Finding a laptop with all essential features and at a low price is not difficult. I am introducing laptops that are equipped with all the necessary amenities. Yes, you hear right here I am, explaining the budget laptops that are under $300. Following is the list of 10 best laptops under $300 dollars. You may find links on our site.


If you want to purchase a laptop for under 300$, you should keep a list of some essential terms in mind so that your money will prove productive for you. Some of these binding terms are described below to help you find the laptop for under 300 $. You can also use Google chrome about the content in this regard to get perfect products. To add your information, laptop mag is also a part of future us inc. Well, future us inc is one of the largest international media company. Following is a list to follow;


Remember your storage requirements for buying a laptop. For instance, for a gaming laptop, not much storage is needed. Just average storage(like storage 32GB flash memory) will be good for this purpose. So, Everyone has many options and choices, like having plenty of apps and components for different tasks ( like online shopping, lol).

But for working and studying a laptop, adequate storage of about 64GB is needed as 32GB EMMC is not enough. Well, this is the average estimate that many budget laptops under 300$ contain. Thus, it would help if you did not buy a computer with low storage space because of its low performance. You would also have to limit your downloads.

  1. Processors (CPU)

A sound processor(CPU) technology like Quad-Core(a quad-core that can perform multitasking at a time) increases the smooth working, shares large the file, play multiple software at a time, etc. The series of intel Pentium-like intel core quad-core processors( like intel Celeron n4000) is best for windows ten and other windows. As intel Celeron n4000 provides productivity tasks than AMD because AMD is less efficient. However, most people get confused with Ryzen and Intel series. Well, thanks to Both CPU, Intel and Ryzen are good concerning their specifications and performance.

  • Weight

When buying a laptop, you should keep an eye on its weight. Lightweight laptops are more convenient than bulky laptops. The reason is that you can keep the light notebook with you, but a heavy laptop increase luggage weight. Hence, creating discomfort for you and lowering your expectations. The best importance of laptops varies from 2.5 to 3.3 pounds.

  • Battery life

Life timing makes a laptop perfect for working as well as gaming. So, you should consider its battery. The best battery varies from 8 to 9 hours. Nine hours life is best for the laptop under $300. Nothing can be more good than this spec.

  • Display

The display is significant for both working and gaming. Well, The extensive collection also helps your eyesight not get too weak. However, you may earn a large display screen on a laptop for under 300$. The graphics should also be useful as AMD Radeon R4 graphics ( AMD Radeon R4 graphics is good for gaming ) and Intel Iris graphics. Moreover, the IPS display is much better than the LED display, but some say LED consumes less power than IPS production.

The laptop’s display screen’s average size under 300 dollars is 11 inches,10.1 inches, 14 inches, and even 15.6 inches. The 14-inch or 15.6-inch Display Screen is adorable for a computer under 300$, but 10.1 inch is not good. The large display screen allows you to enjoy the games and graphics. However, some of the office workings are also good with the large display screen.

  • Keyboard

The keyboard must be comfortable with a good touchpad for a better typing experience, and you can type with confidence. I have experienced once a bad and rough keyboard. Your fingers will suffer a lot of pain after ordering for some minutes because of the workload. These types of keyboards need pressure stroke on a single specific point, not on the whole button. So, find a laptop device with a soft keyboard.

Thus, it will allow typing for hours and making it easy. If you are an office worker, then you should pay extensive heed to select a laptop with a comfortable keyboard because of competition. It should also have a touchscreen display. Well, some laptops may earn a touch screen. We can also google it, or from any site, we may make useful information.

All of the above, the laptop should be multitasking because multitasking will help you with anything. 

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lenovo ideapad another remarkable brand when it comes to buying the best laptops under $300. Lenovo is a Chinese brand. The headquarter of the company is located in Hong Kong, the country of China. In 2004, the name was changed from Legend holdings to Lenovo. Lenovo is the largest PC company in China and 5th in the whole world. Don’t worry about the brand as Lenovo is one of the best companies that offer top features at a minimum price. These are 14 inch as well as 11-inch displays. Lenovo Ideapad is a perfect option. You can also google its reviews.

As we discuss the best laptops under $300 so, here we will discuss some Chromebooks of this brand under 300$. Lenovo C 330 is one of them. Let’s discuss the features.


  1.  Display: Firstly, we will talk about the HD display as the display is the first thing to be noticed. Lenovo features an 11.6-inch full HD display, and companies also offer a 14-inch screen. The colours are very much excellent. lenovo ideapad comes with a resolution of 1366 x 768 P. It can work stably as a laptop, tablet, stand and Chromebook. The stand of Lenovo is very stable and rotates up to 360° on its hinge Processor and Storage:
  2. The processor comes with a MediaTek Mt8173C CPU and 4GB of RAM(ram 4GB). The storage is 34 GB. It is the only spec of this laptop that differentiates it from others. The total memory offered by C330 is 64GB.
  3. Size and Weight: The laptop’s thickness is 0.8 inch, with a weight of 2.8 pounds. S
  4. Design: Lenovo C330 is all plastic with vanilla colour. The bezels are black and ribbon-like. Its plastic appearance may give a cheap look, but its performance and productivity compensate for the design.
  5. Ports of Lenovo C330: Most of the ports are located on the left side, like the USB-C port for charging, HDMI, SD memory reader, and USB 3. HDMI is surprising because most laptops under 300$ usually don’t offer such things. IT also provides WI-fi.
  6. Battery life: lenovo ideapad battery life is almost 10 hours that sounds good. Lenovo mostly offers six celled batteries that run for long.


 The graphics featured by these laptops are great. Well, The HDMI is available because most laptops under this price range do not offer things like this. By the way, 10 hours battery life is after a full charge is, of course, perfect for students, Gamers, and office workers.

It does not have many faults, but it was thrown from 4.5 feet during durability testing, the damage caused was unrepairable. So testing shows that it is not durable.

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Lenovo Chromebook S330 is one of the best laptops under $300, so it is a low budget laptop. By the way, Lenovo has now become the best Chromebook-selling brand. Lenovo is gaining fame day by day due to its excellent features at the lowest possible price. Now we are presenting the best versions of Lenovo for under 300 $ with the best quality and low budget like Lenovo Ideapad as Lenovo Ideapad is also one of the best models of Lenovo. As Lenovo Ideapad offers dual mode, i.e. can be used as laptops and tabs. Here we will discuss the features provided by Lenovo Chromebook S330 like its battery life, memory, processor, look, keyboard, and much more.


  1.   Display: The display is the most factor of any laptop or Chromebook. It offers a 14-inch HD display like Lenovo Ideapad with a resolution screen of 1920×1080p resolution called anti-glare ( anti-glare is a property that is not present in many budget laptops) 200 nits. By the way, it has Intel UHD graphics 620
  2.  Processing: Lenovo offers the CPU made by MediaTek company with an MT8173c processor (1.7GHz, 4cores, 4 threads). Lenovo Ideapad 330S provides Chrome OS operating system, and it supports 16GB RAM. Moreover, one can change its RAM to increase its storage.
  3.  Size and weight: The size of the item is12.82-inch length, 0.82-inch height, and 9.15-inch width. As it is a Chromebook (it has duel modes, i.e. it can be used in laptop mode or tabs mode), so it is light in weight. It offers a weight of 14.4 pounds. If you want a big size, then Lenovo Ideapad is a good option. You may find links on our site to buy all the above laptops. There, many reviews and deals are available by the publisher so that there will be no problem.
  4. Battery: Battery timing matters a lot for users, so long battery life is significant. When it is fully charging, it can run for 10 hours. By the way, the Lenovo Chromebook duet has a 13-hour battery.
  5. Keyboard: Because of its high productivity, it offers very smooth typing. And smooth typing is possible only if the keyboard is of good quality.
  6.  Connectivity: productivity Lenovo Chromebook S330 comes with 2×2 wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.1, 760p webcam, USB-c, micro SD, and USB 3. 
  7. Colour: Lenovo Chromebook S330 offers only one business black colour.
  8. Storage: Lenovo comes with EMC storage that is approximately 64 GB.


The most beneficial about this laptop is that it is a Chromebook (2 in 1) means or can be used as a laptop or tablet. Secondly, it offers a screen display of 14 inch that is enough. There is no major con of it, but as it is low budgets laptop. Moreover, no one can say anything about its durability. Overall, Lenovo Chromebook S330 is Best laptop under $300.

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 Acer is also a famous brand among pc companies. So Acer is also the best laptop for under $300. It comes up with all the modern features to come up with productivity needs. Its memory, processing system, display graphics all are good specs.


  1. Display: It is equipped with 11.6 inches Full HD (FHD). The graphics processor is Intel. The screen with 1366 x 768 p display resolution is in this mod. . The Cine crystal LED-backlit display is very different from other companies under this price range. It is also available in ice blue colour for consumers.
  2.  Weight and size: The weight of an item is 2.9 pounds, and the scope of the article is 11.34× 8.3× 0.75 inches.
  3. Operating system: Acer deal with Chrome OS operating system. This is an excellent operating system.
  4. Processor and storage: The processor is Intel Celeron 2295U. The 4GB of RAM(4 GB ram) and 64 GB MMC memory. It comes with 2048 MB DDR3L SD RAM and 16 GB SSD ( solid-state storage).
  5.  Ports: Acer comes with different ports like 1-USB 3 Port, 1-USB 2 port, and an HDMI port. 
  6. Bluetooth: Bluetooth is much essential for sharing files at short distances without any internet available. Usually, when you are working at school or office, Bluetooth is beneficial for transferring files among students or colleagues. To comfort you, Acer provides Bluetooth 4.00 and 802.11a/b/g/n LAN wireless network.
  7. Battery:A cell Li-polymer battery ( 3950 mAh) is offered by Acer, which is 8.5 hours. 8.5 hours is shorter than Lenovo, but it’s okay. SO you do not have to face a power shortage. However, if you want an impressive battery, then Acer Chromebook 15 is the best option.


 Acer provides adequate room for playing games, videos, shares files other media files due to its memory, which is an excellent part that it may not find in other brands under this price range. This brand’s colour and design are also giving an expensive look, which doesn’t mean costly, where Lenovo does not offer this.

Its durability is not good, but the overall machine gives a good performance.

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HP is one of the best laptops under $300 on our list.Hewlett-Packard is commonly shortened to HP, was an American multinational company. This company was formed in the 1930s. HP provided and developed a wide range of hardware machines as well as software and other related services. It is one of the largest brands in the world. We are introducing a Chromebook (2 in 1 ) and can be used as a laptop or tablet. It is cheap as well as reliable.


  Followings are the more specs of HP

  1. Display: First of all, we will discuss its display as it is the foremost important laptop component. The HP Chromebook 11’s is an 11.6-inch screen. It comes with a resolution of1 1366 x 768 p anti-glare. But the brightness and vibrancy are a bit low, and colours are washed out at wider viewing angles. Well, it has intel HD graphics 400.
  2. Webcam: The HP Chromebook 11 G4’s webcam machine is inconsistent and gives a darker look and better video.
  3.  Port: HP has a port on the right side of Chromebook as it comes with all necessary ports like a USB 2 port, a USB 3 port, an HDMI port, an SD card reader, microphone jack, and a port for power adapter.
  4.  Keyboard: The Chromebook 11 G4’s provides good typing because of its typing board. The keys are spaced right and go to the edge of the chassis. The keyboard is made up of plastic, and a bit of force with hands is needed to click.
  5. Heat:The keyboard remained impassive during the test. It just heated up to 76° degrees.
  6.  Processor and storage: The CPU is a 1.83 GHz Intel Celeron n3350 processor ( as intel Celeron is the best processor) with 4 GB DDR3 RAM ( 4GB of ram).
  7. Battery life: With usual brightness, its battery life is 7 hours and 10 minutes. That is enough but not too much because Lenovo and Acer offer 9 to 10 hours battery.
  8. Design: The design is given a fence look. It is a combo of two colours; the outer face is dark black looks while the colours of the logo are silver that loos great because silver is dominating the paint. The edges of HP are a bit rounded. The overall looks of HP are good, and you can carry it anywhere you want. Unlike Lenovo, its face is not cheap because many students and office workers are hesitant to bring a budget laptop to their workplace, but in the case of HP, you need no worry about its look.
  9. Size and weight: The size of HP is 11.81L × 8.1W× 0.81H inches. So, you can say it’s small and sleek in appearance. The weight is 2.7 pounds, that are 0.4 pounds lighter than Lenovo.


The more useful thing about this Chromebook is that it has excellent audio hardware. The audio hardware is the best and provides clear audio. The good about the laptop is its keyboard that is good enough for typing.

The battery power of the laptop is shorter than others under this price. Its battery is 7 hours, while Lenovo and Acer offer 9 to 10 hours longer battery. The webcam is darker because it provides a darker look compared to those of other Chromebooks.

The size of its screen is smaller than many other laptops under this price range. Many laptops are 14 to 15 inches, but HP is only 11.6 small inch, and seeing on a smaller screen is not suitable for eyes and not looks good.

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 Dell is a very famous name for its machine hardware with the use of the latest technology. The best thing is that it has laptops in varied ranges and with productive working for its users. Dell Chromebook 11 3120 is the laptop from a price point of including Dell Inspiron. For further information, for more information, read the following description about its range of activities that can impress anyone: 


  1.  Storage: It has 16 GB eMMC flash with 9GB of space left. Everyone in the audience has many options and choices. For example, have plenty of apps and components to perform different tasks.
  2. Processor:Intel Celeron N2840 ( intel Celeron is the best processor) and a dual-core processor, its performance is good, and the system runs smoothly. You should find this essential thing in buying a laptop because many laptops hang in between heavy working or gaming. It may have an arm g72 Mp3.
  3.  Battery: The average battery life of Dell Chromebook 11 3120 is about 9 to 10 hours. This is recommended battery life if you work from home. However, for gaming and studying, it will prove best for both of these works.
  4. Display: It has an 11.6-inch screen with HDD and a resolution of 1366 x 768 p pixels. And also intel HD graphics for the best graphic outcome.
  5. Speakers: The speakers are like other Chromebooks and can plug in with headphones and loud external speakers.
  6. Easy to handle: Very easy to handle because its system does not get warm up faster. Thus, its bottom heats up to a maximum temperature of 33 degrees Celsius, which is less than average (36 degrees Celsius). Its lid can rotate 180° like Asus laptop L210, making it more productive.
  7. Ports: You can connect it with a monitor with an HDMI slot. The USB port permission USB 3.0 only. Well, not a big deal.


Temperature development is best in this laptop and has low temperatures than the average of other Chromebooks. The keyboard is easy to handle and helps to write faster. So, write smoothly with its keyboard without any interruption. In the market, it’s hard to find such hardware machine, including dell Inspiron.

To your surprise, it is the best option for many people because it has no cons virtually for users well, it provides only one year warranty. Also, it is not suitable for outdoor working. In sunlight, you will barely see its icons only.

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At a glance, the task of choosing the best laptops under $300 seems too difficult.Samsung is a South Korean brand. It is the oldest as well as the biggest hardware company. Samsung is very famous for the durability of its products and machines. From mobiles to laptops, Samsung has a good reputation. Indeed you have used Samsung at least once in life, and there is no doubt that Samsung provides some good quality things. Now here we will discuss the laptop of this brand.


  1.  Display: It offers a display of 11.6 inches that is not large but not too short because most laptops under this price provide the same display screen. Its resolution is 1366 x 768 pixels ( mostly budget laptop have 13366 x 768 p). This will gives you a good user experience with its HD graphics.
  2. Processor and storage: Its hard drive capacity is storage 32GB EMMC with 4GB RAM. DDR4 is also provided. Well, It works well with Chrome OS operating system. And the processor brand is Intel. Everyone in the audience has many options and choices, and for example, they have plenty of apps and components for the performance of different tasks. You can also insert an SD Card to increase space. Games can also be played on it.
  3.  Design: Its silvery appearance gives it an expensive look like another costly laptop.
  4. Sizes and weight: Its item size is 11.33 ×7.66× 0.6 inch laptop and weight is under 3 pound. So this size is a slim body.
  5. Durability: This is a very tough laptop. Most people say that it is a military quality thing, which means it is very durable, suitable for anyone because most of them are very reluctant, and laptop-like things often slip. 
  6. Battery life: Its battery life is 12hours, which is excellent. This is an incredible form factor because Lenovo Ideapad and Acer offer 10-hour battery life, but none provide 12 hours of power. And will prove useful for your workday.
  7. Ports: It comes with all the required ports that an inexpensive laptop can provide. USB C port, USB 3, an SD card reader.


 With its battery life, design, portability and durability, almost everything is perfect. Its graphics are also very well you will enjoy pictures, especially while watching the video. There is no particular con in this laptop, so you do not have to make sacrifices, but the HDMI port is may not available. That is not a significant issue.

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ASUS Chromebook C202XA Rugged

ASUS has been designing numerous latest best laptops under $300 for years.You will find dozens of best laptops under $300 As we all know, Asus laptops and Asus Chromebooks are always budget-friendly with many specifications. Hence, Asus laptop is an ultra-thin laptop as well as the latest version of Asus. Well, read the following specs for more guidelines.


 It is the best laptops for under $300 from a price point of view. Following are the more details of its working.

  1. Hd display: It is an 11.6-inches laptop with an HD display with good graphics. It has a 1080p resolution and provides HD graphics. Hence, it can prove useful for light video games. It can be the best option for students because it allows for the right screen size, and it is budget-friendly and does not have any issues.
  2. Memory: Windows 10 storage is pre-installed for the best experience and better flash storage. As we all know, Windows 10 is the better operating system. The latest Intel Celeron N4020 processor ( as intel Celeron N4000 and Intel Celeron N3060 are the best processors) with eMMC and 64GB SSD. 4GB of Ram(ram 4GB) is also not deniable and fulfil almost all needs like playing video and games.
  3. Easy to use: It is very lightweight and easy to handle. You can say that it is the best option if you are a travelling lover because it is ultra-thin made for your productivity all day long.
  4. Battery life: It has a good life, so there is no power loss.
  5. The different parts is that it has a 180° lay-flat. It is making work easier for students, gamers, and remote-workers.
  6. Keyboard: A backlit keyboard and comfortable touchpad will make your typing more comfortable and faster.
  7. Bluetooth: fast and secure transferring of files with USB moving speeds of 3.0,3.1, and 3.2. This will be very useful for partners working from home.


Well, all are advantages that you will gain in a minimum budget. The main advantage is that it will make travelling easy because of its ultra-thin and lightweight design. It is also suitable for web browsing. The keyboard may be a little annoying for some of its users. So, it is not a big issue.

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 I am listing here this laptop because most of its users like it. Positive reviews and high rating makes the laptop worth to is an affordable machine, is from the best laptops under $300.


 Following are its specifications and working in detail.

  1.  Processor: Medion Akoya has an N5000 Pentium silver quad-core processor(Intel Celeron n3060 is also good) and Windows 10 operating system. AS we all know, Windows 10 is the perfect operating system as compared to other windows.
  2. Connectivity ports: The USB slot support USB 3.2 and 2.0. It also has a small HDMI port. And as you know, the Bluetooth option is available on all computers.
  3. Keyboard: Its keyboard demands pressure for typing. Hence, making it unsuitable for writing a lot. Well, the touchpad is good.
  4. Weight: not lightweight because of 1.4kg weight, but you can say this is average weight.
  5. Display: 14-inch display with a 1920 x 1080p display screen with good graphics is suitable for laptops under 300 dollars. By the way, the 1080p display is adorable for low budget laptops like this.
  6. Storage: It allows 64GB eMMC flash space as 32GB EMMC other laptops do. A SATA SSD (Solid State Storage) in M.2 2280 format can be installed for more storage. Everyone in the audience has many options and choices. For example, have plenty of apps and components for the performance of different tasks. Hence, good in handling word processing. Also suitable for social media work storage and Microsoft work.
  7. Battery: The time is from 9 to 10 hours. This battery timing is right for a laptop under 300 dollars. Well, for internet surfing, this laptop can prove best because of its battery. Light gaming can be played easily on it.
  8. Speakers: The sound system of Medion Akoya is not that good because it lacks bass. However, headphones are something that can deal with this absence.


Many features at low prices. Good battery life will help you with web surfing or do anything for an extended period without charging at home. The screen size is perfect as compared to other laptops under $300. So, you should think about it. This machine does not support heavy working tasks like heavy gaming.

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HP has started offering the best laptops under $300.Hp Chromebook, 14-inch version, is a laptop under 300 dollars and contains many things compared to low budget laptops. It may be under 300 euro in the UK. Well, Read its following specifications to comprehend it more:


  1.   Processor(CPU) HP 14 has AMD A4-9120 2 x 2.2 – 2.5 GHz processor, CPU. It has an Intel Pentium like Intel Celeron N3350 CPU ( as intel Celeron is the best brand) and 4GB of RAM( ram 4GB). Hence, good in handling word processing.
  2.  Weight: With 0.7-inch laptop thickness and a weight of 3.3 pounds, it is average weight.
  3. Slot: HP Chromebook supports 3 USB ports, including USB 3.0 and USB type C. These things perfect for productivity work.
  4. HD Display: As concerning the display, it has a 1080p display like Medion Akoya (suitable for kids). A 14-inch screen technology with good graphics so you’ll find this laptop worth buying.
  5. Battery Life: Precisely, it can last for 9 hours and 13 minutes. This time is right for a high amount of working all-day without power loss.
  6. Webcam: HP Chromebook 14 has a webcam with a resolution of 720p. This resolution is best for the laptop under $300.
  7. Handling: This laptop is made up of plastic. Hence, not heavy but need much care because of its sensitive plastic. Well, this laptop is not recommended for heavy gaming. Therefore, you can say that it is not like a gaming laptop. 


Long battery life will help you to work in a high amount at low prices. Well, this is average life. All of the above, it has a comfortable keyboard. Hence, it will prove useful for typing more content. Also, it will prove suitable for students as well. By the way, It has an excellent large screen. It has an average performance. And again, it does not support heavy gaming and file transfers.

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 Acer Chromebook Spin 311

Especially when you want to purchase best laptops under $300. Acer laptops version are very famous for the low prices and sound performances. So, The convertible Acer Chromebook spin 311 is a good performance laptop under 300 dollars. For more information, The list of specifications of the Acer Chromebook is given below.


Following are its specifications in details:

  1.  Display: with 11.6-inch HDD, it is an average display screen laptop where 15.6 inch is ideal. The screen of Medion Akoya and HP Chromebook 14 has 14 HDD. It has Intel Iris Xe graphics. Hence, the pictures are good.
  2.  Weight: The weight of this laptop is 2.13 pounds, which is very good. Hence, you can carry it with you on travel. Well, this weight is adorable for a laptop under 300$.
  3.  Processor: It has Mediatek MT8183 8 x 2 GHz processor. Hence, good in handling word processing. So, it will not slowdown in between.
  4. Ports: it has no memory card reader( slot). Well, USB 2.0 and 3.2 are supported by it.
  5. Easy to handle:
  6. Battery life: Its life is 13 hours. This battery life is adorable for a laptop under 300 dollars.


Battery timing is adorable. If you work from home, then this laptop is under budget and worth buying. It is a convertible Chromebook hence making office work easy.

It has a dim screen. Hence, its brightness will be failed in Bright sunshine. All of the mentioned, It has no SSD storage(Solid-state storage). Cheaper laptops may not have all bells and whistles options.

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FAQs for Best Laptops Under $300

Some of the frequently asked questions about laptop device are shown below:

Can I Buy The Best Laptop For Under $300?

The answer to this question is yes. Much research would be needed for this device because most laptops under 300 dollars do not contain them. Hence, it would help if you took assistance in this matter a lot to save your money.

 Which one is better, Laptop or Chromebook?

Some of the people wanted to know which device is better, a Chromebook or a laptop. The answer is that who needs only a computer and does not want anything else. A computer is a good option but wants something that he/ she can carry anywhere and have a set of all the specifications.

Chromebook has all the things of a good laptop as well as a good tablet. It also runs as a notepad. So, in my view, Chromebook software does a more useful job than a computer.

What is the best laptop for under $300?

1-Lenovo S 330

2-Lenovo C 330

3-Hp Chromebook 11

4- Acer C 730

5-Samsung XE 310 XBA

6- Dell Inspiron

7-Lenovo Chromebook duet

8-Asus Laptop L210

Which is better, chrome os or windows 10?

The answer is simple: chrome os and windows 10 laptops provide a good set of specs. It doesn’t mean both chrome os and windows 10 laptop are available in budget laptops. Many laptops like DELL offer Windows 10, where the Lenovo Chromebook duet(MediaTek Helio P60T ) offers Chrome OS. See More About So Laptop