the side enhanced grip.

As a result, this best mouse for Solidworks has performance that can’t be matched like razer naga. Further, it has a dark silver body.

The user customizes the seven programmable buttons on Synapse with the help of razer software. 

Further, It’s extremely precise and designed for most people with tiny hands. Furthermore, because of its ergonomic design, it’s comfortable even for people with medium-large hands.

Even it is good for gaming either with windows or any other operating system.

DPI resolution

Also, Razer DeathAdder chroma offers a 16000 dpi hit resolution of the optical sensor. Although it’s famous as a gaming mouse, this ergonomic mouse is preferred due to its high dpi for many AutoCAD work employees. In addition, it shows a great performance for all the files.

  • Pros:
  • It is a comfortable, ergonomic design mouse with various advanced features.
  • It’s a high-performance best mouse for Solidworks program that is highly responsive.
  • Rubber side grips to ensure a comfortable grip of the mouse for CAD.
  • Also, it offers precise control, and it will involve high-precision tasks.
  • Further, it enables the modeling process smoother in Solidworks and AutoCAD on windows than you have ever imagined.
  • Only Negative:
  • It’s either right or maybe left click button get unresponsive over a short span.
  • Also, the scroll wheel is not of good quality.

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Space Mouse Pro


A 3D connection CAD mouse’s actual product ideally suits 3D and is the best mouse for Solidworks cad users who routinely travel 3D space. Also, it suits for gaming on windows.

 You can move about in 3D space with six degrees with this space mouse pro. Meanwhile, it is a secondary mouse compatible with your standard favorite mouse to check the radial menu.

SpaceMouse Pro’s four Function keys are pre-program and compatible with standard software functions, but you can change that to suit your preference.

The SpaceMouse has keyboard hotkeys control like Shift, Ctrl, and Alt that use from the SpaceMouse to reduce hand movement while using your software.

Fingertip access to 12 views is possible with QuickView Keys. Also, it comes with a mat and a carrying case to carry in the final product for CAD.

With the soft coat on the hand rest, you can comfortably grab the 3Dconnexion controller cap because it’s positioned naturally. Also, it offers a Bluetooth connection instead of a USB.

The SpaceMouse Wireless Pro experience in CAD programs is not a replacement but a normal mouse and keyboard because it provides intuitive, simple, and precise 3D navigation.

Also, it works as an entire modeling kit for Solidworks and CAD use instead of a single unit.

The rotation toggle key disables the assigned rotation axes control when a space mouse is used in enhanced work modes like sketching.

So that you may simultaneously control pan and zoom different things in your workflow. Also, while gaming.

Further, to stay updated, make sure to install and connect the latest driver available in the market.

  • Pros:
  • Meanwhile, it is the right mouse with 15 programmable keys, and another feature adds to the value of this wireless device for pc.
  • It provides a smooth on-screen display along with three years of limited warranty.
  • Also, it has a black color which is the favorite color of most people.
  • You can easily rotate the input like an apple to make high-degree rotations on all systems. As well as while gaming.
  • Cons:
  • It is a mouse with proper ergonomics factors but high in price.
  • You will take time to adjust to the pressing and settings of this good mouse.

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  • Which is the best mouse for AutoCAD?

The Logitech MX Master is one of the best mouse for AutoCAD.

  • Which brand of mice of good for AutoCAD?

The Logitech mice are uncomparable.

  • How do I choose good mice?

To choose a good device, first, have a look at its detailed features. Then opt for a product.


Meanwhile, we have not only mentioned the best mice for auto cad. But in addition, we have discussed their spec in detail.

So, that you can also assess a mouse on yourself, we hope that this article on our website was helpful to you and helped you find it for yourself.

Also, we have mentioned the switches. Buttons as well as the dpi range. A high dpi range in addition to switches for adjustable dpi is amazing.

Some offer extra programmable buttons, which can also set special purposes such as hotkeys in a game environment.

In contrast, other mice have 3D mechanisms which may interact with 3D things on the screen, like a different angle rotating apple.

Make sure you choose the proper device for your application and style. Assume carefully what kind of link you like before acquiring.

The advantages and disadvantages of wired and wireless devices are both. For example, you do not need to change or charge a wired composite battery, although sometimes cable monitoring can become a bit difficult.

What brand and model of mouse do you use?

If you are not among those who have been using CAD software for a long period of time, I would be interested in hearing about your favorite mouse and what makes it so special. Please let us know what you think in the comments area down below.

Moreover, do have a look at our latest articles